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Dept. of State bringing refugees in at furious rate

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 9, 2017

President Trump could nip this in the bud by resetting refugee levels for this year from the 50,000 (he had already declared) down to 35,000 because the Refugee Act of 1980 gives him the legal right to do it.

That 50,000 is not a goal, it is only a ceiling not to be exceeded!

On January 28th, President Trump signed the Executive Order that called for a 120-day pause in the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (RAP).  That was  before Washington State Judge James Robart, in a legally questionable ruling, halted the order a week later.

But, as CNN reported here, that 50,000 re-set of the refugee admissions ceiling was not addressed in the ban.

… a provision of the Trump administration’s order that was not overturned in Friday’s court rulinga provision capping total refugee admissions at 50,000 for the 2017 fiscal year, which ends October 1.


Busy, busy bureaucrats working against the clock and against the bosses?

Since the Judge stalled the ban causing a legal wrangle of epic proportions, the Trump State Department has been rushing refugees in as fast as they can.

This morning we see (at Wrapsnet) that 1,618 have come in since Trump first signed an EO to pause the refugee program for 120-days—and less than a week since Judge Robart’s ruled on a portion of the EO.

Of the 1,618, the following came from countries the Administration was particularly concerned about. And, remember, although there were 7 countries of concern (90 day pause from 6 of them) Syria was to be halted indefinitely:

Iran (84)

Iraq (151)

Somalia (68)

Sudan (24)

Syria (248)

No refugees came from Libya or Yemen, however, 78 came from Afghanistan in less than a week—a country I maintain should have been included from day one. (This notion that the 7 countries targeted had already been identified by the Obama Administration so, we are told, the Trump team thought they had some sort of PR coup with the media was a dumb idea. The media hardly mentioned it.)

Below is where the 248 Syrians were placed over the last week (since the rogue Judge’s decision).  From Wrapsnet:



New York now takes the grand prize! Alaska and Hawaii got zero.


Another way to skin the cat!

As we said above, not effected by the ban was President Trump resetting the overall resettlement levels at 50,000 for FY17 (too high in our opinion as we said here).  As of this morning we are at 33,743.

To stop this rush he could reset the level to say 35,000 (a reasonable level to allow those with tickets to get here, but stop the rush (by the State Dept.) to hand out more taxpayer-funded airline tickets).

By resetting the overall ceiling again, down to 35,000, it would effectively stop refugees/immigrants from these terror hotspot countries. (Very few get in to the US LEGALLY from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan and Somalia through other programs other than the UN/US RAP anyway).

Endnote: Thanks to all of you who told me RRW was mentioned by Rush Limbaugh yesterday!  I heard it too! He mentioned our post on the 100 Syrians rushed in on Sunday and Monday.

This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

8 Responses to “Dept. of State bringing refugees in at furious rate”

  1. esamu2015bds said

    I really don’t know why Ms. Corcoran continues on her rant regarding these unvetted Refugees and seemingly blames Trump who’s only been in the White House for about 3 weeks.

    She’s is aware that in December of 2015 our then President and muslim n Chief Barrack Hussein Obama created his1.1 Trillion dollar Omnibus Bill. And with the support of Paul Ryan and 3/5th of the Republicrat Congress also approved it. Then, when Ryan put his final signature on it they gave him a standing ovation and immediately granted 300,000 emergency Visas for these unvetted Refugees!

    Also in this Omnibus Bill it requires under law that 500,000 of these unvetted Muslim Refugees be granted permanent asylum in the U.S. by the end of 2017 and grants another 10.4 Billion of our tax dollars to do so!!

    So currently there is nothing Trmp can do that he hasn’t already done to stop this invasion. And what we all need to do is check and see if one of your Congressman voted for it, and if so let em know that you are not happy with their decision and that they WILL NOT GET YOUR VOTE in 2018.

    This is exactly what I said and did to then Congressman Ryan Zinke who joined in with his Republicrat friends and signed this bill. Fortunately Trump has now removed Mr. Zinke from the citizenry of Montana, and now we need to see how the new appointed Congressman feels.

    See Breitbart’s “Congress Votes To Fund Nearly 300,000 Visas For Muslim Migrants In One Year” at

    Bill De Spain

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How sad that we consider adding 35,000 destitute slum dwellers a compromise. Until every single person living on the streets is getting all of the handouts normally afforded to these “refugees”, the number should be 0. It is an insult to our own homeless people to literally fly in these burdens at taxpayer expense, then set them up in better conditions than our own poor people get.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    For this fiscal year just CAP it at ZERO–we have enough muslim “refugees” to last us forever–we have enough right now and they are furiously outbreeding us and getting elected into powerful positions.

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  4. sidefxny said

    This is very upsetting news which has not gone unnoticed by the brilliant Ann Coulter. Check out her column this week which is all about immigration. She provides a good list of agencies that need to be abolished ASAP. Thanks for all that RRW does for this country.


  5. Sue Payne said

    I attended a white house conference call last year which included members of the state department, refugee resettlement division. On that call they confirmed that most of the refugees Obama was pushing could NOT be verified and that we were allowing the UN to do the vetting. Also, the state department admitted it should take 18-24 months to vet each refugee, but because Obama was pushing they were forgoing the usual vetting process.


    • esamu2015bds said

      Ms. Pyne:

      In April of 2016 both the CIA and FBI and a special meeting with Obama, the Congress and the Senate. They explained to all of them that to properly “Vet” any of these Refugees it takes a minimum of 24-36 MONTHS for any so called Islamic Refugee to be properly vetted.

      After this special meeting, Obama cut the vetting process down to 90 days. See for confirmation titled “Obama’s Syrian Refugees Arriving from Areas with Dangerous Levels of Active TB”

      The article states in part “President Obama’s surge of Syrian refugees to the United States is coming with a public health risk from tuberculosis (TB) along with heightened security concerns associated with the acceleration of the vetting process from 18-24 months to just three months.

      Many of the 2,545 Syrian refugees who have arrived in the U.S. in the first eight months of FY 2016, part of the Obama administration’s “surge” to resettle 10,000 this year, are coming directly from refugee camps and other parts of Jordan where a recent study, co-authored by a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) public health expert, concluded they have “high TB rates.”

      Everybody continues to blame Obama and as much as I would like to also, IT’S THE REPUBLICRAT CONGRESS AND PAUL RYAN WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE, not just Obama.!!!

      So once again, email your Congressman and ask if the also voted YES on allowing these Terrorist or Terrorist minded Refugees some carrying various diseases to invade our country.

      Bill De Spain


      • Prior to this election, I thought Paul Ryan was a “straight-up” person. However, his comments about Trump both before and after the election stunned me. Trump was the choice of voters and it was a disservice to the voters for Ryan to be so negative about the president. Ryan is entitled to his opinion but as a public figure, it was inappropriate for Ryan to make his comments in public.


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