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Senator Grassley to White House: Declassify Australian refugee deal!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 13, 2017

tillerson-and-trumpYes! Obama isn’t here anymore and we expect greater transparency from the Trump State Department on refugees than we have seen in the last 8 years!

New readers, go here and follow links to many previous posts on the “dumb” deal.

From Newsmax (hat tip: Heymister24):

Sen. Chuck Grassley on Twitter Sunday said he wanted an answer from the White House on why a deal the U.S. made with Australia to accept as many as 1,000 refugees hasn’t been declassified, the Hill reports.



Grassley earlier this month sent a letter to new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking for a response.

“As I said before, the American people have a right to be fully aware of the actions of their government regarding foreign nationals who may be admitted to the United States,” the Republican senator wrote in the letter.

The Obama administration agreed in November to accept the refugees Australia has been holding in detention centers on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, most of whom are from Iraq and Iran, as a way to help its ally.

Senator Grassley and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (Judiciary Committee chairmen in the Senate and House) initially identified the countries (see here) from which the migrants came seeking asylum in Australia, but Australia does not want them!

4 Responses to “Senator Grassley to White House: Declassify Australian refugee deal!”

  1. Latest news out of Australia…

    “Nauru, Manus transfers to US to start in ‘a couple of months…the US may take less than the 1250 it indicated…Asked if the deal could be characterised as a “quid pro quo” arrangement in relation to the Turnbull government’s promise to accept a cohort of Central American refugees currently awaiting resettlement in camps in Costa Rica, Mr Dutton insisted the US must first uphold its end of the bargain. ‘It wasn’t a people swap deal if that’s the language people want to use [but] I don’t have any problem with that characterisation if people want to put that,” he said. “It was beneficial to us and it was beneficial to US.'”


  2. pcockroft said

    And we do? They must have a lot to give back to America as these congressmen would not use our depleted treasury to support them. What new talents and abilities can they contribute to American economy and society? Will our economic rate of grow increase if they are allowed here? Will these congress people open their homes to them in the spirit of love? Get real.


  3. icthelite said

    I think, that by now, many, if not most intelligent citizens, have a good idea of what #44s’ plan was. It was quite evident shortly into his second term he was planning on doing what was needed to destroy our diplomatic republic from within. One of those planned programs is being brought to light through folks like MS. Corcoran by disclosing the scheme to recolonize as many places inside the USA with pods of Muslim immigrants.
    Infiltrating our political system with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, releasing felons from federal prisons, turning out know terrorist from Gitmo, allowing sanctuary cities and states to exist, limiting the power of our enforcement agencies of our southern border, making deals like this one with Australia. Man the hostile incidents of this one person are so blatant I can not understand how, or why, those still following this destructive agenda can not see it. These leftist say they love America but my question to them, what is the image of America you see? If we had continued to follow the course of Obama, like Clinton said she was going to do, the America of our Founders would have ceased to exist in very short order.
    I for one was skeptical of ever seeing a true American Patriot lead our nation again. We are being told we have one now, time will tell. At least we know the puppet masters of the past several decades don’t have any strings on the present POTUS. Not yet anyway.


  4. This is infuriating! Trump has said he wants to protect Americans yet he allowed thousands of dirtbags into the US the last several days! Why did he set the limit at 50K? Why not stop at 30K that soetoro stuffed in for the Oct 1st through January 21, 2017? How come the soetoro australian deal has not been de-classified yet? Has Trump been compromised by rino’s preebus, ryan, mconnell?
    How could Trump approve a Yemen raid that was hatched with soetoro dirtbags? Trump fired 3 dirtbags the day after the raid after finding out it leaked out! Did one of the dirtbags or others leak the Seal 6 raid where they got blown out of the sky?? Why has Trump been slow to act and issue a stupid executive order that went nowhere with 9th circus? Most peeps knew he should have shut down the limit but he chose 50K…WHY????


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