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Majority of Americans support Trump immigration ‘ban’ from terror hotspots

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 12, 2017

You are not alone!

Check it out!  Vox (the website that LOL! featured my work recently, here) reports that the majority of Americans support President Trump’s Executive Order to keep us safe from immigrants coming from certain parts of the world—keep us safe from terrorists trying to enter the country.

But, if the pollsters throw in mumbo-jumbo about “refugees” and phrases like “in keeping with US’s founding principles” they get more respondents to oppose the order.   The key message that resonates is one that uses the word “terrorism.”

Read it here.  Very interesting as Vox sends a message to its mostly Leftwing and Open Borders readers on how to use certain language to make their case.

I haven’t seen anything like this on mainstream cable media have you?




Don’t waver Donald!

CNN and other Left-leaning news sites will show us non-stop clips of protesters opposing this EO making us all believe that we are in the minority, but never reveal that average Americans agree with Donald Trump on this! It is, as Trump says, “common sense!”

Sick of it? You can join like-minded Americans at upcoming rallies.  Go here (Spirit of America Rallies) and see if one is scheduled near you!

7 Responses to “Majority of Americans support Trump immigration ‘ban’ from terror hotspots”

  1. The above was posted at 3.59 A.M.
    Many have asked me do I ever sleep? I ask the same of you.




  3. immigration is a privilege not a right, and it should benefit our country

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  4. i support the ban on immigration and refugees, let us care for our own first.

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  5. Jill said

    I don’t have the exact link, but Franklin Graham on Facebook very recently posted a very good explanation regarding support of an immigration halt. I realize that not everyone reading this blog is a Christian, but many Christians are opposed to a ban for humanitarian reasons; this explains the other side.


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