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Comment worth noting: What one reader said to President Trump

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 4, 2017

Editor:  This is from a reader named Paul. He took my suggestion and wrote to the White House comment page.

Before you read it (below) consider this:

Since we have no idea if our comments to the White House website go down a black hole, use whatever you tell the President more broadly.

First, copy what you told Pres. Trump to your member of Congress and two US Senators. For good measure send it to your governors and your state and local elected representatives. Always ask those elected officials, especially your Washington, DC reps, a question so that they MIGHT feel compelled to respond to you.

Then you can use your comment as a part of a letter to the editor to your local newspaper. Simply say, Dear Editor, this is where I stand on President Trump’s Executive order and I believe there are many people in our community who feel the same way.  Be sure to make it clear it is a ‘Letter to the editor.’

Finally send your comment to any groups you participate in, your e-mail lists, and send it to your facebook page too. Ask everyone to go to the White House website (more then once if they want to!) and do the same!

In other words, don’t waste your comment, but make it go far and wide!

Here is what Paul said to Donald Trump a couple of days ago:

So far, I’m disappointed with Trump’s actions on immigration. They’re not nearly muscular enough.

DACA and DAPA should have been cancelled on Day 1. Refugee intake should simply be on moratorium, not just in abeyance for a few months. And asylum should be shut down, too, since it’s almost entirely fraudulent.

One important, discrete thing to do is to turn off the federal money to the nine national refugee-resettlement agencies …

Church World Service (CWS)
Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) (secular)
Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
International Rescue Committee (IRC) (secular)
US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) (secular)
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
World Relief Corporation (WR)

.. which are essentially federal contractors. Many of their names suggest that they’re charitable organizations, funded by donations from generous American citizens. Instead, the vast bulk of their money comes from us taxpayers, who have no choice about the exactions.

It’s time for any remaining refugee intake to be done solely by private parties on their own nickel. And they should also be made responsible for the well-being of any such refugees after they arrive — as it is now, most of the refugees are dumped into our welfare programs, and they wind up being an even bigger expense — MUCH bigger — to us taxpayers than the resettlement agencies.

Tell everyone you know to contact the White House website and leave a polite message for President Donald Trump! Click here.  Then put your comment(s) to good use!

This post is filed in our ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts’ archive here.

Don’t miss my previous post this morning about how panic has set in among the contractors listed in Paul’s comment. Trump is breaking their rice bowls (taxpayer-funded jobs going bye! bye!).

19 Responses to “Comment worth noting: What one reader said to President Trump”

  1. Hmmmmmmmm why isn’t the ACLU demanding Government funding of “religious” organizations be shut off??????
    I am sur they have some self serving B.S. excuse — just pointing it out ………

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  2. BelleProf said

    Dear President Trump,

    We love you and are so glad you won the election. No doubt you are getting many letters expressing concerns about the economic and security issues raised by mass immigration. I want to mention the cultural changes the regressive Left wants and how immigration fosters this ambition to change our culture.

    The Left hates traditional American values based as they are on Western Civilization and the force that created it, the religion of our ancestors, Christianity. Tearing down the underpinnings of our culture makes all the other changes they want, including socialism, possible.

    The late Ted Kennedy, whose moral failings are well known, would not have been condemned for them in a different culture, in a culture where the powerful are not questioned. The 1965 Immigration Act created a vehicle to change the culture by changing the people. It was a disaster and needs to be changed now that the American people are awakened to the goals and consequences of that legislation.

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  3. They [insurrectionists] bragged recently in public, that our Prez needs to be “resisted” at every turn he makes! And MLK’s son also encouraged “public pressure” on our Prez administration [meaning protests and anarchists intimidating the Prez and the Administration–isn’t “public pressure” accomplished through INTIMIDATION and ANARCHISTIC activities?]. And NY Sen Putch also ENCOURAGED the same recently!


  4. futuret said


  5. “Washington’s technology industry relies heavily on the H-1B visa program.” Why are they not training Americans?
    Companies that choose foreigners should be TAXED at 80%

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  6. I support PRESIDENT Trump 110%
    (1) Why has Department of Homeland Security not banned ALL potential terrorists? HOMEland ……. HOME ……. we have HOME INVADERS committing violent HOME invasion of Our HOUSE . Where is HOMEland Security? Why is DHS not defending America from violent HOME INVADERS? Why hasn’t the DHS banned the Invaders?
    If you wake up in the night and find people rummaging in your house who did not knock and request permission to enter, and who you did not invite to come in, do you call them GUESTS and set the dinner table for them? Or do you grab your shotgun and blow them away?

