So what happened at yesterday’s solidarity-with-mosques day?

Leo Hohmann (author of the best selling book ‘Stealth Invasion) tells us here at World Net Daily. See my post on their plans here a couple of days ago. And, see what I said here (below)!

Hohmann at WND:

‘Christian’ activists head to mosques to resist Trump

A national coalition with ties to George Soros was behind a national day of “solidarity” with Muslims Friday that included rallies at airports and prayer vigils at mosques.

Must read! Hohmann’s ‘Stealth Invasion’ which is moving up on Amazon’s best sellers lists.

The National Partnership for New Americans sponsored a “day of action” to protest Donald Trump’s 90-day moratorium on travel from seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen – which the groups are calling “unconstitutional” and a “Muslim ban.”

The NPNA was funded with a $200,000 grant from Soros’ Open Society Foundations in 2011.

Friday’s action is to be followed up by another on Feb. 22 when the NPNA coalition plans to flood congressional offices with protesters at the district level, sending an army of advocates for immigrants and refugees.

But Friday’s event was no ordinary protest. Many non-Muslims entered mosques and joined Muslims in the Jummah prayer, which is the most heavily attended prayer of the week at mosques around the world and widely referred to as the “Friday call to prayer.”

Some of the secular and ostensibly Christian activists posted on social media that they felt “inspired” to join in the prayers to Allah.

One mosque that attracted ‘Interfaith’ supporters yesterday was  the Islamic Society of Western Maryland!

At some mosques, such as the Islamic Society of Western Maryland in Hagerstown, visitors observed Islamic gender rules.

This was reported by the Hagerstown Herald Mail:

“We are extremely grateful and appreciative for this show of concern,” Faruq Post, the society’s resident scholar, told the men, women and children, who were asked to segregate by gender. Most women covered their heads with scarves.

By the way the Herald Mail story says 100 were in attendance, but never tells us how many were regulars at the mosque. Three from the INTERFAITH group are quoted.

The NPNA coalition includes a large swath of the interfaith movement in America – a blend of Christian, Muslim and Jewish groups – teaming up with immigrant rights activists.

Federally-funded refugee contractors were involved in organizing the solidarity event.

Hohmann continues….

Allying themselves in this project with Muslim groups such as CAIR and the Council of Muslim Organizations are various Christian organizations such as Church World Services, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, World Relief and others involved in the resettlement of refugees in the United States. These volunteer agencies, also called VOLAGs, are paid $2,050 for every refugee they resettle in America, with more than half of that fee flowing into their coffers and the balance going to the refugee. [For new readers it was Church World Service subcontractor, the Virginia Council of  Churches that brought refugees to Hagerstown in 2007 and inspired me to write this blog!—ed]


These groups present themselves as charitable advocates for the downtrodden when in fact the vast majority of their budgets are funded by federal grants, not donations by church members.

If you missed it in 2009, it is not too late to read it. In fact, the timing could not be better!

“It’s not charity if you are taking other people’s money by force, through public tax dollars, and using it to do what you consider to be the Lord’s work,” says Ann Corcoran, who follows the refugee industry and blogs at Refugee Resettlement Watch.


“They will whine about refugees but when you look at this list and know what they are planning, it is open borders they are really pushing for—illegals, legal immigrants, it is all the same to them,” wrote Corcoran. “In fact, on the call they said they would link their national policy agenda to emotions by using individual refugee sob stories. Refugees as pawns for their radical political agenda?”

As of Friday there were 14 states and the District of Columbia listed as hosting rallies in support of Muslims. Cities on the list included Chicago, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Miami, Greensboro, North Carolina; Fairfax and Alexandria, Virginia; Reading, Pennsylvania; Billings, Montana; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; Silver Spring and Hagerstown, Maryland; and Boise, Idaho.

The Hagerstown Herald Mail could never bring itself to write about allegations made in 2009 in ‘Muslim Mafia’ even though CAIR has never been able to prove any of the information is false having been taken directly from documents CAIR had warehoused.

WND’s story continues…..

One of the participating mosques that welcomed non-Muslim supporters to join it for Friday prayers was the Islamic Society of Western Maryland in Hagerstown. This mosque was identified as having connections to radical Islamic elements in the undercover investigative book “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” by David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry.

The FBI was investigating this predominantly Pakistani mosque for suspicious activity in 2004 and the imam immediately brought in a CAIR lawyer Shama Farooq to help coach him on how to answer the investigators’ questions.

To learn what happened, continue here.

As we know well, citizens have every right to support mosques and organize protests, but when it comes to federally- funded organizations possibly using tax dollars to do it then we have every right to demand an accounting.

By the way, Esam Omeish former head of the Muslim America Society (a Muslim Brotherhood spin-off group) is a member of this mosque. Look what he said in Hagerstown in 2008:

In a sermon during Monday’s holiday prayer service, Omeish encouraged Muslims to establish themselves and break new ground where they live in much the same way Abraham is said to have founded monotheism in Arabia.

Yahya Hendi has spoken here as well. See what Hendi told the Saudis in 2007. Why would Muslims be pushing for the election of Muslim mayors across America? If they are here to assimilate why do they need Muslim mayors?

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  1. I hope all those “Christians” repeated the Shahada with the Imam’s problaiming the only god is Allah. Next day or week, one of those “Christians” will die and stand before Jesus and he’ll ask the Angel if their name is in the Book of Life. The reply will be “If was up until they repeated the Shahada claiming Satan as their god and its been erased. The trapdoor opens and to Hell they go. Burn baby Burn!


  2. Good morning Ann and all who post and read. Interesting to note that in all the groups that protest, there is a heavy presence of Muslim women and swarthy young men of darker, African skin. Not a problem in and of itself, I don’t care for White Feminists carrying the same signs, “Immigrants Welcome Here!”, either. But as we blame Soros, we might equally blame the mosques themselves for funding the building of professional presence at these gatherings at the airports and on the streets. Easily half of the mobs protesting are Muslims. This is not organic, grass-roots citizenry here, it’s lobbying on the streets, “community” organized Muslim mobs with a few feminist do-gooders who by the way, receive many sexual tingles from stronger Muslim men.

    These are deliberate political actions by professional, hardcore Muslim lobbyists looking to build their brand in Liberal areas. Notice we see them in the big cities, blue cities, but I don’t see them in Red States and cities. One need only look at the large protests of Women’s Rights Marches hijacked by, ostensibly, Muslim women complete with White Feminists in their Muslim headgear, hewing to the Muslim agenda.

    Just a guess, but I’m speculating at this point, given the destruction toward and the weakening of American manhood, modern Feminism, disgusted with weak men now turn toward a new Patriarchy. A Patriarchy of ultimate control of women, their abortion rights, their rights as women, their very right to physical safety and that of their daughters. And yet, the American Feminist Democrat Matriarchy is embracing the agents of Sharia Law, of abusive policy towards women, of mores and philosophy ranging from genital mutilation to the practice of honor killings. From where I sit, it turns out women want strong men after all. The new Patriarchy.

    When it gets to be a bit much however, rest assured, this is a Patriarchy that doesn’t yield to feminism. And I am damned unlikely to assist, given their hatred of me, the White Male veteran with many guns who at one time defended my country and the women that now hate me. Perhaps, under the new Patriarchy, I get my White Male Privilege back. It certainly has lain in tatters for 40 years. Why resist? They hate me anyway.

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