SPLC announces new list of hate groups! Did you make the list?

You don’t even have to be a group! You can be an individual hater and still be a hate group!

My group is having a little nap this morning, but we will soon have to get to work. We have a lot of hating to do today!

A few years ago, I had a great laugh when I read Daniel Greenfield talking about his new entry on their list and he wondered where his group was!

See How I became a Hate Group, here. I’m wondering the same this morning (I have a cat too!).

This is Greenfield in 2012 (a post that had me falling off my chair laughing):

When I went to sleep last night, little did I know that while outside sirens competed with car alarms in the symphony that is New York City, I had already been declared a hate group.

Being declared a hate group wasn’t in my plans for the day, but like winning the lottery, it seems to be one of those things that happens when you least expect it. Except that as the little bald man in front of the bodega tells you, you have to play to win, but you don’t even have to buy a ticket to be declared an official hate group.

My first response on finding out that I was now a hate group was to look around to see where everyone else was. A hate group needs the “group” part, and one man and a cat don’t seem to be enough. Even when the cat is a well known bigot who hates mice, birds, car alarms that go off in the middle of the night, the plumber and sudden noises.

Still the Southern Poverty Law Center had listed, “Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield” as one of their “Active Anti-Muslim Hate Groups”….

Continue reading here.

No hate in Mark Potok! Can you tell he is a lover, not a hater!

I’m on the list this year, and I frankly never did look in previous years so don’t know when I first received this high honor!

See my other award from SPLC, here.

Here is what Mark Potok at the SPLC had to say about us:

Mark Potok, SPLC’s senior fellow for the Intelligence Report, said the jump in anti-Muslim hate groups was unsurprising after the mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, and the Islamophobic rhetoric of President Donald Trump during the 2016 election. [I don’t follow the logic about our role in the Orlando attack when it was perpetrated by a Muslim who hated gays.—ed]



Anti-Muslim hate groups are a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, most of them appearing in the aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Earlier anti-Muslim groups tended to be religious in orientation and disputed Islam’s status as a respectable religion. Anti-Muslim groups listed here exhibit extreme hostility towards Muslims and attribute to Islam’s followers an inherent set of negative traits.

Go here to see if you (and your pets) made the 2016 list!

If you didn’t make the ‘Anti-Muslim’ category, do not despair, because they have many many categories of haters and you might have made one of those lists!

Watch the biased mainstream (Leftist) media lap up the SPLC report as if they are a legitimate source of news.

By the way, this gives me an opportunity to remind you, dear readers, that I am a blogger (with a computer and a cat) with no organization and no staff so I can’t always get to your requests or do everything you wish I would do!

Go here for all of our previous mentions of the SPLC. As you scroll through previous posts, you will see how closely the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), a federal refugee resettlement contractor, works with the SPLC.

Addendum: As I scrolled through SPLC’s list, I see they missed a lot of groups.  Seriously, we should have an annual convention of all these ‘hate groups.’  It could be great fun and would be wonderful to meet you all!

15 thoughts on “SPLC announces new list of hate groups! Did you make the list?

  1. Great. Published: http://bit.ly/2lyTVwR

    I am still on the SPLC list under The United West.

    I am, according to the FBI, on an ISIS hit list.

    Welcome to the party.


    On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 7:57 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “You don’t even have to be a group! You can be an > individual hater and still be a hate group! A few years ago, I had a great > laugh when I read Daniel Greenfield talking about his new entry on their > list and he wondered where his group was! See Ho” >


  2. Refugee Resettlement Watch @ comment@comment.wordpress.com

    has anyone started an exparte for *an order* requiring the SPLC and Mark Potok to be listed as haters and, and

    *an **order *to have “Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield” REMOVED as one of the designated “Active Anti-Muslim Hate Groups” and,

    *an order* to suspend Mark Potok’s bar license for using that bar license, under the mantel of the SPLC, to attempt to suppress Daniel Greenfield’s freedom to speak through labeling Daniel a “Active Anti-Muslim Hate Groups” simply because Mark Potok doesn’t approve of Greenfield’s posting facts about the Muslim way creating : franchising ‘Active Muslim Hate Groups : Terrorism’.

    just a few thoughts.

