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Comment worth noting: Shocked at what I saw in Lewiston, ME, and I love diversity

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 15, 2017

Editor: If you visit RRW often, you know that we occasionally post comments (and guest opinion pieces) from readers. This was sent to our gmail account a few days ago and I wanted you to see it. I’ll make an observation at the end.

From someone whose family has lived in Lewiston for almost 100 years:

I just wanted to give you an update on what Refugee Resettlement can do to a city, Lewiston, ME is the home of my Grandparents, since the early 20’s, yes the 1920’s.

Most of my siblings were born in and around Lewiston, as well as my Mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.


Protesting the Somali flow to Lewiston as early as 2002!

I was really surprised when I returned after being away for about 20 years, to see the Somalian refugees in the town. I don’t mind other people, but the sheer numbers of people, then I spoke to my cousins who have lived there all their lives, and they explained the issues of crime, school violence, poverty, rejection of American values, and the general hatred of women by the Somali refugees.

They kept saying, we can’t get out here to look at a location where family used to live, and how the area had really gone down hill since the refugees arrived. Some of my cousins were victims of violence from Somali Gangs, and that the schools were in shambles because they couldn’t handle the language and culture issues that arise when you dump 15,000 Somali’s on a small town in Maine.

The destruction is irreversible, and horrific, I cried when I saw some of the town and how much it had changed. For example Kennedy park was a beautiful place where my Mom and sisters went to picnic and how nice it was. We were told to stay in the car because Somali drug dealers had taken over the park, and it wasn’t safe.

This type of immigration, the dumping of large numbers of refugees, does not work, it doesn’t help integration. I’m from Orange County California, I went to school with Mexican Gangs, who had their territory, Vietnamese gangs that arrived in large numbers in the 70’s and Korean Gangs that had arrived in the 60’s. Immigrants do not integrate when we drop them in large numbers, it doesn’t work, they don’t integrate.

I love the diversity of America, I am the product of immigrants, but all you have to do is look at what we have done in the past to see that mass integration [does he mean mass immigration?—ed] does not work. We need to drop these immigrants in small numbers across America so they can integrate and become part of the culture instead of allowing them to cluster in large numbers which means that integration will be slow if at all.

My thoughts on this issue of numbers and integration…

First, the Open Borders Left wants to use the word ‘integration’ rather than the word ‘assimilation,’ see here.

But, more importantly readers should know that refugees move in America—especially Somalis who got to Lewiston many years ago after they ‘discovered’ Maine’s generous welfare (see here).

Somalis can be placed (and they are) all over America by the resettlement contracting agencies, but often quickly move to be with their own kind of people in Minneapolis, Columbus, Seattle, San Diego, Lewiston and elsewhere.

So for all of you pushing for your governors to block resettlement (it will help some), remember though that you can’t stop secondary migration!

Say for example, the Refugee Admissions Program eventually allows certain states (governors) to stop the placement of refugees in their states, and say Vermont wants refugees and New Hampshire doesn’t, then they will place them in Vermont, but then encourage them to move over to New Hampshire after a few months. Likewise as Minnesota opens its arms to more Somalis they will eventually drift in to neighboring states! (Hijra!)

So, yes, integration/assimilation can’t happen when ethnic enclaves build in certain cities, but…..

The real problem, in my opinion, is that the overall numbers being admitted to the US are too high!

We need an immigration time out!

This post is filed in our ‘comments worth noting/guest posts’ category, here.  Our Lewiston archive is here.

15 Responses to “Comment worth noting: Shocked at what I saw in Lewiston, ME, and I love diversity”

  1. ELN said

    When traveling from Nova Scotia to my home province of Ontario via Maine in the fall of 2015, I made a special detour through Lewiston just to check out the Somali situation.

    I parked my car near the downtown Public Library on a week-day morning and began my walk-around to get the “feel” of the city. The streets seemed rather quiet for a work day, so I walked into the library only to find the patrons consisted mainly of Somalis and some “down on their luck” Americans. A young Somali mother with her crying child was especially bothersome, as the screaming could be heard from every floor.

