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Pittsfield, Mass: Jewish resettlement agency going ahead with “community meeting” next Monday

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 7, 2017

Readers, you may see more of this going on in the coming days and weeks.  Since the Refugee Admissions Program is going to be slowed no matter what the outcome is of the legal arguments about the “ban.”  The RAP is being capped at 50,000 for the fiscal year and we are at 33,081 this morning.  That portion of Trump’s EO is not effected, see here.

I think you will see this gathering be turned into an anti-Trump propaganda stunt used to garner more media attention.

Pittsfield will not get many refugees in the coming months no matter what happens, so why bother holding this meeting?

The ‘bidding for bodies’ will be fierce!

By the way, since the numbers coming in will be so low, established resettlement sites will be getting most of the refugees. New sites will be at the end of the line for receiving paying clients (refugees!).

Our previous post on Pittsfield is here.


PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The organization heading the refugee resettlement program in Pittsfield will hold its second community meeting on the topic on Monday, Feb. 13.


Maxine Stein says there is strong community support for resettling what will be mostly Muslim Iraqis and Syrians in Western Mass.

Jewish Family Services of Western Massachusetts is looking to resettle 50 refugees from Iraq and Syria in Pittsfield. The group announced its intentions in September and held a community meeting later that month. That meeting was so well attended that people were being turned away at the door.

In January, the U.S. State Department approved Pittsfield as being a site for resettlement and the group announced it will have another round of community meetings. One was scheduled for Monday at Morningside School but that has since been canceled. The second is still scheduled for Feb. 13 at Herberg Middle School at 6 p.m.

“Jewish Family Service has been helping refugees to build new lives in Western Massachusetts for more than 40 years. We have been incredibly fortunate to have the strong support of the community in this work,” said Maxine Stein, CEO of Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts, said in a statement.

“Each year, we resettle more than 240 refugees through our Springfield office***. Last year alone, we helped more than 80 families begin new lives in safety and freedom in the Springfield area. By expanding to Pittsfield, we will be able to help welcome an additional 50 refugees this year.”

However, an executive order signed by President Trump put halt on resettlement programs. The impact of that order is expected to be discussed at the meeting on Feb. 13.

If there are any patriots left in Massachusetts you might want to attend.

***Nearby Springfield, Mass is overloaded and that is why they are moving out to fresh territory. See our archive on the problems in Springfield, here. Mayor begged for a moratorium!

One of my favorite stories from Springfield is the one about refugees hunting for food in the local public park! This is not fake news!

18 Responses to “Pittsfield, Mass: Jewish resettlement agency going ahead with “community meeting” next Monday”

  1. Dave Petteys said

    Anne: The Jewish community feels safer in a multi-culti America. The hypocrisy is, they turn around and want an ethnic-religious exclusive state in Israel. Sorry, they can’t have it both ways. We can have a white-Christian America.

    On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:42 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Readers, you may see more of this going on in the > coming days and weeks. Since the Refugee Admissions Program is going to be > slowed no matter what the outcome is of the legal arguments about the > “ban.” The RAP is being capped at 50,000 for the fiscal ye” >


    • icthelite said

      agree with Anne’s comment that the ban being could be pushed to the shadows if President Trump would lower the number of refugees to 50K. But even better he could make an end run around the courts’ decisions against him by capping the immigrants allowed in the USA to 35K this morning.
      That would serve his purpose of slowing down the immigrant invasion and give him until 10/01/2017 to study and change what has to be done to protect American citizens from possible terrorist.


  2. icthelite said

    I have a problem trying to understand why these Jewish organizations are getting so involved with relocating Muslims. I thought the two were at odds with each other because the Muslim’s seem to be dedicated, according to the teaching in their koran, to bringing the Jews into the Islamic fold and if that fails death follows.


  3. I have a question that I’m sure you can answer. Why, in the world, would Jews promote bringing muslim refugees here, knowing that muslims & their countries hate Jews and want to destroy Israel? I just cannot understand this, as is true of so much going on today.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      LOL! You are sure I can answer! First it isn’t all Jews, only the politically liberal Jews. There are conservative Jews who are among the best in raising the alarm. For some reason the leftwing ones don’t see the danger we see, or perhaps they think they would be exempt from persecution because they are being nice to the Islamists. But, this is a question from all time, and not just about Jews, why do whole groups of people not see invasion when a whole other group of people see it so clearly. I often wonder if any Romans saw the fall coming (but of course had no way of warning their fellow citizens—sans internet!).


      • icthelite said

        I’d say the groups failing to see it are the one’s that see only the US tax dollars they can get for doing this. I also have to wonder how much these relocation agencies are short changing and overcharging the immigrants ignorant of what all they are really supposed to get.


    • I’m a traditional Jew and here’s my brief answer: many Jews are Jews in name only and know very little Torah (Bible, etc.). They cherry-pick and speak only about Torah’s positive preaching of universal good will and kindness to others, including strangers; but they intentionally ignore the other, bigger half of Jewish tradition, so to speak, which stresses personal correction, family values, group identity, loyalty to God, to one’s people and to the land of Israel.

