Asylum is the next big problem we (and Trump!) must face!

Most of what I write about here at Refugee Resettlement Watch is about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program which was created when ol’ Ted (Kennedy) and Uncle Joe (Biden) created the program that was signed in to law in 1980 by Jimmy Carter.

The main thrust of the program is that refugees are chosen abroad (the UN is picking most of our refugees) and we fly them here. The nine major resettlement contractors we talk about all the time are then paid by the head to place them in your towns and cities.  They, and the US State Department, choose the resettlement sites often secretively.

The Tsarnaev (Boston Bomber!) brothers were refugees whose father had successfully gained asylum and brought the family to join him.  Just goes to show that security screening isn’t going to be enough to keep us safe. Your tax dollars benefited the boys who were once cute refugees, but grew into Jihadi killers.

However, an originally small, but now growing part of that same law deals with asylum.  To keep it simple, asylum seekers get here on their own steam—either they enter illegally across borders or they have a visa for some reason and overstay the visa (they are not screened abroad at all).

When those coming illegally hit the border, they know to apply for asylum claiming that if they are sent home they will be persecuted for their religious beliefs, political beliefs, race, sexual orientation (a booming category!) and a few other things. They are then referred to as asylum seekers.

They go through one of two processes that I have found confusing and are either granted asylum or not.  If they are turned down, they must leave the country.  Yesterday we learned that the Obama Administration was releasing from detention failed asylum seekers who are high-tailing it to the Canadian border.

A successful asylum seeker is called an asylee or sometimes the broader term political refugee.  The Boston Bomber brothers were part of a family that entered the US this way.  As full-fledged refugees they then could (and did) avail themselves of all the same welfare goodies of refugees we flew in and they were free to work and to travel outside the country. They could also bring in more family members.

Here is a good report at the American Immigration Council.

On average we grant asylum to 24,000-25,000 of those who are here illegally, but can make a persuasive case that they will be harmed if they go home. Add that 25,000 or so to the number we discuss often here (Obama proposed 110,000 refugees for FY17 and to that add this 25,000). To Trump’s 50,000 cap add this additional 25,000.

Those Africans we mentioned yesterday who are running to Canada right now are FAILED asylum seekers NOT refugees!

According to the American Immigration Council:

In FY 2015, USCIS found 33,988 individuals to have credible fear. These individuals, many of whom were detained during this screening process, will be afforded an opportunity to apply for asylum defensively and establish that they meet the refugee definition.

The number of credible fear cases has skyrocketed since the procedure was implemented—in FY 2009, USCIS completed 5,523 cases. In FY 2014, case completions reached an all-time high of 49,607.


The largest number of successful asylum seekers are Chinese! Do you know we have a policy (I believe it is still in effect) that allows Chinese men to use China’s one child policy as an argument about why they should be here—they want more than one kid—and will thus be persecuted if returned to China!

The countries of nationality for individuals granted asylum have largely remained the same in that 10-year period, with nationals of China and Egypt accounting for nearly half (46 percent) of grants each year since FY 2012. The rest of the asylum grants provided in that time period consistently went to nationals of Ethiopia, Venezuela, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Guatemala, Russia, Nepal, and Eritrea.

In FY 2014, the most recent year with available data, more individuals from Syria were granted asylum than in any previous year (4 percent of all grants). Individuals from China, Egypt, and Syria combined accounted for half of the nearly 24 thousand individuals granted asylum—either affirmatively or defensively—in FY 2014 (Figure 2). A total of 96 nationalities were represented among all individuals granted asylum in FY 2014.

So you can add another 1,000 Syrians getting in to the US through asylum each year (a large number could be the Christians that the UN is keeping out of our normal refugee flow).  I digress, but didn’t Obama (with the UN) use a religious test when 98% of the Syrians admitted in the normal refugee program are Muslims?

One last thing!

I was annoyed by a Drudge headline last night that read: “Refugees self-deport” about a story about the failed asylum seekers heading for Canada. They are NOT refugees! They failed to be designated as refugees.  But, I see this morning that the headline has changed to the more accurate, “Illegals self-deport!”

The Open Borders Left has for years been working to control the language and they want you to think that anyone on the move anywhere in the world, for any reason, is a refugee. It is a big lie that the mainstream media helps to perpetuate!

Those migrants entering Europe by the hundreds of thousands are most likely economic migrants, but most will apply for asylum in Europe. They are not resettled refugees comparable to the ones we (with the UN) bring from around the world. They are in fact not refugees at all until they have successfully gained legal asylum although media around the world deceptively uses the word ‘refugee.’

Where is Congress?

