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RRW weekly roundup for week ending February 3, 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 5, 2017

Another exciting week with Donald Trump in the White House! Never a dull moment! Right!

And, welcome to all of you new subscribers this past week!

At the end of each week (most weeks) I report on what the Top Three most-read posts of the previous week were so everyone can see what interested readers here in the US and in over 100 countries worldwide!


Besides educating yourselves here at RRW, the most important thing you can do is to let Donald Trump know that you have his back. We must make sure he knows we want the Refugee Admissions Program trashed or reformed. There will never be a time like this again for a very long time, if ever. See what else you can do here:

But, first big apologies for my very outdated Fact Sheet in the header above. I know many of you clicked on it this week. I just don’t have time to keep it up, plus I have a hard time motivating myself when there is so much more interesting stuff to write about each day.

You might want to try the Frequently Asked Questions which leads you to some other places where you can find information.

See also recent monthly round-ups for instructions on getting the most out of RRW (at the end of both the October roundup, here, and at the end of the November roundup, here.)

I’ve been writing RRW since the summer of 2007, so there is a lot of information here (over 8,000 posts).  I recommend that you just follow along for awhile and eventually you will catch up. I do try very hard to link back to older posts in each article I write. Also, you might want to try the search window (upper left hand column). It is pretty good.  If you are really new to the issue, start with typing in your state and see if I’ve written about it over the years.

Enough of that.  Here are the Top Three Posts of the week ending on Friday, February 3rd (top daily posts are in the right hand side bar):

Repost: US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee found guilty of sexual assault in December is supposed to be sentenced today

Open borders left, refugee contractors plan days of action

If you are on twitter maybe you saw some of those criminals whose mugshots I tweeted from that #1 post above. I did individual tweets in a series one evening and had hundreds of thousands of impressions that night! I am @RefugeeWatcher if you would like to follow me.

2 Responses to “RRW weekly roundup for week ending February 3, 2017”

  1. There is not much you can do with nutcases like these they are totally blind to what is happening in Europe if they do read some of what is going on they don’t believe any of it anyway. If they do know what is happening in the EU or in other countries they are to dumb to understand just what a Islamic takeover of a country will mean to the host population. If any of them could understand the the language visit a Mosque and listen to what is being preached to the members they might be surprised to hear the hatred coming out of the mouth of the Imans. From what I have found out the Muslim women are friendly to ones face but actually hate you especially if your Christian. This is one of the reasons that President Trump said he will only take in Christian refugees who are being slaughtered all over the Middle East.


  2. The refugee group Refugee Services of Texas, iACT Interfaith Action of Central TX. helped their favorite group, the muslims with Peace Keepers at the Tx Capitol. I wore a doggie outfit with a sign of a crucified dog and the FAITH-BASED LOVING INTERFAITHERS were very aggressive. They encircled me and blocked me from moving, my friends got the troopers over to help me. Read my blogpost with photos on this. They had about 1K people there were maybe 2-3 activists on the right that showed up.


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