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Germany has 450,000 failed asylum seekers they plan to deport!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 11, 2017

Invasion of Europe news….

You might want to read my post on asylum here last week.  Asylum seekers differ from the refugees we normally talk about because they get to a country like Germany (or the US, or Canada) and ask for asylum claiming they will be persecuted if returned home.  The refugees we write most about here are selected abroad and we fly them in.

So the next time you hear that Germany is welcoming refugees in greater numbers than the US, remember these hordes who arrived in Europe with a goal of getting to Germany over the last two years are migrants seeking asylum.  Now we are learning that, yikes! Germany has 450,000 who failed to prove their asylum claims and will now be deported.

Gee, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to close their borders in the first place!


They are not going to love her so much when she starts filling up those planes and flying hundreds of thousands out of dear Deutschland. Poster and story here:

From the Daily Mail (a department in Berlin will be created to organize the mass deportations!):

Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn

Angela Merkel will offer cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to leave Germany in an effort to silence criticism of her ‘open-door’ border policy.

In a highly-embarrassing U-turn over the ill-fated plan, which saw 1.2million migrants flock to the country, Mrs Merkel has now vowed to send many of them home.

The German chancellor agreed a package of measures to speed up the deportation process for an estimated 450,000 migrants who have been rejected asylum.

The controversial plan, which marks a significant toughening of previous proposals, includes a £76million scheme that will offer migrants cash incentives to leave Germany voluntarily.

Many will see the move as a desperate attempt for Miss Merkel to claw back support ahead of her challenging re-election bid in September.

Criticism of her decision to leave Germany’s borders open and welcome all refugees during Europe’s migration crisis in 2015 has led to a surge in support for anti-immigrant parties.


The proposed crackdown, which has been criticised by human rights groups, will also include the creation of a department in Berlin to co-ordinate mass deportations.

Continue reading here.

The Trump message for Leftwing politicians worldwide: not a winning strategy to promote the replacement of your own people with migrants.

Our entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here (extends back many years).

9 Responses to “Germany has 450,000 failed asylum seekers they plan to deport!”

  1. Germany needs to deport all that say Allah is God or the Quran is Holy or both. They will be a problem waiting to happen.


  2. Nissen Bron said

    Given the countries they are coming from, any money they will get will be stolen.


  3. dotsword said

    The ones who stay WILL eventually have * * * GERMAN PASSPORTS to FREELY COME TO AMERICA WHENEVER THEY WANT! * * * without any scrutiny.

    — * * * and WORSE * * * they’ll get
    VARIOUS Work or Student * * * VISAS TO LIVE AND REMAIN in OUR COUNTRY! * * * like the ones from FRANCE do already!!!

    — multiply Germany’s current #’s by ReUnification #’s, plus progeny — then multiply ALL those #’s by other countries — * * * such as FRANCE [which we’ve been letting in for years] * * * –that’s waay more than a boatload of Visas coming to America!!


    I don’t know if there’s a way to apply Extreme Vetting to holders of Passports from Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, et al –but I hope somebody from President Trump’s inner circle reads these posts so the teams can include this very serious Loophole! so serious that it’s

    * * * The SAME Loophole that previous potus implemented as part of his last ditch effort to
    Open the Floodgates during his last few months in office. (another reason those Refugee #’s
    look fairly small compared to what I’ve been seeing)

    Remember, THESE * * * VISA HOLDERS ARE NOT COUNTED AS REFUGEES * * * and nor will the ones that start flowing in from Europe with “Safe-sounding Passports!” form ”Safe-sounding” countries! (Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Greece,

    It’s one thing for Merkel & the EU to screw their own countries, but, they are screwing the entire Western Civilization; and, as usual — We and OUR CHILDREN will be the ones who will suffer the consequences because the entire mess gets dumped on America.

    Hats off to the Aussies for telling the EU where to stick it — Hopefully Americans will have the guts to do the same in the soon -very soon!

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  4. Now she’ll be the “poster child” for impulsive decisions.


  5. START with MERKEL ……. ship the PIG to Syria.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Steven Gern, Marine Corps veteran, talks travel ban video’s 44M views, need to ‘protect Americans’ – – @washtimes

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  7. Reports of Raids Have Immigrants Bracing for Enforcement Surge


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  8. MERKEL BACKLASH Angela Merkel could be forced to RESIGN as her migrant policy is blamed for Berlin massacre… as critics say ‘she is finished’ and predict far-right surge

    The German Chancellor is facing a coup from within her own party following the fierce backlash

    BY JENNY AWFORD 21st December 2016, 12:38 pm

    Populist Tide Puts Angela Merkel on the Defensive

    Trump victory and anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe boost opponents of German chancellor and her refugee policy

    Updated Nov. 18, 2016 12:26 a.m. ET

    MAGDEBURG, Germany—The night after Donald Trump won the presidency, hundreds of backers of an anti-immigrant party whose success has shaken German politics gathered in the biting cold in this eastern German city and celebrated a new reality.

    “Bravo, Mr. Trump, you get it!” state party leader André Poggenburg shouted from the stage last Wednesday, framed by the dark hulk of a 500-year-old Gothic cathedral. “Today, I must say, it is truer than ever: Merkel must go!”

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    • dotsword said

      I remember reading artcls that even the people of India held actual parades [plural] in various cities for Trump’s win –they have been so inundated & abused by the Mzms and sharia, etc. for too many years.
      I don’t know if South Africa did similar, but I do know that the ppl of South Africa were rooting for Trump during election –not shy about vocalizing their strong support b/c they were/are being used as a dumping ground too.


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