More on the “dumb” Australia deal: Which American towns will volunteer to take them?

It is one thing for everyone to debate whether Australia’s rejected asylum seekers (supposedly as many as 1,250) will come to America, but where in America?  (See yesterday’s post)

Shouldn’t your town have a say about whether you want any of them or not?


Photo and story here about sexual abuse of children in the camp on Nauru:


House and Senate Judiciary Chairmen identified those rejected by Australia as from the following countries:


Sri Lanka






Stateless (most likely Rohingya Muslims from Burma/Bangladesh)

Tell the Trump Administration what you think, by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “More on the “dumb” Australia deal: Which American towns will volunteer to take them?

  1. So Australia has an island to accommodate dangerous criminals rather than impose them on citizens? If only we had thought of that. i see no reason for any country to take them. Send them back.We are not the dumping ground for planet Earth!


  2. Trump knows that Turnbull/soetoro tried to pull a FAST one by making this deal hurriedly before Trump took office. Trump humiliated Turnbull on the phone call and sent a LOUD message to his slimy ways. According to “deal”, Trump can extreme vett 1250 dirtbags TWICE each, and no doubt SLOW WALK the vett until Turnbull cancels the “deal”.

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  3. Ann I write to the President almost every day. I hope someone passes these letters on to him. Our county already passed a resolution to stop refugees coming here from those same terrorist nations that Trump identified in his executive order. So far it has stopped the Syrians from coming but not sure
    about the other countries on the list of 7. We have already made it know that we do not want them here.

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  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    The post gives us a link to contact the president with your views. I did. I hope you will too.
    These people are NOT our problem, nor is the entire over-populated Third World.
    The young men in this photo look very healthy–they should be taking care of their own damn country!

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    1. We have restrictions in the US against welfare benefits for able bodied men. Why should we pay those benefits to able bodied men from other countries? I have a hard time understanding the liberal blind acceptance of such policies. But it’s hard to visualize how many people are actually opposed to the refugee resettlement program, all you hear are the voices of those who support it, unless you actually search out groups and blogs such as this one. We need strong voices, sadly I think the threat of violence is a deterrence. What does that say about our future and our country? I am actually worried about it.


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