    Back out on the street, I found a nice central park (probably Kennedy Park the writer mentions). For about twenty minutes I sat on a park bench near the gazebo to observe about 6-7 White Americans busily re-building the infra-structure.

    In contrast, from about 70 feet away, I also observed about a dozen indolent Somali men casually greeting each on the pathway as they came and went from the park. No drug dealing at that time, just welfare foreigners having too much time doing absolutely nothing of value. Casting a glance back to the tax-paying, American-born White workers, I mused at the futility of laboring away at a structure originally designed for another era and another people.

    Back in the car, I drove around some downtown residential streets consisting of 2 and 3 story wooden houses probably built in the 1920s. No White Americans were spotted, just a few incongruent Somalis shuffling around the streets.

    I had seen enough, so after 3 hours I drove out of town to head back to Canada where we now have a Somali-born, Muslim refugee … recently appointed as Canada’s Minister of Immigration!!

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  2. Jim Steele said

    The problem is you are not dealing correctly with the individuals who want the Somalis.You’ll have to take the fight to the contractors and bleeding hearts and make “them Bleed”…..


  3. spartanspore said

    What is going on in Somalia that so many of these people need to come to the United States? Could it be that American foreign-policy is botched in a certain area either accidentally or intentionally creating an opportunity for chaos to exist there so the open borders, NGOs and these refugee organizations who are given taxpayer money to bring in large numbers of these so-called refugees?
    I believe this is part of a globalist plan to bring down America by destroying the family and the unity of the American people. Americans need to wake up and see the big picture of what’s being done to them, we have made a good start with a newly elected president, He is for the American people and the country and has rejected globalism but I’m just wondering is it too late because the damage has been done because of the Marxist in education which they have been working on for over 100 years.

    “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”
    — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    [Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov] (1870 – 1924), First Leader of the Soviet Union

    The Methodical Destruction of American
    Education in the Name of World Government


  4. Fay Wald said

    Stop these EVIL people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. mjazzguitar said

    Judicial Watch: U.S. Customs, Homeland Security Records Reveal Somalis Given Security Briefings, ‘Community Engagement Tours’ in Secured Areas at Major U.S. Airports
    The briefings provided to the Somali groups were so sensitive that in 14 instances the agency redacted portions of the records under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption (B)(7)(e), the law-enforcement “risk circumvention” exemption.
    “Logically, information that is too sensitive to provide to Judicial Watch and the public should not have been given to a ‘community engagement tour,’” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The U.S. government has been aware for years that Minnesota is a hotbed of Somali terrorist-cell activity. The behind-the-scenes tours and security briefings of the Minneapolis airport very well could have created a threat to public safety.”

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  6. Show me ONE city or town that has improved after refugees have populated in it. One.

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  7. Diversity the ideology is the biggest crock ever foisted upon humanity, worse than communism.

    Humans are hard-wired to be loyal to their tribe, not to humanity. It won’t change.

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  8. mjazzguitar said

    Maybe a solution could be, if they are convicted of a crime such as drug dealing, they are given the option of going back to their home country, never to return. Biometric data, fingerprints- DNA samples- could be taken to ensure that they never return.
    Other serious crimes could involve a shortened sentence if they returned to Somalia.

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  9. Finally someone else who sees what I see! Thank you Ann so much for your newsletters.


  10. paleodrone said

    very similar to what I went through in Minnesota, where gangs would swarm around a car at a light if ot was driven by a young woman alone, Whoole areas that felt like no go zones. my child was in classs at the Art Insitute all day and I would be stuck walking around for hours. Unreal. Not at all like the kind Minnesotan place I had known and loved as a child, where neighbors would bake pies for each other, this was a gracious state. Now, I never want to go back there. Ever.

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  11. futuret said•-now-the-end-begins/

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  12. wullfe said

    The only safe diversity has been from the wonderful Europeans who came here years ago! Now, instead of coming to the U.S. because they are not permitted, Erdogan welcomes them into Hungary to get away from the hell in Europe. Thankfully, they have somewhere to go!


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