Dept. of State coordinating with its refugee contractors to try to keep refugees coming for two more weeks

That is the time frame they estimate they have before the latest legal wrangles are resolved.

So look for another big rush of refugees in the coming days.

US Together in Ohio is one of Hetfield’s subcontractors.

And, if they don’t materialize, contractors will have to start reducing their federally-funded staffs.

From CNN:

Washington (CNN) For the second weekend in a row, nonprofits tasked with welcoming refugees to the United States are reacting to a sudden, major shift in the policies that govern their work.

A week ago, President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending resettlement for 120 days and initiating a review of the vetting procedures used to approve applicants to come to the United States.

Then Friday, a more welcome surprise for refugee groups: A federal judge in Washington reversed several key provisions of the executive order, paving the way some refugees to enter the country.

US Together is the Ohio subcontractor for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

I feel like our whole world has been turned upside-down,” Danielle Drake, community relations manager at the Cleveland*** nonprofit US Together, told CNN Saturday.

“The executive order came in so quickly, no one was prepared for it,” she said. “We had zero notice.”

Why can’t leftwing media like CNN be completely honest about this funding and explain how contractors are paid by the head out of the federal treasury to do their ‘work.’  As subcontractors of the big nine contractors, groups like US Together are almost exclusively funded by taxpayer dollars!

I am sure that the average American reading this has no understanding that they are talking about mom and pop taxpayer paying for all of this.

Henshaw is a career federal employee obviously running the show and giving guidance to the DOS refugee contractors. Trump must appoint his replacement.

Funding for resettlement groups is also in question as the administration and the courts each consider the future of the US refugee program.

If the administration is given the go-ahead to move forward with its four-month suspension, Drake estimates US Together will have to lay off at least half its staff.

“One of the other very difficult aspects of the executive order was the financial implications faced by the local resettlement offices,” Sarah Krause, a senior director for the national resettlement agency Church World Service, told CNN. [See my funding analysis of CWS, here.—ed]

Busy, busy bureaucrats!

The State Department has been coordinating with CWS and other agencies to provide guidance on what Friday’s court ruling means for them in practical terms.

As of Saturday afternoon, CWS had been advised that flights were expected to resume early next week and continue for at least the next two weeks.

The cap of 50,000 refugees for this fiscal year remains in effect. See here where we explained why this was still too high! Bush had 4 years under 50,000, so this does not represent any big slowdown! Even 50,000 is going to cost taxpayers several billion dollars!

But for refugees still awaiting approval to go to the United States, the uncertainty created by the executive order and subsequent legal challenges has left them in limbo.

That’s due, in part, to a provision of the Trump administration’s order that was not overturned in Friday’s court ruling — a provision capping total refugee admissions at 50,000 for the 2017 fiscal year, which ends October 1.

More than 30,000 refugees had already been admitted to the US before the new policy went into effect, according to State Department data, leaving just under 20,000 spots open.

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Church World Service and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society are organizing demonstrations against Trump. There should be a federal law prohibiting federal contractors from such overtly political activities.

*** Interested readers might want to visit my 2013 post about when ‘Welcoming America’ came to Cleveland to push for changing the city by seeding it with more third worlders.

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    1. Frankly, I don’t know but you can bet the UN and the International Organization for Migration and our US State Dept. are making sure as many refugees as possible have them in hand now.


  1. Lest it be said that inviting refugees into our country is part of the Bible, here’s a learned word from the ZOA:
    “The left’s confusion about what constitutes “morality” compels us to respond […] because ZOA supports President Trump’s executive order titled ‘Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States.’
    “Before his death, Moses blessed the Jewish people with a prayer for strong borders “sealed like iron and copper” to enable the people to live “securely” into healthy “old age.” (Deuteronomy 33:25, 28.)
    “Also, under Jewish law, someone with a potential “profit motive” to favor a particular position is in no position to judge. Some refugee resettlement groups, such as HIAS, which have invoked “morality” arguments to promote admitting poorly vetted refugees have been receiving millions of dollars of government grants to resettle refugees.
    “There is also no moral equivalence between Trump’s executive order and Franklin Delano Roosevelt slamming the doors on Jews trying to escape from Nazi Europe. The 1930s Jews posed no terror threat to the U.S., were in imminent danger of annihilation, and had nowhere else to go. By contrast, immigrants from the seven countries of concern are infiltrated by terrorists, are often already in Turkey or Jordan where there is no imminent danger, and have 50 other Muslim nations that can be pressured to accept them. (ZOA also favors safe zones in the Middle East.)”
    “[HIAS and] immigration advocates ignore the paramount Torah and Talmudic passages that forbid us from endangering our lives and that support strong borders — and instead erroneously cite the Biblical phrase: “You shall not wrong [taunt] a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Exodus 22:20).
    “The Hebrew word for “stranger” in Exodus 22:20 (and similar passages, such as Leviticus 19:33) is “Ger.” A “Ger” is a convert to Judaism (“ger tzeddek”) or a resident alien who accepts the seven basic Noahide laws prohibiting murder, theft, idolatry, incest, etc. (“ger toshav”). The commentators thus explained that Exodus 22:20 (and similar passages) forbid taunting a convert, including by reminding him of his non-Jewish past. These passages do not support immigration of an ISIS-infiltrated hostile population.”


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    More than 30,000 refugees had already been admitted to the US before the new policy went into effect, according to State Department data, leaving just under 20,000 spots open.


      1. thank you for your very interesting articles. We you read because the Press French is not telling the truth. I hope that the next French elections we will have a “Trumpette”


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    Please get some sensible people into the Dept of State!
    We all ready know the left lies and lies and lies. Watch them try to double and quadruple the number of muslims they try to bring in if they get their obama-inspired way.
    One thing about immigrants: I’ve never been against ‘immigrants’ but islam is different. MUSLIMS are different.
    They are not here to assimilate to America (look at Dearborn and Hamtramck, Michigan (go ahead, look up those two cities.)
    sharia law is all but entrenched there.
    islam is the most dangerous entity ever to walk the earth, and their one goal is domination of the earth and sharia for everyone.
    I’ll name some things that will disappear under sharia;

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  4. This is sickening! Liberal judges and liberal dirtbags choosing to be bombed by terrorists. Hopefully Trump doesn’t reach the 50K mark and has started the deportations of many thousands of criminals and illegals 24 hour/round the clock.

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