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Refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society one of the groups suing Trump Admin.

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 21, 2017


CEO Hetfield could always take a pay cut to tide them over! Or maybe consider doing charitable work that doesn’t involve the vagaries of federal funding.

Today there is a sob story about how some of the refugees expected to be resettled in Delaware by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) might not be coming. Longtime readers know that Delaware has only received a handful of refugees over the years and I have always suspected that somehow good ol’ might have had a hand in keeping the numbers small (not in my backyard!).

But, near the end of the Delaware news we see that the HIAS is a plaintiff in at least one of the lawsuits against the Trump Administration and I thought it might be a good idea to show you their complaints which seem to center around the idea that they were promised so many refugees (paying clients) this fiscal year and now they might not get them.

See one of our recent reports on HIAS federal funding.

Can you sue the federal government to get grants you were hoping for?

Below are some screenshots from the lawsuit which could be moot by the time I post this!








Amazing isn’t it!  It is all about their money! (and protecting their Muslim clients). The brief continues about individual cases. Continue reading here if you are interested.

As I said in my previous post about Catholic Charities crying foul, shouldn’t there be a federal law disallowing non-profits receiving federal grants from working against the hand that feeds them?

Click here for our HIAS archive.

4 Responses to “Refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society one of the groups suing Trump Admin.”

  1. Cathy said

    This whole scenario is more proof that whenever money is involved, corruption runs wild. Corruption is bad enough, but when the Bible-Torah is quoted as an excuse for a bad policy, with a faulty interpretation on top of it, the corruption tarnishes the whole Bible. The HIAS cites the Torah as teaching that Jews are supposed to love and care for the stranger. Applying this teaching to illegal immigrants is very wrong and untruthful. The Hebrew word being translated “stranger” is ger. A ger is not just a stranger, but the context for the quote that he/she is supposed to be loved and respected is because the ger is either a proselyte or a pre-proselyte. This was a person who lived in Israel and who was interested in either converting or at least becoming a resident willing to live under Jewish law. The illegal immigrants to the US today are hardly these kinds of strangers. While many of them might be, they are not coming first to be vetted before moving in. A ger would not come in with a whole tribe of other strangers and create massive social unrest. It is very dishonest and a misuse of Torah for the immigrant enablers to use this passage as a stick to convince others that G0d orders such a policy. He also says to” be wise as a serpent”. We are in a time that calls for wisdom, rather than enabling “love”.

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    • mrbubble1 said

      “Applying this teaching to illegal immigrants is very wrong and untruthful.”

      You confuse illegal immigration with refugee resettlement. Totally separate issues. Do your homework!


      • You misunderstood her post, which was quite erudite. Cathy isn’t confused. She is arguing against HIAS’s interpretation of the Torah, specifically the word “ger.” Cathy is right; HIAS is playing fast and loose with the biblical text in order further their political goals. Liberal Christians do this as well with their scriptures.


  2. ljarvik said

    Friendly courts don’t need laws

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