    (2) Arrest George Soros and his sons for funding and instigating the Domestic Terrorists through his “Open Societies” groups. Forfeit ALL Soros funds to pay reparations for the damages he has caused.

    (3) Speaking of ILLEGITIMATE politicians ……. TWO Michigan democrat senators must be removed from office and a new election held …….. In light of the MASSIVE voter fraud in the metro Detroit area that has been going on for years, uncovered by the Jill Stein recount, Michigan democratic Senators Stabenow and Peters must be removed from office and new CLEAN elections held. 37% of detroit precincts reported more votes than voters…es_than_voters.html


  7. Theodore said

    ‘Parens Patriae’ war! Ruling against Trump’s EO in ‘WA State v Feds’

    I am still digesting this ruling, but I wanted to get this out to you and point a few things out:

    – Note: for the definition of the legal doctrine of ‘Parens Patriae’ (pronunciation: paa-wrens pat-tree-eye) see the very bottom of this comment.

    – Now, just to point out, in looking through WA State’s complaint (item-2 below), it not does look like they are explicitly using the term ‘Parens Patriae’. But, the Feds, in their rebuttal (item-3 below), and the Judge, in his ruling (item-4 below), do use that term when referring to parts of the WA State claim. So, the assumption is that that legal doctrine is partly what WA State is relying upon in making their case.

    – The Feds make a seemingly strong rebuttal to WA State’s claim of ‘Parens Patriae’ (see item-3 below). The opening line of the ‘Parens Patriae’ rebuttal: “The State cannot convert its political dispute with the Federal Government into a legal claim through the vehicle of a parens patriae suit brought on behalf of its residents.” [emphasis added] /// Something to think about: is this part of the claim filed by the Attorney General of Washington State, Robert Feguson, without legal merit and/or frivolous?

    – Fun with numbers: In the complaint (item-2 below), WA State let’s drop the H-1B visa numbers for Microsoft Corp!



    0. Judge in Seattle halts Trump’s immigration order nationwide; White House vows fight

    1. Exhibit A, Trump’s Executive Order:

    2. WA State complaint asking Judge for a temporary restraining order to bar Feds from carrying out Trump’s Executive Order.

    * See especially this section of the complaint: “C. The State, its Residents, and its Businesses Are Suffering and Will Continue to Suffer Irreparable Harm Due to the Executive Order” under “III. ARGUMENT”

    * “Washington businesses are also suffering irreparable injuries. Immigrant and refugee-owned businesses employ 140,000 people in Washington. Washington’s technology industry relies heavily on the H-1B visa program. Nationwide, Washington ranks ninth in the number of applications for high-tech visas. Microsoft, which is headquartered in Washington, employs nearly 5,000 people through the program. Other Washington companies, including Amazon, Expedia, and Starbucks, employ thousands of H-1B visa holders. Loss of highly skilled workers puts Washington companies at a competitive disadvantage with global competitors.”

    * “The Executive Order is also causing irreparable harm to Washington’s college students and universities. At the University of Washington, more than ninety-five students are immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen. The number at Washington State University is over 135. Because of the Executive Order, these students are missing out on research and educational opportunities, travel to visit their families, study abroad, and other irreplaceable activities that cannot be compensated through money damages. The universities also risk losing current and future students, a harm that cannot be remedied with monetary damages.”

    3. Feds rebuttal to the above

    * See especially this section of the rebuttal: “B. The State Cannot Bring a Parens Patriae Action Here” under “ARGUMENT I. THE STATE LACKS STANDING TO INVOKE THE COURT’S JURISDICTION”

    * “The State cannot convert its political dispute with the Federal Government into a legal claim through the vehicle of a parens patriae suit brought on behalf of its residents.”

    4. The Judge’s granting of the temporary restraining order — and granting it nationwide:

    * “The Executive Order adversely affects the States’ residents in the areas of employment, education, business family relations, and freedom to travel. The harms extend to the States by virtue of their roles as paren patriae of the residents living within their borders.”

