Where did the FY2017 refugees go so far; 34,825 as of this morning

For new readers (and there are many of you!), refugees are admitted on a fiscal year basis. In September of each year, the President sends a determination letter (and report) to Congress and tells Congress how many refugees are proposed for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on October 1 and from which regions of the world they will be taken. Congress’ role is to “consult” only.

Here is Obama’s last determination.

President Trump has already lowered Obama’s ceiling from 110,000 to 50,000. We argue that Trump could go lower still and avoid the Constitutional challenges being raised right now, see here, by lowering the ceiling across the board, across all ethnic groups.

Here at Wrapsnet this morning we see where the 34,825 have been placed in the last 4 and 1/2 months (the US State Department added 395 since yesterday):



Alaska got 32 and Hawaii 3. Texas did not save itself by withdrawing from the program, the Governor must sue as Tennessee is doing!


Here are the top ten receiving states (turning red states blue!):



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2 thoughts on “Where did the FY2017 refugees go so far; 34,825 as of this morning

  1. Either reduce the state dept personnel by 20 percent(unnecessary jobs) or lop off the top 25 mgrs.(unnecessary jobs)–no one would miss them. Then, declare the U.N. has NO SAY as to refugees, and defund a great portion of U.S. monies to that grp. Trump has stalled here. I hope he gets ahold of this as they will only encourage sanctuary cities for these parasites. Why don’t the Somalis, Ethipians, Nigerians go to parts of Africa nearby? Why aren’t the Arabs going to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, etc??? Start that process.


    1. Can you believe it that some Africans do go to nearby South Africa and that rainbow nation doesn’t want them so we take REFUGEES FROM SOUTH AFRICA! AHHHHH!


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