    On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 4:57 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “You don’t even have to be a group! You can be an > individual hater and still be a hate group! A few years ago, I had a great > laugh when I read Daniel Greenfield talking about his new entry on their > list and he wondered where his group was! See Ho” >

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      1. My ”Tuxedo Cat” does likewise — She’s also inquiring if she can be designated as her Own group – ( being of very Independent nature).

        Thanks for the much needed giggles Ann -too funny!


  3. Perhaps they should just add all of us, since many are already labeled as “Deplorables.” Seriously, though, is there any way to fight being put on the list? Isn’t this a type of slander?

    I’m new here, and thankful that I’ve found this resource!

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    1. I suppose it is a form of slander. Except none of us have deep pockets to sue them, so best thing is to make fun of them INHO! BTW, they make millions of dollars from their “hate list” campaigns, so they have millions to sue people! I added an addendum, not sure you saw it, but I think we should have an annual bash—a haters ball—where we could all meet each other—those who have been named and those who would like to be named to this special group!

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    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was founded in 1971 by two young Alabama lawyers, 35-year-old Morris Dees and 28-year-old Joseph Levin, Jr. The latter served as the Center’s legal director from 1971-76, but it was Dees who would emerge as the long-term “face” of the organization. A leftist who views the U.S. as an irredeemably racist nation, Dees, upon launching SPLC, joined forces with an African American who would serve as a perfect complement to him ideologically—the civil-rights activist Julian Bond.



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  5. Good morning. My name is Jim Buterbaugh of The American Security Rally of Montana “Organization”. It’s just two of us.Me and Gina Satterfield. So here is my reply I left with the Article:
    Really? Being worried about the nation makes you part of a hate group? From what I see written here the biggest hate group of all is the Montana Human Rights Network and the Southern Poverty Law Center. I understand the FBI stopped using SPLC because of their bias. Is this true? I suppose everybody is going to start hollering, “You should check that before posting!’ That works both ways. The organizations interviewed has never once talked to the American Security Rally ‘Organization’. ACT for America is ran by a woman who LIVED through the devastation of Islam terrorist. You should read her story and find out where she is coming from. Funny how all this attention and articles go to those who shout about hate instead of security.
    You want to see hate? Stand for your rights of any kind that the liberal democrats don’t agree with. You get spit on. You get sworn at. It is even possible that some democratic liberal will get violent. I see it on TV all the time. Hate, true hate, I have seen. And it doesn’t come from those who want to insure the security of our nation.

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  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Did I make the list? I have no idea. I looked, but it was endlessly-long, so I stopped looking. It would be an honor though.
    BTW SPLC stands for Southern Poverty Law Center, somewhat of an oxymoron because they have nothing to do with POVERTY or LAW.
    All they do is complain about sensible people, and I hope to hell they are not considered…whatever that word is when they don’t have to pay taxes.

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  7. Did the SPLC put itself on that list? It should be at the top. Tim Murray PS If they put me on it, it would be a badge of honour. Like winning the Congressional Medal of Honour or the Order of Canada.

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  8. And of course —– According to the SPLC & ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has
    “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
    By their own definition the SPLC & ADL are HATE GROUPS.
    During the Trump “transition” following the 2016 election, following their usual modus operandi, the SPLC & ADL have been running around to the MSM giving hysterical, frightening, interviews about an IMAGINED “wave of Trump induced HATE CRIMES(TIHC)” The SPLC & ADL have been absolutely silent about the ACTUAL, RECORDED HATE CRIMES committed by Blacks on White Trump voters , or about how MOST of the CLAIMED TIHC are actually FALSE FLAG events staged by the supposed victims.
    The SPLC & ADl are HATE GROUPS spewing venom and INSTIGATING VIOLENCE toward any White, CHRISTian Citizens that they can.
    George Soros is one of the ACLU’s biggest sugar-daddies! The ACLU specializes in attacking Nativity scenes and Christian symbols.
    Quoting an ABC news election coverage newsperson Tuesday night a major reason for Hillary’s loss was the “uneducated white male.”

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