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Why isn’t Afghanistan on President Trump’s list?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 1, 2017


Trump Watch! Let President Trump know what you think by going here:

Update:  Paul Sperry writing at the New York Post a couple of days ago asks the same question, here.

As you know there are seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen) from which the Trump Administration is restricting immigration/entry because of terror infiltration concerns.

There are lots of countries one might question that are not on the list, but I wondered why Afghanistan isn’t an obvious choice.

Someone asked me this week whether there was an increase in ‘refugees’ being admitted from Afghanistan and I thought it seemed like there was, so I just checked.

We admitted 11,191 ‘refugees’ from Afghanistan since FY 2004 and here is what it looks like (sorry this is the best I could do with the screenshots at Wrapsnet):



My columns aren’t the straightest, but see that the for FY2004 the number is 959, etc. Note the big jump in FY2016, indicating my suspicions were right.

There was a big uptick of refugee admissions from Afghanistan in FY2016. I checked religions as well and found that 97% were Muslims of some sort (not a surprise!).

As we have done in Iraq as well, we are bringing both sides of the Sunni vs. Shiite conflict to America.  4,106 were Shiites and 5,783 are Sunnis. So do we place them in the same communities in America?

A few of the 206 we admitted since last Friday are from Afghanistan.

Here is where those 11,191 were placed (from FY 2004 until yesterday):


So, again, why isn’t Afghanistan a nation of concern?

This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

5 Responses to “Why isn’t Afghanistan on President Trump’s list?”

  1. rkoethe55 said

    Ann,   Do you know if there has ever been an action taken against these organizations to defund them from tax payers? Thanks. Respectfully,Rick


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I don’t know but I highly doubt it! First most people don’t even know their money is going to phony charities and then most people are afraid of suing groups like these. Do you think there is a legal angle?


  2. petzlx said

    Trump has to also bow a bit to others in the Republicans. A lot of the “yes ministers” are leftovers from Obamas barrel not at all trying to make America great again. Trump is most certainly attack by “our” Goebelian media out to turn Americans against him.and each other!
    A good account is how scrutinizing “travellers” from known terrorist countries is being framed by “our” media a Moslem ban!
    It is not.
    Top 5 countries with highest Moslem population
    Indonesia 204,847,000 pop
    Pakistan 178,000,000
    Bangladesh 145,607,000
    Nigeria 93,839,000
    Not a single Moslem is banned from entering the USA from these countries!
    It is not a Moslem ban. Trump is a ban from a list of terror linked countries that were created by the Obama administration


  3. Why didn’t Trump place restrictions on immigration/visas from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries?

    That’s probably a good idea. But this was actually a judicious and cautious approach from Trump to start with low-hanging fruit. These seven countries are failed states or enemies of the U.S. (in the case of Iran). As such, there is absolutely no way to share data with the host countries and properly vet them. Somalia has been one of the biggest trouble spots. The other countries are marred in Islamic civil wars. Moreover, these are the countries that existing law targets for travel restrictions,

    ….and that Obama’s own DHS listed last year.

    – See more at:


  4. Jill said

    President Trump started (I think as strategy, for us to acclimate) with President Obama’s list of countries. I imagine he will be adding more countries to his list (if necessary).

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