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Trump is right about Sweden; it has long been my pick for the first EU country to fall

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 20, 2017

…anyone who wants to find out how not to handle a migration crisis is welcome to pay us [Sweden] a visit.

(Tove Lifvendahl)

Invasion of Europe news…..

Everyone talks about France and Germany, but, for years, my money has been on Sweden as the first country to fall to the tide of overwhelming Muslim migration.

If you don’t know what Trump said at his rally in Florida on Saturday, look it up. He did not say Sweden had a terrorist attack.  In fact, what is happening to Sweden is worse than a one-off Islamic terror incident. Mass Muslim migration is taking down the whole taxpayer-supported safety net, and ultimately (I don’t see how they get out of it) Sweden, as we know it, will not exist.


The Spectator article is mild compared to what you can quickly find on Sweden’s migrant crisis elsewhere. Like this:

We have an extensive archive on Sweden, go here and see what I mean.  And, as you look through those posts from over the years, remember that we—America—cannot copy Sweden’s disastrous model!

When the Muslim population reaches a critical level, their supremacism kicks in! (Hijra!)

This is one of several articles we will likely see in the coming days that confirms the grievous error made by the politically correct majority of Swedes.

From Tove Lifvendahl at The Spectator (from last fall):

For a British boy to be killed by a grenade attack anywhere is appalling, but for it to happen in a suburb of Gothenburg should shatter a few illusions about Sweden. Last week’s murder of eight-year-old Yuusuf Warsame fits a pattern that Swedes have come slowly to recognise over the years. He was from Birmingham, visiting relatives, and was caught up in what Swedish police believe is a gang war within the Somali community. Last year, a four-year-old girl was killed by a car bomb outside Gothenburg, another apparent victim of gang violence.

For years, Sweden has regarded itself as a ‘humanitarian superpower’ — making its mark on the world not by fighting wars but by offering shelter to war’s victims. Refugees have arrived here in extraordinary numbers. Over the past 15 years, some 650,000 asylum-seekers made their way to Sweden. Of the 163,000 who arrived last year, 32,000 were granted asylum. Sweden accepts more refugees in proportion to size of population than any other nation in the developed world — when it comes to offering shelter, no one does it better. But when it comes to integrating those we take in (or finding the extra housing, schools and healthcare needed for them), we don’t do so well.

It may be news to the rest of the world, but gang warfare has been a feature of our country for years now.


‘If you are not prepared, you are unprepared.’ These are the words of Fredrik Reinfeldt, our former prime minister, and perfectly sum up Sweden’s migration crisis. We still hear politicians defiantly claim that our country is a humanitarian superpower — but they don’t do so as often, and they sound distinctly less smug when they do. The Swedish Way might not shine quite as brightly as a beacon to the world. But anyone who wants to find out how not to handle a migration crisis is welcome to pay us a visit.

Continue reading here.

I disagree with one point here, “politicians” do not deserve all the blame, it was the naive Swedes themselves, after all, who voted these ‘leaders’ in to office!

Go here for my complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive.

5 Responses to “Trump is right about Sweden; it has long been my pick for the first EU country to fall”

  1. mea mark said

    022017. Trump Hummm…

    to :

    Read your article about Trump, you could be right or, you are just one among the many of us who are being played like we are Trump’s banjo.

    So far Trump, starting out as a political foil to divide the Republican Party to guarantee Hillary’s election; has stolen the Republican Primary Nomination, then engineered winning the general election while bringing more Federal House and Senate Republic seats on board, and swinging more state governments into the Republican column.

    Now, Trump is currently moving to implement everything he believes will make America Great Again… the very elements Trump campaigned on and won on.

    I feel the present situation is a cause for concern… we will see, at the end of the first 100 days, if Trump asks the voters to elect a new Republican : house of representatives, 33 new senators, and several new state governments in the 2018 election, so he can deliver his campaign promises. The request for a new Republican government will be timely through January 2018.

    Look at what the Democrats and the Senate Chairman are doing obstruction – obstruction – obstruction = the very public script that will justify Trump asking for a New republican government by new years 2018… and that ideas is pretty much a self seller at this time.

    The clincher will be if house speaker Ryan joins the democrat and senate “enemies of the future of America” by turning on the Republicans – Democrats – Independents who elected this Republican majority = riding on Trump’s coattails.

    With this in mind –

    I must have missed your article about Obee being a [father, mother, grandparents rejected] narcissistic toady… the very living definition of a mindless : racist Marxist political stooge.

    Please re-post me that article, which you probably titled :

    “Obee the mindless narcissist, racist, dimwit who hates America because he was told to… and, just maybe the only person in American History who needs a step ladder [as long as it is put up by someone else] to rise to the level of just being stupid.”

    Feel free to publish this note in whole… make comments as you may choose.


    On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 3:06 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “…anyone who wants to find out how not to handle a > migration crisis is welcome to pay us [Sweden] a visit. (Tove Lifvendahl) > Invasion of Europe news….. Everyone talks about France and Germany, but, > for years, my money has been on Sweden as the fir” >


  2. The situation over there is terrible Ann. I have some Swedish friends and these certain zones that are not even being entered by the police speaks volumes they say. The lessons are their to be learned for America, if they start asking and debating the correct questions, instead of the media becoming the chief opposition party to the current administration then it may not be too late.

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    • dotsword said

      well said; I’ve read numerous comments at various websites from native Swedes who also
      (for Many legitimate reasons, both Gov’t and Media) –which of course, also exacerbates the problem of NAIVETE in U.S. & other western culture countries.


  3. An Australia 60 Minutes show just broadcast a segement about their crew being attacked in Sweden by Muslim migrants.

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