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Refugees trickling in now as March 3rd approaches; 50,000 is not low enough!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 23, 2017

There are some rumors floating around that the new EO on refugees, especially those entering from the seven terror hotspots previously identified, won’t happen until next week.  But, it is only a rumor, and LOL!, Trump could be signing it shortly, for all I know.

However, we do know that the US State Department alerted refugee contractors (the nine volags) here that they should expect the spigot to stop around March 3rd, a week from tomorrow.  I’m assuming this advance notice is so they can clear up those cases coming in and there won’t be anyone caught at airports who could make a scene for the media.


Why is Rove still an ‘expert’ for Fox News when he was soooo wrong during the presidential campaign?

I see this morning at Wrapsnet that we are already at 36,637 today (up from 36,461 yesterday) for this fiscal year. 

So unfortunately the Trump team didn’t cap the arrivals at my recommended 35,000 and must still be aiming for 50,000 this year.

50,000 is not that low!

I wanted to throw a shoe at Karl Rove on Fox News sometime yesterday or the day before when he said that Trump had cut the number in half for refugee arrivals.

Sorry to be a broken record, but when Obama set the CEILING, for most of the year he would no longer be in the White House, at 110,000 that was his dreamland proposal. If Hillary won, surely that is where we would be headed, but with Trump’s win, it allows the refugee industry to cry foul because they thought they would get the whopping 110,000 (a figure not seen since well before 9/11).

Here (again) are the numbers we admitted since FY2001 (in red are the years we were BELOW 50,000!):

2001: 87,259 (this year’s number would have been proposed by Clinton in the fall of 2000)

2002: 45,896

2003: 39,554

2004: 79,158

2005: 69,006

2006: 41,223

2007: 48,282

2008: 60,191

2009: 74,654

2010: 73,311

2011: 66,424

2012: 58,238 (Obama had a low year here!)

2013: 69,926

2014: 69,987

2015: 69,993

2016: 84,994

Check my math, but that looks like the average is around 65,000 per year, so Trump’s 50,000 represents only a 23% drop (again you better check my math! I know you will!) from the average number in the last 16 years.

There is still time for the Trump team to set the ceiling lower yet for this fiscal year! And, frankly Congress must begin to reform this out of control program or else we go back to the same old flawed system in a few months!

Go here and see why it is important for you to let Donald Trump know what you think!

Update:  Here is Fox News saying the ceiling reduces entry by 50%! It is so maddening to see how screwed up the media can be when it is something one knows a bit about!

7 Responses to “Refugees trickling in now as March 3rd approaches; 50,000 is not low enough!”

  1. “refugees” come from countries we are bombing for the past 15 years (in covert operation or openly) IF YOU WANT THE FACT CLICK THIS LINK AND LEARN FACTS THAT YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE BUT IT IS WELL DOCUMENTED ONLY TRUTH HURTS






  3. Jean Public said

    I support the total cessation of all these refugee leaches. let them stay in their own muslim countries, not come here.  they want to kill infidels that is part of their religion.


  4. sturandot13 said

    To blazes with Rove. He is a globalist, good-for-nothing pos. President Trump should just ignore him – or swat him like an annoying fly.


  5. Why no outrage of “these’ people flooding and Dreamers kept and still here? Wait all of you do know they get free medical dental housing food stamps etc ?!!t Here Georgia they keep picking up illegals getting all of these things you or I can’t afford?!! The so called immigrants first go to bank get their ATM card!? To get their money?( your tax dollars ) We then pay free trips to their home in Africa, Iran or where ever they had to leave in fear of life? Why are American tax payers footing their bill? I’d like go to Ireland, France free paid vacation! Did your property tax, insurance go up this year? How about insurance on your cars? Read your local papers on criminal caught! I read the local paper here Georgia and 7 week before, last week 6 and this week still a guess. They have no drivers license, no insurance so deport them now!!! They will get message come here YOU come illegal, DEPORTED!! am sick paying for others? We went get our license here they had others helping to pass test!?? We don’t owe them!? Mexico is rich they have our good paying jobs send them all to there countries Are all of you rich, well you can pay there way so the rest of us, tax payers, can pay our bills doctor bills etc. Wake up America these protesters are uneducated and paid off!!! You now will do anything to feed your family and self!


  6. I can’t believe that Trump is allowing 50K, way too high. People are screaming to shut the flow down and it looks like deaf ears.


    • Its for the fiscal year.. that I think starts Oct 2016 – Oct 2017 or something like that.. what they aren’t saying is MOST other than it looks like, about 200 were already in BEFORE Trump came into office… so it’s another Trump bashing to try to make it seem like he’s not keeping his word…

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