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Does Donald Trump know he can cap refugee program now?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 12, 2017

You have surely heard all the numbers flying around this morning about how many refugees from the seven originally banned countries have entered the US.  The numbers vary somewhat based on what day (and even time of day) one checks the State Department data base at Wrapsnet.


Where is Secretary of State Tillerson? It is the DOS bringing those in from the original 7 countries of concern at an accelerated pace.

We heard a couple of days ago from Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times that 77% of the refugees admitted in the week following Judge Robarts’ decision are from the banned countries.

By the way, when I did numbers yesterday I went back to the day after the EO was issued (January 28th until yesterday) and the percentage was less than 50% from the 7 originally banned countries, so in recent days the Dept. of State has rushed in more from the seven targeted countries increasing the percentage.

Trying to recreate Dinan’s numbers for 2/3 to 2/9 I get 75% not 77%.  But, that small discrepancy doesn’t matter because it depends on when in the day on the 9th or even the 8th Dinan ran numbers.

But, that is not the point of this post!  

Just this morning Donald Trump tweeted that 72% came from those 7 terrorist-infested countries.





Does the President not know that it is the UN and his own State Department (DOS) admitting them? Does he not know that he has the power to reduce the cap (the ceiling) on the entire program right now?  He did reduce Obama’s proposal of 110,000 to 50,000, but he could go lower and stop this rush in from these countries.

As of today we are at 34,430! Cap it now at 35,000!

(35,000 is not that far off of Bush’s post 9/11 number of 39,554, see here)

This reduction, across the board, was not addressed in the recent court wrangling because Trump clearly has the power! (LOL! Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter gave it to him in 1980!).

Of course a lowering of the ceiling won’t stop all those coming in from the seven terrorist hotspots, but the majority of those entering the US from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Iran are through the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

Where is Tillerson? Where is Trump’s White House staff? Would someone tell him!

After all, the majority of Americans are on Trump’s side with this EO.

This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

10 Responses to “Does Donald Trump know he can cap refugee program now?”

  1. budfundi said

    He’s no idiot. We’re so used to having idiots at the helm and we’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a real man running the government.
    Give him time and a little breathing space – he’ll get the job done.
    Let’s have some patience – he’s NOT a politician, after all. Just a logical businessman who’s also a patriot.

    As for Ms. Corcoran; You’re doing a fine job. Like Bonni, at BareNakedIslam, you’ve been tireless. Tenacious, to say the least. You have my utmost respect and best wishes at your side!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. domstudent11 said

    We can tell Trump! Put this suggestion on his White House contact form.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. YES, stop the infestation NOW at 35K!!! How is Trump keeping the country safe with this flow of thousands where they print their own passports? How come they were not extremely vetted? Trump to announce another EO Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icthelite said

      It was uplifting to see Fox and Friends segment this AM showing the number of middle east immigrants flooding in just since the courts ruled against #45’s ban. Maybe other MSM outlets will jump on the wagon now.


  4. mikekiljom said

    SEnt to also shared to my public FB:


    Mr. President, STOP THE IMMIGRANTS NOW!!! SIMPLE, NO?? CAP IT AT 35,000 FOR FISCAL 2017!!!!


    Liked by 3 people

  5. icthelite said

    I thought the President had already capped it at 50K. I guess what I thought I heard was not true?


  6. Ann- I don’t know how your head doesn’t explode on some days when you post these blogs. It is the most frustrating thing in the world to have all the answers (and they are not that complicated) and to be shouting them out at people who cannot hear or simply won’t listen. I am hoping and praying that tomorrow or early this week, President Trump makes a new Executive Order and takes up some of your suggestions.

    God bless you and thanks for your tireless work.

    Liked by 2 people

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