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New York Times says refugee resettlement good for NY state, but doesn’t tell the whole story

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 21, 2017

What else can we expect from the NYT!  Or, most of the mainstream media for that matter.

A report in the NY Times yesterday (hat tip: Joanne) glosses over the problems with the placement of poverty on top of poverty in upstate cities, misleads us about Obama’s 2017 wish list, and skims over the fact that ‘religious’ charities are sucking down taxpayer dollars like there is no tomorrow.

BTW, refugees are generally not placed in New York city because the contractors can’t find enough cheap housing.


Assuming there is only one Jesse McKinley at the NYT:

So Buffalo fits the bill!

Only two things worth mentioning in this overly long and biased news about how refugees are supposedly revitalizing slums.

First this!

Reporter Jesse McKinley seems to think that churches becoming mosques is somehow a positive thing! Really!

BUFFALO — Newcomers have filled up hundreds of empty homes and apartments, and poured money and energy into destitute neighborhoods. Former churches have been reborn as mosques…

And, then this (below) made me laugh—Catholic Charities can’t have it both ways!

The majority of their funding for placing refugees in New York state cities comes from the federal government.  Yet, now that refugees have a negative view of the federal government, Catholic Charities of Buffalo wants to pretend they are a non-profit group!


Mr. Walczyk, why not try doing your charitable Christian good works with your own privately-raised money!

Dennis C. Walczyk, chief executive of Catholic Charities of Buffalo, said that the president’s order had spread suspicion among new arrivals.

“They’re questioning us,” Mr. Walczyk said, adding: “Even though we’re all independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental agencies, the connection seems to be being made by some of our clientele, that, ‘Well, you’re an arm of the government.’”

Yes, Mr. Walczyk, you are an arm of the government! How about doing your ‘religious’ charitable work with private money and then you can claim independence!

McKinley continues….

Groups like Mr. Walczyk’s do receive an administrative payment for their work in settling new arrivals — $900 per person — and the potential loss of that money is another point of concern, though refugee placements have restarted. Some resettlement groups across the state have already tightened their belts, and reduced staffs, reflecting President Trump’s immigration order and his administration’s plan to accept 50,000 refugees this federal fiscal year, as opposed to the target of 110,000 set by President Barack Obama.

Reporter wants readers to believe 110,000 is normal!

Darn lazy liberal reporters never tell you that this “target” set by Obama (for a year he would no longer be in the WH) is first only a ceiling not a target!

And besides, if Obama was so set on that huge number (110,000!) why wasn’t he anywhere close to that number for the previous 8 years! (Ceilings were set at 70,000-80,000 but he only occasionally came close to hitting the ceiling).

Numbers resettled in Obama years (from data here):

FY09: 74,654

FY10: 73,311

FY11: 56,424

FY12: 58,238

FY13: 69,926

FY14: 69,987

FY15: 69,993

FY16: 84,894



On a whim, I decided to see just how much of your tax dollars Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY is burning through.

Yikes! At we see that since 2008 they received $43,153,870 in grants and subgrants—43 Million!!!

So why aren’t reporters like Mr. McKinley doing this kind of research and questioning what is driving the refugee industry? (We know the answer!)

There should be a law, if you are receiving federal grants you shouldn’t be allowed to whine to reporters and otherwise work against the President.

Readers, look up your local Catholic Charities and prepare to be shocked!

We have posted many many times about New York over the years, but here is one post that will help you get started with your education on the subject!

7 Responses to “New York Times says refugee resettlement good for NY state, but doesn’t tell the whole story”

  1. icthelite said

    I wonder if there is any possible chance we could see the POTUS sign an EO that would stop the millions of dollars going to these organizations that are using them to bring more welfare recipients into feed off our social programs?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I think he could cut their funds in the upcoming budget battle in March. He has no legal requirement to hire them to place refugees in your towns. Let’s see what he does.


  2. Brigitte Gabriel a Libyan Refugee and now Citizen of the US who is a Human Activist and outspoken news commentator has stated that Refugees and Refugee Settlement is a CASH COW business. This is why we’re seeing such a to do about a “Temporary” vs. “Permanent” Travel Ban and so much opposition by those who realize that Vetting and a temporary hold on travel and relocation is a necessary situation at this time. Groups like Catholic Charities, HIAS, etc. all make huge monies per their work in Refugee Resettlement and without Federal Funding and Refugees, they lose monies, they have no purpose to truly exist. Just like Kevin Jackson authored the book, “The Multi-Million Dollar Business of Racism”, Refugees/Immigration is a big CASH COW and a lucrative business. Sadly, it often results in massive influxes of migrants into American Society who don’t wish to play by the rules and laws of Western Culture.


  3. It’s just the NY SLIME…PAST IS PROLOGUE.

    Mark Levin: Did you know how New York Times was reporting on the Holocaust during the World War II ?


  4. J.J. Reed said

    Thanks for sharing news about NYS. I’m disgusted with the politicians, liberal colleges/universities, Church World Services, Catholic Charities and Episcopal Churches who are promoting this. They don’t care that my taxes in the City of Poughkeepsie rose 16.5% from last year. They are such scammers as they collect $ Millions from hardworking tax payers so they can fund their scheme of human trafficking. There’s no “charity” going on here… If they were charitable, they would protect American citizens FIRST and take care of Americans in need without holding a gun to taxpayers heads and forcing them to pay for their scheme. Not to mention crime rates rising, property values falling, taxes increasing, and fostering a sub-culture of an Islamic ideology that hates America and Christianity. Makes me sick! Chuck Schumer is a putz.



  5. Jane Lee Hamman said

    Why don’t you give us the total from 2008 to present for each of the Big 9–some slow news day! The $43+ M for Catholic Charities was an eye-opener.

    THANKS for ALL you Do!



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