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Learn more about how dangerous Tom Perez will be as head of the DNC

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 26, 2017


Did the Dems calculate that they need Hispanic voters more than Muslim voters?

Frankly I’ve been rooting for Rep. Keith Ellison to be the face of the Democratic National Committee. I think he would finally finish off the party.

The smooth Tom Perez is much more calculating, devious and dangerous.  Perez was elected yesterday, and as I said on twitter the Hispanic beat out the Muslim for the face of the party….hmmmm!

Perez has been a longtime advocate for Open Borders who snookered Republicans in Maryland for many years.

I wrote probably 20 posts about him, here at my tea party blog shared with my friend Judy (when I had more time to write on subjects other than refugees).

He was most recently Obama’s Labor Secretary, but his years at Obama’s Justice Department saw him as an attack dog against states attempting to get voter ID laws in place. He vigorously ignored immigration law and saw it as his mission to weaken local police departments. I expect that AG Jeff Sessions will have to cope with Perez’s legacy there by rooting out lawyers installed by Perez.

Here are screenshots of just a couple of pages of posts at Potomac Tea Party Report:





Go here to learn more about new DNC chairman Thomas Perez.  If anyone wants to write a lengthy expose’ on Perez, there is a lot of background information on those pages.

An afterthought: I have to laugh when I hear Democrat pundits say that Perez is a more mainstream Dem than is Ellison. Perez is every bit a Leftist as Ellison, just that he hides it better.

3 Responses to “Learn more about how dangerous Tom Perez will be as head of the DNC”

  1. I read that Perez appointed Ellison as his deputy, so double whammy to the Dems!


  2. kathy3882 said

    Evil#1 wants this country full of ILLEGAL Immigrants, all illegally voting Democrat and being rewarded with every benefit the Democratic Party can try to salvage (good luck with that, jackasses)!!!
    Evil#2 wants this country full of Muslims, again all illegally voting Democrat and receiving as many benefits as they can try to salvage. All the while, breeding like brood mares, trying to overpopulate and overpower our future government, with plans to attempt to turn America into a country under Sharia Law rule.


  3. 10 Bad Things About New DNC Chair Tom Perez Make Wasserman Schultz Look Good


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