US halts vetting of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers

This is a good sign and perhaps the way Trump might begin to make progress against the Open Borders Leftwing—just do what you need to do within the Administration.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is between a rock and a hard place. But, why should American towns have to absorb Australia’s rejects?


If you are a new reader and don’t know about the “dumb deal” Barack Obama made literally within days of Trump’s unexpected election, the gist of it is that Obama said that the US would resettle in America over 1,000 migrants who tried to get to Australia by boat and have since been housed offshore.

Australia doesn’t want to take them to their mainland, so why should we take them to the US to be placed without your knowledge in your home towns!

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From Bloomberg (AP story):

Canberra, Australia (AP) — U.S. officials stopped screening refugees held on Nauru for potential resettlement in the United States this week but will return to the Pacific atoll to continue working toward a deal that President Donald Trump has condemned as “dumb,” an Australian minister said Thursday.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton would not say when U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials would return to Nauru to conduct what Trump describes as “extreme vetting.”

Trump made enhanced screening a condition for agreeing to honor an Obama administration deal to accept up to 1,250 refugees refused entry into Australia. Australia pays Nauru and Papua New Guinea to keep more than 2,000 asylum seekers — mostly from Iran, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka — in conditions condemned by rights groups.

U.S. officials were sent to Nauru within days of the deal’s announcement in November after the U.S. presidential election. But they left this week with arrangements under a cloud.

There is more here.

By the way, although only briefly mentioned here, one of the issues facing all first world countries attempting to deport failed asylum seekers (Australia, Germany, and the US) is that some of the Muslim countries from which they came refuse to take them back. Heck, they don’t want troublesome people either!

14 thoughts on “US halts vetting of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers

  1. Ms. Corcoran answered her own question “Australia doesn’t want to take them to their mainland, so why should we take them to the US to be placed without your knowledge in your home towns!”

    Because as she stated in another post that the Blacks are running afoul all over Australia so just wait until BLM and, or the Black Panthers get involved and watch what happens.


      1. GAK! We don’t WANT them, Trudeau does! But, he says they must be married to AT LEAST ONE of their cousins before he’ll take them. His logic? Married men are much less likely to hold radical views. What Truseau doesn’t get, is, to some of these people those undesirable views AREN’T radical, they’re perfectly normal, kosher (pun) Islamic values. No?


  2. While OUR PEOPLE American tax payers do without these imported people get first an ATM for their money? (AMERICAN tax dollars) Wake up! We are afraid to stand up for our people! Someone might threaten or call YOU a name!? If you say ENOUGH PUT AMERICA FIRST!!!!??? I can hardly afford insurance my taxes doctor bills dental which my husband and I need but our tax dollars pay “THEIRS”?!! Why don’t we have a say?! America say NO NO NO more!! Palestine and Israel have divided the land for each! Why not this instead of dumping them on us?!! l Where is it written WE America must take them!!?? America first!!! Fix the their countries divide the land them up give all of them a HOME!! NOT OURS!! Parents also not legal their kids aren’t!!! Go to Mexico have a kid Whose is it what country??! AND! Hell no NOT MEXICO you would be sent OUT!!!??? Change this we are not the worlds dumping pot! Send them back their country! South American. Mexico illegal means illegal!!


    1. Since the election of your President Trump, since Brexit, since the rise of Marine Le Pen, and since the rise across the world of true conservative politicians, the new counter-culture is CONSERVATISM.
      The only people who want these mass migrations to occur are corporations (which will benefit from new cheap labour), and typical minority member citizens the likes of Bill Kristol (who recently stated that “…the white working class should be replaced by immigrants as they (whites) have become decadent, lazy and spoiled…”).
      The left have had 4 decades of influence, now it is the time for conservatives to have their half century of influence.
      To voice concern for your heritage, culture, system of government/education, earns you the title of xenophobe, racist, bigot etc etc.
      Indeed, any epithet the left wants to throw at someone, that someone must wear that label without the left ever needing to explain how they feel the slander is appropriate. Their screeching of “he’s a misogynist”, “a homophobe”, “a racist” (includes of course, antisemite. Never could understand why “racist” didn’t cover that antisemite base), “an antioxidant” (couldn’t resist that one), is wearing thin and to borrow a show-biz term, is akin to kicking a dead horse.
      Yup, the new counter-culture has arrived, that of the return of true conservative values

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      1. Lower Tones: You got it in one – cheap, compliant labour! Forget all the heart-wrenching, wrist-wringing emotive stuff about looking after our fellows in need, ‘it’s all about the economy, stupid’. That certainl;y seems to be the case in America. However we’re finding in Australia that most of our Middle Eastern and African migrant-refugees are still unemployed 5 years after arrival!
        The less disingenuous ones admit that they didn’t come here to work, they expected that our much vaunted welfare system, based on the ‘cradle to grave’ theory, would give them a living wage and free housing, education and health for the rest of their lives. Nobody mentioned work back in the village!
        Consequently when their teenager offspring find that the welfare system is actually not as salubrious as they expected, and that they only receive modest unemployment benefits, cheap housing in fairly run down suburbs and education in the least desirable schools, they turn to drugs and crime. Melbourne is currently in a crime wave with African gangs of thugs running amok, robbing, raping and pillaging. The state government tries to pretend that it’s not happening, but few voters will agree as the Labor govt. will find out at the next election.

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  3. Perhaps a bit of good news with the vetters flying back home to USA. Why didn’t Trump/Tillerson stop the 2300 [in mere days] flow with extreme/slow vetting rather than letting them flood in???


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