    Comment: (a) ‘harms” — as in economic harms? what about the potential for criminal harms caused by aliens? (b) “residents”? what about “Citizens”?


    parens patriae (pronunciation: paa-wrens pat-tree-eye) n. Latin for “father of his country,”

    In the United States, the parens patriae doctrine has had its greatest application in the treatment of children, mentally ill persons, and other individuals who are legally incompetent to manage their affairs.

    A doctrine that grants the inherent power and authority of the state to protect persons who are legally unable to act on their own behalf.

    The doctrine of parens patriae has been expanded in the United States to permit the attorney general of a state to commence litigation for the benefit of state residents for federal antitrust violations (15 U.S.C.A. § 15c). This authority is intended to further the public trust, safeguard the general and economic welfare of a state’s residents, protect residents from illegal practices, and assure that the benefits of federal law are not denied to the general population.


    • Theodore said

      “The decision [barring key sections of Trump’s Executing Order] by [Federal Judge] Robart set up a legal battle over executive power that could ultimately be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court.”

      comment: To the Supreme Court? Well, before or after Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch gets confirmed?!


      • Ann Corcoran said

        Thanks, keep us posted on this because this legal stuff makes my head spin!


      • Theodore said

        More on the road to the Supreme Court…

        Ref: Seattle Judge Used Broad Power to Halt Executive Order | Federal judges don’t often issue nationwide orders, but they have the power to do so

        “Such [nationwide] orders can raise other complications, too. Other districts are free to make and implement their own nationwide orders, which might conflict with those already on the books.

        “Partly for that reason, nationwide orders are sometimes put on temporary hold by appeals courts, in order to stave off uncertainty that might otherwise ensue.

        “Immigration lawyers widely expect Justice Department lawyers to ask for such a stay, likely with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which has jurisdiction over the federal court in Seattle.

        “Were the Ninth Circuit to enter a stay, the case would then go back to Judge Robart, who would move forward with the case, said Erwin Chemerinsky, an expert on the federal court system and the dean at the University of California, Irvine School of Law.

        “The Ninth Circuit could, however, decline to enter a stay, a decision the Trump Administration could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

        “Whether the case takes that particular path to the Supreme Court is, for now, an open question.

        “‘But it seems very likely that this is all headed to the Supreme Court, one way or another,’ Mr. Winkler said. ‘I just don’t see a way around it.'”

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        • Ann Corcoran said

          Theodore, would you tell us where we are this morning since the Appeals Court leaves the lower court ruling in place. Apparently it happened around midnight last night. If you wanted to write in some detail, I can post it as a post.


    • Theodore said

      First sentence should read…

      “I am still personal digesting this ruling, but I wanted to get this out to you and point the following out: An abuse of the legal doctrine of ‘Parens Patriae’ — by the plaintive (WA State) and by the Judge — may have occurred.


      • YES! ABUSE OF DOCTRINE PARENS PATRIAE BY THE JUDGES AND WASH. STATE. ALSO, CONSIDER the following obvious factors stemming from organized STREET MOBS by the “naturalized alien” oligarch George Soros and his paid street mobsters: A FEW THOUSAND NOISY MOB HATEFUL TRYING TO INTIMIDATE more than 63 MILLIONS OF U.S. CITIZENS WHO VOTED FOR PREZ TRUMP, WITH UTTERLY FALSE ACCUSATIONS! It shows HIGH LEVEL OF SUBVERSIVE, HATEFUL ACTIVITIES and INTIMIDATION TACTICS to OBSTRUCT and IMPEDE the U.S. presidential functions granted by the Constitution! This is unprecedented garbage manifesting in America, emanating from California swamp! It needs to be drained immediately! STREETS HATEFUL MOB RULE SUBVERSIVES with millions of illegal migrants in California trying to willfully INTIMIDATE 63 million U.S. Citizens who voted this Prez in Office! And INFLUENCE and INTIMIDATE U.S. judges and Immigration Officers in the performance of their official duties. This hateful, anti-presidential, odious street mob needs to be stopped! Side Note: That hateful naturalized alien oligarch George Soros, also threatened and bragged publicly that he will see to it that George W. Bush will not be elected our Prez. –just as Hussein Obama has also said about Prez Trump that “Trump will never be Prez of USA”!