I said as early as 2011, that this asylum process must be thoroughly investigated by Congress because I suspect that  someone or some groups are helping third worlders (possibly even paying them) to come across our borders and ask for asylum.

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  1. Ann- as if we citizen taxpayers do not get enough abuse from the Refugee Hustlers, it seems that the big Lib/ Commie/ ISIS loving big law firms of NY have decided to band together to fight for “immigrants rights.” Since when do non-citizens have any “rights?” Below is an article from the NY Law Journal regarding this story


    Group Turns To Big Law for Major Immigrant Rights Effort

    New York Law Journal

    February 5, 2017

    Spurred on by President Trump’s deportation priorities, a group of big-firm lawyers and nonprofit attorneys has launched a project to represent immigrants nationwide who are at risk for deportation and already has distributed a mass letter to hundreds of large firms seeking donations and pro bono work.

    The American Immigrant Representation Project, formed shortly after Trump’s election, on Friday wrote to more than 300 lawyers, mostly at Am Law 200 firms and plaintiff firms, spelling out the need for resources and volunteers. The letter asks firms to commit $10,000 and/or designate a partner and three associates who will develop an expertise in the field through the initiative’s training and represent those targeted for removal.

    “The immigration defense community desperately needs the help of the private bar,” the letter said. “We expect thousands of people will need representation, most of whom will be unable to locate or afford counsel.

    The letter noted immigrants with counsel are 14 times more likely to successfully challenge removal than those without. “Our vision is to stand ready to provide representation to all those in need.”

    The project’s steering committee includes former Southern District Judge Shira Scheindlin, of counsel at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan; Faith Gay, partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan; Michael Patrick, a retired partner at immigration firm Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy; Marjorie Peerce, a partner at Ballard Spahr; Lenni Benson, professor at New York Law School; and attorneys from firms such as Sidley Austin; Curtis, Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosle; Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton; and Immigrant Law Group LLP.

    The steering committee also includes lawyers from the immigration defense community, the criminal defense community and public interest groups, including Justice Corps., a Federal Public Defender office, Immigration Law Resource Center, American Immigration Council, Immigrant Defense Project , the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, American Immigration Justice and the American Immigration Law Association.

    The initiative aims to recruit a large pool of volunteer lawyers who can represent immigrants in removal proceedings, even if the pro bono attorneys initially have no experience in the area.

    The steering committee has partnered with public interest groups that specialize in removal proceedings to help train and supervise volunteer attorneys from law firms. The project intends to offer training through lectures, webinars, a document library and a help desk.

    Although several public interest legal groups and law school clinics already help immigrants, steering committee members say these groups are short on resources and funding for training, and need more volunteer attorneys nationwide.

    Citing the need for law firms’ contributions, the letter said “removal cases are extraordinarily difficult.” The law is stacked against detainees, the steering committee says: Deportation facilities often are in remote areas under-served by the bar, the number of detention facilities has grown to more than 200, many facilities have poor conditions of confinement and are hostile to lawyers, and detainees have language barriers.

    The steering committee anticipates needing an initial budget of $1 million to launch. Funding will help in training, intake and monitoring, and allow a project manager to coordinate efforts.

    The letter asks lawyers to say whether they can participate by Feb. 17.

    In an interview about the letter, Gay said many lawyers already have said they would contribute at least the minimum request. She said her firm, Quinn Emanuel, is contributing at least $150,000.

    Gay said more letters are going out in the next week to corporations and foundations, among others, and she hopes the effort will be up and running in a week or so.

    Scheindlin and Gay said the initiative was a response to immigration priorities Trump announced during the campaign, such as promises to create a special “deportation task force” and to target “millions of recent illegal arrivals.”

    The project has taken on new urgency and accelerated after Trump signed a Jan. 25 executive order that appears to give authorities wide discretion in deportation, Gay said.

    The order—signed two days before the executive order that targeted refugees arriving in the U.S. —said the government can prioritize for removal immigrants whom agents believe “have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense,” without a conviction, and those who pose a risk to public safety “in the judgment of an immigration officer.”

    “It’s a very vague standard, it allows a lot of discretion by law enforcement,” Gay said. “Under those circumstances, it seems to be that everyone needs counsel. These are deemed civil proceedings but they have enormous stakes,” she said, citing removal from the country and immigrants’ jobs and families.


  2. Why why are others UN and other countries allowed to pick who comes to America!!! Fix their countries divide up their land, send them home to their countries. Don’t send them to America!!! Pouring in to take what once were good paying jobs and now minimum wage for imported workers that we the tax payers must make up the difference and pay their bills?!! Greedy rich companies are destroying America!


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