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Tucker does it again! This time he takes on HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 31, 2017


CEO Mark Hetfield doing well by doing good!

HIAS of course stands for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (a name they dumped a few years back).

Go here to see what they are telling their members about Donald Trump’s moratorium on refugees.

If you missed Fox News’ Tucker Carlson taking on Kevin Appleby here a few days ago, you might want to revisit that takedown before watching Tucker go after Hetfield and his mumbo-jumbo about how it is our duty to take in the refugees of the world, but Hetfield refuses to tell Tucker exactly how many or why it is an American value that we must adhere to.

Refugee resettlement is a taxpayer-funded industry!

We have told you about HIAS dozens and dozens of times here at RRW (archived here). Here is our most recent report on their finances—post titled:  ‘Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society lectures Trump; never mentions its pecuniary interest in refugees’

Carlson does bring up the fact that the largest percentage of their income is from taxpayers in some form or another. Indeed in that recent post on their finances (for 2014) we can only see around $6 million (of their $36 million in income that year) coming from private charitable sources.

Hetfield countered by saying they get paid (by the federal govt.) a paltry $2,075 per refugee they place in your towns and cities. 

However!  He never mentions the hundreds of thousands (millions ?) they receive from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement for many ancillary activities.

One of my all time favorites was the HEALTHY MARRIAGE GRANTS where these resettlement contractors (and assorted ethnic self-help groups!) were granted millions to teach refugees how to have healthy marriages (this is not fake news!).

They have changed the grant since I told you about it here in 2013.  But see that HIAS was top dog in the 2009 healthy marriage sweepstakes:

In FY 2009, ORR funded the following grants:

~Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Inc., $830,000, NY

~Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Inc., $400,000, NY

For anyone (hey Trump Administration, I found some savings for you! How about auditing these non-profits!) interested in delving deeper into HIAS pot of money. See screen shot of one portion of one of their pages at  (by the way, it gets tricky for HIAS because they have two different listings at USA Spending, one under HIAS, Inc. and the other under their old full name).

Remember readers, since this non-profit group is using so much of your money, we have every right to ask what they are doing with it!

Since Obama took office they raked in $157,765,184 of your money!

(From their Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society page)


I shot this one section of one page. There are 4 pages like this at USA Spending, and there are additional pages under HIAS, Inc. (not sure if those are duplicate listings).

One more thing! HIAS helped organize the ‘pink pussy hat’ women’s march in DC recently, see here. Is HIAS working in your city? Go here and find out.

LOL! This is why I don’t get much done each day! I just keep digging and finding more information that I think would interest you!

Here is what you’ve been waiting for!  Tucker Carlson interviewed Mark Hetfield last evening (hat tip Rosemary):

(If this doesn’t play for you, try this link: )


P.S. I’m sure it was HIAS that directed the SPLC to give me this great award!

6 Responses to “Tucker does it again! This time he takes on HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield”

  1. Obviously, there is a big difference between refugees being given asylum by virtue of a carefully monitored, case-by-case program, and refugees given the right to invade countries by virtue of aggressive campaigns by self-seeking, “humanitarian” agencies.

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  2. Alot of what he is saying about getting them an apt , food etc is done by volunteers. They still get grants from the feds to operate and pay big salaries.Their CEO’s make way too much compensation on our dime.


  3. Hetfield was a nervous wreck, as he should be when obfuscating the truth. I love the one where he said they teach them English. I hope Rosetta Stone doesn’t find this out, because teaching someone English in 90 days would be a world record.

    There was a front page article in todays Florida Times Union, published in Jacksonville, FL. It was all about a former Iraqi translator contracted by the U.S. Army. Him and his wife just came in last week. The photo of them shows a very scantily furnished apartment, with a cheap card table and a couple of folding medal chairs, a couch and little else.


  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Not for a minute do I believe that this guy’s organization does everything he says it does ‘for’ the ‘refugee.’ Nor do I believe the money they get from the state department goes to the “refugees” needs, the way he made it sound.
    These 9 main national SCAM outfits (with their their hundreds of underling local offices) do it for the money. PERIOD. (This guy, and several others get huge pay. One guess where most of that money comes from.) It’s big business. (Sorry to keep repeating myself on this.)
    And to repeat, Fargo, ND’s own local underling office is the benign-sounding Lutheran Social Services, their name linked to a Christian religion so they MUST be good people–Yes?
    This guy would love to bring into America every poor person in the Third World–think of the MONEY!,So, ‘again’ I will share this short video.

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  5. sidefxny said

    Nevertheless, despite all President Trump’s good works so far, they allowed another 872 invaders, oops, I mean “refugees” in last week! My head is about to explode.


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