    • On the Seattle Judge’s ruling against the Trump Exec Order. PLS SHARE
      1. The Judge is incredibly wrong.
      2. The Judge found that “The executive order adversely affects the state’s residents in areas of employment, education, business, family relations and freedom to travel,” Robart wrote, adding that the order also harmed the state’s public universities and tax base. “These harms are significant and ongoing.”
      3. Note the following:
      (a) Immigration is the province of the federal gov’t not the states. According to the Supreme Court ““The right to [exclude aliens] stems not alone from legislative power but is inherent in the executive power to control the foreign affairs of the nation.”
      (b) Federal immigration law provides, in Section 1182(f), that “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate”
      (c) Under Section 1187(a)(12), (an Obama era law) it provides an alien is eligible for the waiver only if he or she has not been present (a) in Iraq or Syria any time after March 1, 2011; (b) in any country whose government is designated by the State Department as “repeatedly provid[ing] support for acts of international terrorism”; or (c) in any country that has been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as a country “of concern.”
      Obviously, Trump’s executive is grounded firmly in the above.
      (d) The Judge’s rational could be used to “block” every immigration/nation defense related law ever made let alone executive orders. Of course federal actions of that type effect individuals within states. Really every federal law could be said to do that. It doesn’t matter if they do, however, because federal law on that topic supersedes state law and concerns.
      (e) Even if the above were not true, the Judge made that finding without providing any factual basis – he just said it will have that effect.
      If the Supreme Court does not overturn the order – just like this order, it will be another sad political day in the Courts.
      Pls Share


      • The federal judges are playing “fast-and-lose” with executive rights of the President of the United States, namely to have a “pause” on the influx of alien immigrants from the radical Islamic nations until Prez and its subordinate federal law enforcement agencies make a de novo determination (within 120 days of waiting period, before resuming to normality) with regard to:
        (1) who these Islamic nations immigrants are?
        (2) verify these immigrants’ history and intentions;
        (3) apprehend any “sponsorship factors” which may be given a forewarning as to those immigrants’ basic understanding with regard to their “jihadi” ideology (if any emerges in 120 days of verification–interviews, papers, intelligence, overseas verification, etc);
        (4) the court totally ignored the foregoing aspects which the Executive Order intimates with specificity under law;
        (5) the judge [sort of] played “acrobatic movements” with the Prez’s cardinal responsibility to protect us all and our territory and seemed to impugn his constitutional duties, by disregarding [and dismissing] the Prez’s right to take preemptive strikes (legal or military) against all forms of terrorism manifestations, designs and trickery it entails;
        (6) recent history just before Sept. 11, 2001 [open airplane cockpits, open borders, open society, etc] concerning such a drastic ignorance [judicial attitude] toward our cardinal [national] security prerogatives seemed to be ignored and not factored in the TRO determination. That’s very sad!
        (7) judicial branch has no right to DEPRIVE the U.S. Prez of his duty to “take care” of our security in any plausible form he determines it is in our national interest, and to enforce the immigration laws in any plausible way it would seem done “in the interests” of the United States and its whole population (not cherry picking–as the judge has done it).
        These immigrants could have waited 120 days to be “extremely vetted” and thoroughly verified, to make certain that none of them are or will be in any way:
        (a) a “jihadi” driven person, agent of, or an accomplice to a foreign “jihadi” driven entity or organisation;
        (b) a potential “accomplices” in the “preparation” of a terror attack against our nation or nation’s interests and property, or against any of our NATO allies and Israel [as Germany allowed the actors of Sept. 11/2001 to prepare the fatal terrorist act on their soil against America!];
        (c) a “trained” jihadi with a bomb-making knowledge to be used against U.S. population or valuable U.S. property;
        (d) a trained “jihadi” with aircraft knowledge to be used against U.S. myriad of airplanes and other motorized properties both public and private;
        (e) a trained “jihadi” with chemical, radiologic and nuclear knowledge to be used against U.S. population and property
        (f) a trained “jihadi” with “connections” to any domestic secret “terror cells” determined to carry out future terrorism attacks against U.S. population and property.


  8. nafbpo7 said

    I am recommending to President Trump and Secretary Kelly they redirect the efforts of those USCIS refugee interviewers to processing visa applications of those that chose the legal route of entry. Often the legitimate applicants are forced to wait years for processing and approval of their visa. This should be the new priority of the USCIS.

    I wonder how many thousands of positions there are in USCIS, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Health and Human Services dedicated to servicing the refugee/asylum government industry?


  9. futuret said




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