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The national media is looking for you! Do you want to be found?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 31, 2017

First, an apology to my faithful readers.  I am overwhelmed with way too much news to report, with requests for information, with requests from media, with requests from some of you about conducting your facebook wars (answered that yesterday and lots of you commented), and so I apologize if I don’t answer all of your e-mails. I simply can’t! (I am trying so hard to balance my life so I don’t burn out!).

It is just me here, me and my computer.  The other side has dozens (hundreds!) of organizations, many being paid by you, the US taxpayer, sending out press releases, holding demonstrations and otherwise clamoring to be heard.

There isn’t one national group that exclusively focuses on the Refugee Admissions Program!

Members of the national media know that Donald Trump, when he signed the EO to stop some refugees and migrants from some parts of the world, was responding to you, the people who elected him.


In fact, Rasmussen reported yesterday that 57% of those surveyed last week favor Trump’s temporary moratorium on refugee resettlement.

So, perhaps in a new found desire to ‘balance’ their reporting, I have had several requests to speak to some national news outlets including the New York Times, Al-Jazeera and the LA Times.  I’ve decided to write a short post (next) with some of the things I would like to say to them.

But…..they are looking for you!

They want to talk to those of you who have been working in ‘pockets of resistance’ all across America where you have been investigating and educating your communities about cultural, economic and security problems with the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

They really don’t know people like you!

So, if you want to be called by the national media, send me an e-mail (I promise to look at my g-mail account, left hand side bar, later today and tomorrow).  But, put something in the subject line to catch my eye and send me an e-mail address you are willing to have passed along to reporters who are trying to find you.

8 Responses to “The national media is looking for you! Do you want to be found?”

  1. Carl said


    THANK YOU for all the valuable work you are doing!!

    Carl Goldberg, PhD

    ACT For America — Arizona



  2. petzlx said

    “Our” media is full of fake news blowing up hysteria about Trump (kudos to Trump) example twisting claim about a Moslem ban.
    Here is the awful truth
    Top 5 countries with highest Moslem population
    Indonesia 204,847,000 pop
    Pakistan 178,000,000
    Bangladesh 145,607,000
    Nigeria 93,839,000
    Not a single Moslem is banned from entering the USA from these countries!
    It is not a Moslem ban. Trump is a ban from a list of terror linked countries that were created by the Obama administration


  3. Well, those SOB’s are wasting their time talking with me as I don’t like Liberals especially Liberal Press. Bad enough I have some who are friends. One even came at me with “Are you ready for a war?”. I had to remind him that Lincoln was unpopular and on April 12, 1861, they started the Civil War. Now that Obama has thrown his hat in the ring, the Confederates States of America has been reborn, and they have their President, Jefferson :Barack Obama” Davis. One little problem though the Liberals ran all the gun makers over to Red State Texas. I imagine their Fort Sumter will be Trump Tower. Now do these crazy Liberal Americans really want to turn our beloved America into another Lebanon or Aleppo?


  4. rkoethe55 said

    Ann – as requested, yes, I want to be found. Respectfully, Rick


  5. Margaret said

    I am a HSM member. PLEASE call me national media. Because the local government does not acknowledge ANY descent on this issue the demographics have changed overnight in my county despite the fact that my family has paid taxes here since the 1950s. We have been lied to and lied to by local official who continue to hemorrhage money on this issue.



  6. As someone with experience with this, i urge an abundance of CAUTION! Ann, if you want to talk to these people, make sure you bring your own video camera or record the entire conversation (audio) yourself. This is so that you can counter the inevitable misrepresentations that will follow. Many years ago, I was engaged by a reporter who was covering a conservative event. I thought we had a good conversation and that he really understood what we were all about and what our concerns were. But his news article described me and others as Jacobites!

    POR members – same advice! And once they have your ID they will start investigating your background, your family and your on-line presence. For any POR that chooses to speak publicly to the press, I do have some helpful suggestions and recommendations

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