Maddening! Malta takes ‘refugees’ from Greece and Italy and passes others on to US

I’m going to be quick I hope.  If you have been a longtime reader you know one of my complaints for the last nine years is that we are taking illegal aliens who landed on the EUROPEAN island nation of Malta to the US as refugees.

They are Malta’s and the EU’s problem not ours!


On the Libya to Europe express, hoping for a ticket to your town!


Here we learn that Malta has agreed to help with the ‘refugee’ burden-sharing as other European Union countries—Italy and Greece—-are getting the full brunt of the migrant invasion.

So check it out! Malta took a total of 80 migrants who arrived in Italy and Greece over a brief few month’s period.

From Malta’s Independent:

Malta is well on track to meeting its commitments regarding the relocation of refugees from Italy and Greece, according to the ninth progress report on the EU’s emergency relocation and resettlement schemes, assessing actions taken since 8 December 2016.


Malta is one of Seven countries who are “fully engaged in relocation from Italy,” and is also on track to meet its obligations. As at 7 February this year, Malta effectively relocated 46 refugees from Italy. Malta has also effectively relocated 34 refugees from Greece.

Because the EU has no will to stop the invasion, why does their problem become ours?

See here…..

In the first four months of this fiscal year, see that we took 210 of the economic migrants off Malta’s hands and brought them to the US as REFUGEES.

So, Malta takes 80 from Italy/Greece and gets praise for it, while they pass 210 on to us!

This is the definition of insanity!  Where is Congress? Could be an easy legal fix if Trump’s US State Department doesn’t stop it soon!

From Wrapsnet Processing Center data:

This is one of several pages for the first 4 months of the fiscal year. BTW, see El Salvador, those aren’t legitimate refugees either. We have been taking 400-500 or so a year from Malta ever since the Bush Administration.


Our huge Malta archive is here!  Want to write a book, your research is nearly done!

10 thoughts on “Maddening! Malta takes ‘refugees’ from Greece and Italy and passes others on to US

  1. These Mexicans taking the construction jobs has been going on for years in every state. The company that bids on these jobs bid as low as they can to win the contract then hires illegal aliens instead of legal American construction workers so they can pay the illegals half of what the American construction workers were getting. That is what happened to the slaughter industry which used to be union jobs. Some companies moved to the same towns where the big meat companies had their businesses hired illegals for half the union wages and stole the union companies business which bankrupted them.


  2. We are a country ;lost in corruption and injustice for it’s citizens  there ill be hell to pay with these politicos


  3. Greece and Italy both have very strong and virulent nationalist, protest groups, like, respectively, Golden Dawn and Forza Nuova. These groups’ main focus is on protecting their countries’ sanctity and sovereignty. This would be a good example for us to follow!


  4. You have to give the Left credit for one thing- they are way more organized than we are.
    If this was an issue they found fault with, they would be picketing the homes and businesses of the refugee import companies 24/7 so that this would be getting so much coverage that everybody in the country would know what was going on.
    The fact that these people are throwing away America’s future for cash should be front page news, until the politicians did something about it.

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    1. The Left has gobs of money to organize, both from the likes of Soros and from us—the taxpayers—as their groups are heavily funded by federal grants. These contractors we talk about all the time are doing political organizing in addition to placing refugees.

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  5. Most likely these folks will end up on welfare and drain the system and make demands like more mosques and shiria laws in their areas where they settle. SS is in trouble by 2030 may have to be cut,, medicare, medicaid, disability, etc. how can we support all this? Overcrowded country already, we don’t need people coming in from anywhere at this point. Infrastructure needs upgrading, put these people to work on a new WPA program get folks off welfareand make ’em work for it.

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