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Too late for Trump to cap the Refugee Admissions Program at 35,000 for this year…

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 17, 2017

…..but, he can still go below 50,000!

I’ve been arguing that the Trump Administration could further reduce the ceiling for refugee admissions for FY17, something he can legally do and is not effected by the court wrangling over the ‘ban.’

Such an across-the-board cap would allow more months for the Administration and  Congress to come up with a longterm fix for the out of control program because Trump’s ‘determination’ for FY18 would not be due until September 30th.

rpcLogoSmall [Converted]

This morning I see (at Wrapsnet) that we are now at 35,834 and climbing.  Too late for 35,000!

See that lowering the numbers is not unprecedented because George Bush did it following 9/11, here.

Word is that the EO will be modified next week…it is not too late to drop the ceiling well below 50,000!

Go here and see why it is important for you to let Donald Trump know what you think!

This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

4 Responses to “Too late for Trump to cap the Refugee Admissions Program at 35,000 for this year…”

  1. petzlx said

    Wonder if “refugee” invasion would get support if they were dropped in Americas elitist areas like
    Kalorama Northwest Quadrant of Washington, D.C. (were Obama lives)
    A media hushed up argument in Australia is Elitist areas never get them, always dumped in “working class” areas.

    The failure has and is Moslem immigration where over 30 years they are planted in West Sydney it is a proven disaster which is forbidden to be spoken about.
    “Our” media is failing in it’s job to warn people of the danger that “Zombies for Allah” present in roaming in “Norm” suburbs, never the elitist ones like Turnbull’s, Abbott’s, Howards, Hockey’s, etc
    Perhaps One Nation might start pressing for relocation of Moslem “Housing commission” homes from “Lakemba” Punchbowl, Merrylands to Elitist electorates things would change. The Mosques (“terrorist training centres”) would become empty and the problems (shootings, rape, murder, burglary, bombings, terrorism, etc) shift to electorates of those bringing them in.
    Manly dam can be drained and made into a Moslem public housing estate easily cheaply (for example) another is “Royal Sydney Golf Club” next door to Turnbulls residence.
    Bet attitudes of Parties would change if this was even proposed!.


  2. Kathleen Nydegger said

    Does anyone know anything about this? “BRIDGE (Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy) Act.” Co-sponsor is none other than Lindsey Graham.I received some type of petition from a Catholic group who are pushing Congress to sign this Bill.  Am wondering if the VOLAGs will be benefitting from this.  I refuse to sign this “petition”– but would like to respond to the email telling them how much I disagree with them and using facts to prove my point.  Of course, they are using the usual “plucked” Bible verses in an attempt to make recipients feel guilty for not supporting this nefarious Bill. 


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I don’t know much about it, but know that Graham is a big supporter of amnesty and he even made comments about how we need to bring in more Syrian refugees.


  3. I sent my letter to the white house.


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