      Thus many secular Jews are kneejerk liberals, what I’d call softcore leftists; in effect they are useful idiots to the hardcore, ideological, commiesymp left which contains, to my great shame and anger, many Jews (in name only), George Soros being only one such wretches.

      BTW, other ethnic and religious groups have similar and hateful divisions: yesterday’s NYTImes (which I read though I despise it!) has an interesting frontpage article on how Steve Bannon, a Catholic, is aligned with the Catholic side opposing the bubbly prose of Pope Francis which speaks so highly of Islam. ( El papa shows zero recognition that Islam would like nothing better than to topple the RCC and plant a mega mosque over the Vatican.)


      • SDK said

        I’m a traditional Jew as well and I completely disagree with you so there you go. Two Jews, three opinions as we say.

        I challenge you to give me one example from Jewish history where siding with the nativists protected the Jewish people. One. Go.

        American Jews are liberals because a society that accepts difference, that is open to strangers, and that is religiously neutral has always been good for the Jews. Totalitarian societies — right or left — bad for the Jews. Closed societies — bad for the Jews.

        Fearful societies, cultures that are unable to accept change, cultures with an us vs. them mentality, cultures where there is only One Right Way — bad, bad, bad for the Jews.

        In the past generation, we lost 2/3 of the Jews in Europe to the idea that in order for a nation to be strong, everyone in it must be the same.

        The idea that any Jew could say that we should reject refugees based on RELIGION so soon after seeing all of those piles of shoes is pretty hard for most of us (75 – 80% of us) to understand.

        Let’s get serious here. Would you take off your kippa for Le Pen? In order to “save French culture”? And what will be next? A ban kosher meat, a ban on circumcision? Would you do that for the right? They have a list, you know. Who will you be when you’re done with you?

        The people who hate Muslims in this country also hate Jews. You know it, I know it. We oppose them because they hate us and the last time they started acting this way, they killed us.

        Sorry to blunt, but I don’t think you should lie to the readership here. They asked an honest question. They deserve an honest answer.


    • SDK said

      Jews support bringing Muslim refugees here for a few reasons. First, most of us know WWII refugees directly even if we do not have refugees in our immediate family. My family has been in the United States for four generations on both sides, but I have probably met several hundred Holocaust survivors and children and grandchildren of survivors because I am a member of the Jewish community. Every single one of those people survived mass murder and doors that were closed to them due to racial / religious prejudice. We know exactly what it means when people talk about “preserving their culture” — they mean that they do not see us as fellow citizens but as some kind of alien race from whom they should be protected. This is an old playbook and it was used against Irish and Italian immigrants to the United States in the mid 1800s. In fact, there was an entire political party devoted to keeping Catholics out of the United States because they would never fit into American culture and because their first loyalty was to the Pope. If you don’t know about that, then shame on you for your ignorance of American history. Look back and you will discover that the laws we passed to try to keep out Catholics and the “darker races” (meaning people from Italy and Greece) were the same laws that prevented America from saving Jews who were fleeing Hitler. So the first reason is that we understand what it means to flee a country that hates you and to see doors closing in your face for no reason other than (sorry to say it, but you’re being honest here so I will be as well) racism and prejudice.

      The second reason is that we are commanded by G-d in the Bible to “remember that you were strangers in the land of Egypt”. We recall that we were slaves in Egypt every day in our prayers, every week on the Sabbath, every year at the Passover seder. If you read the New Testament you will find similar ideas since of course Jesus of Nazareth was very familiar with these texts. Jewish people take these commandments very seriously, even if they are not otherwise religious. We actually believe that the reason we experienced slavery in Egypt for 400 years was so that we would know the heart of the stranger, so that we would be compassionate, even once we came into the land that G-d promised us. Since the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in the year 70, we have lived as strangers and barely tolerated guests in cultures around the world, usually until people like Miss Corcoran arose to say “these people are not like us, we should kick them out”. So we are very familiar with this message — this message that entire groups of people can never become “one of us”. Unfortunately, people like this, with these ideas (of course, I do not know Corcoran personally and I’m sure she is a fine person, so I am speaking only of her ideas), have always resulted in persecution, hatred, and ultimately death for Jewish people.

      I understand our fears of terrorism. I am afraid of Islamic terrorism like any other sane person. I am afraid of white American terrorism as well, since I rightly consider people who hoard guns and who are not loyal to our government and who then commit violence after refusing to follow our laws to be terrorists. Timothy McVeigh was a domestic terrorist. I am afraid of people like him and they are equally likely to blow up Jewish children or attack Jewish institutions. But perhaps because I know American Muslims, including both immigrants and people who were born here, I am not afraid of them AS A GROUP. I am afraid of terrorists, but not Muslims.

      Thinking of people as a mass, as a group, plays directly into the hands of Islamic terrorists. That’s what they say about US, about “the West”, about Christians and Jews, about democracies. We are all a mass of people to them, people without value, people who can be killed without remorse. The last thing we should do, as people who love democracy and freedom, is become like them. I know Muslims who have won asylum in the United States — personally. They came here because these horrible fundamentalist hateful governments were targeting THEM. They came here to enjoy freedom — the freedom to live in peace, to practice their religion freely or not at all, to not be discriminated against because they are from the wrong sect or the wrong family, to take off their hijab (headscarf) if they want or leave it on, based on their own beliefs, not based on government laws. They love America. They are all working, all paying taxes, they all speak English, they all want to be independent and support themselves and contribute to the country. Those are the people I know. Banning everyone from their country makes NO SENSE. The 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, not from Syria or Iran. But of course, Saudi is not on the ban list because we have business interests there.

      There is nothing that Miss Corcoran is saying about Muslims that has not been said, almost word for word, about Italian and Irish Catholics, about Jews, about Chinese immigrants, and about Native Americans. Really. Go back, look at newspaper editorials from those time periods, and you will see all of the same fear mongering. Their religion is incompatible with democracy (this was about Catholics, mind you). Their culture is savage. They can never be civilized! Etc. etc. etc. The ultimate goal of this way of talking about people is to make you afraid, to make you distrustful and to make you complicit in their hatred.

      If what she is saying makes sense to you, it is because you do not know the Muslims I know who love our country and our democracy. I’m sorry for that — I know that not everyone has had that experience personally and we all have to work with what we know, we all have to take in information from sources we trust, we’re all doing the best we can with the information we have. So I understand fully that you can’t just take it on FAITH that I’m right and Miss Corcoran is wrong. But I hope the fact that all the people who hated and feared Catholics, Jews, Italians, Irish, Greeks, and most other immigrants — all of those people were wrong — might help you open your mind and your heart to the idea that these ideas about Muslims are wrong as well.


  4. icthelite said

    Are we limited to a max of 50K immigrants now? Is that effective now? I haven’t read anything saying Obama’s 110K was still active.

    I duplicated this because I forgot hit the notify ‘me box’. Sorry


    • Ann Corcoran said

      That 50K is only for the refugee category of legal immigration—the US Refugee Admissions Program. We still bring in tens of thousands of other legal immigrants including from those 7 terror hotbed countries.

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  5. What?! Dump m ore on US!? Take them to Jews state not America! They are greedy getting paid to dump them on us! You take them to your home!! Why doesn’t America stand up?!! Say no no NO NO!!! No more on our backs!!! Tell America the burden on America! We do not owe the world! We owe our people our country respect, freedom from imported slugs living off us and raising like rats! America FIRST!!! Free food shelter doctor dental health care for “OUR” American people!1 Give us that free ATM cards to our people!!! America first!!!


    • SDK said

      American Jews are not in charge of the State of Israel — it’s another country entirely and most of us only have citizenship in one country, meaning America of course.

      Where did your ancestors come from when they first came to America, if you don’t mind my asking? Did the people already living here call your ancestors slugs? Did they make fun of your ancestors and tell them that they were not welcome?

      Are you hoping that Trump will give you free health care, free food, free shelter, and free dental care? Because no one running for President of this country has offered anything like that to our citizens. I do think that all Americans should have health care, enough food, shelter. But Trump is not going to do that. The Republican party is never going to do that for people.

      Even if we accepted no refugees, which 110.000 Americans would get these benefits? There are a lot more people in America who need healthcare, free housing, food, etc. than that. How would we fund that program? Who would pay for it?

      The Republicans who want to close the door to refugees also don’t want to raise anyone’s taxes. They’re just going to keep taking money from those of us who work and pay taxes and give more and more of it to the 1%. Nothing is going to go to the little guy, not under them. Let me know when they deliver on any of their promises to you and something benefits you personally. If they build a factory with good jobs in your town, I will be incredibly happy. If they give everyone free healthcare and dental care, I would be thrilled. I would write thank you letters. That would help make America great again.

      But they’re not going to do that. They think everyone should fend for themselves and that includes you. They think if you’re poor that it’s your fault for not having been born rich, like Trump. The Republican party literally does not care if people die because they cannot afford insulin or to go to the emergency room. They were offered federal funds to expand Medicaid in their states and they TURNED IT DOWN because helping poor people get health care was LESS IMPORTANT to them than sticking it to Obama. That’s how much they care.

      Let’s put it this way — as an American citizen, you can already apply for public assistance, welfare, school loans and anything else our country offers to citizens. We don’t offer our citizens very much help — nothing like Canada or France — but whatever we offer, you can can access right now.

      If they ended the refugee program and took all of that money and gave it out equally to all Americans, every person might get like 50 cents.

      Instead of getting 50 cents, you could save someone’s life. I’m willing to give up my 50 cents to save even a small number of people who have absolutely nothing and no where to go.

      I’m willing to do it because we are a nation of immigrants, every single one of us came from families who came to American hoping for a better life and I don’t want us to become a country where someone thinks its better to get 50 cents than it is to help another human being.


  6. mikekiljom said

    WOW. Shared to my public FB with my added comments:




  7. Senator Cotton unveils immigration bill Tuesday 2/7/17…limit 50K per year etc etc


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