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Numbers update from Wrapsnet as refugee arrivals slow to US

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 27, 2017

In advance of a new EO supposedly coming out on Wednesday, checking the numbers this morning here are a few things I learned.


Sec. of State Tillerson and Pres. Trump can still set the ceiling lower than 50,000!

Total arrivals this fiscal year (which began on October 1, 2016) are at 36,822.  Last time we checked on 2/23 we were at 36,637.

President Trump has set the ceiling for this fiscal year which ends on September 30th at 50,000 (a number we argue is not that low when one examines all of the post 9/11 years, see here. Bush’s lowest year was 39,554).

47% of the 36,822 are Muslim refugees of some stripe.

Here is how they break down:

Ahmadiyya: 130

Shiite: 2,152

Sunni: 8,659

Muslim (who apparently don’t designate a sect): 6,547

A couple of things that interested me in the numbers.  First we are bringing in large numbers of Burmese Muslims now (Rohingya, I presume).  817 are recorded as from Burma.  In reality we don’t know exactly where they came from.  They could be from the Muslim country of Bangladesh.  These are not our responsibility!

Then for Iraqis we admitted both sides of the warring factions:  1,472 are Shiites and 2,506 are Sunnis.

So, let me get this straight! From Iraq we must have Sunnis saying they are persecuted by Shiites and Shittes saying they are persecuted by Sunnis, and we bring them both to be resettled in your cities.  How long before they go after each other on American soil?

So here (from Wrapsnet) is a map of where the 36,822 were placed one day short of 5 months in to FY2017.

Wyoming remains the only state in the nation with no refugee program.  Of course Washington, DC only gets a tiny number.



Florida is 1,197. Alaska is 41 and Hawaii is 3.


Here are the top ten receiving states. 

I repeat! Governor Abbott’s withdrawal of the state of Texas from the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program did not slow the flow to the state! If you want to help President Trump succeed, Texans need to focus their political activism on Senator John Cornyn as we explained here.




This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

14 Responses to “Numbers update from Wrapsnet as refugee arrivals slow to US”

  1. Why do this? Trump, stop trying to appease everyone !!!!!


  2. I’m wondering how many Christians are being allowed in from these predominantly Muslim countries


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Some of the Iraqis are Christians and most of the Iranians are not Muslims. The Syrians are almost all Muslim and the Somalis are all Muslim.


  3. Great point as to “…how soon they’ll be go after each other here.”. I remember the atrocious (murders) acts committed in the 70’s by members of the largest African American mohamedan group against smaller rival black American muslim sects throughout the U.S. ; not excluding what happened in Oakland several years ago. Our nation’s intellectual suicide has been endemic.


  4. rabbitnexus said

    Well his “Travel Ban” is for the most moderate countries whose citizens haven’t committed any major terrorist attacks on the USA, so these 50,000 will have to be from p0laces like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan eh? he hee.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      WE only take a handful from S.A. and Pakistan as refugees, although we do admit many from those countries through other means.


  5. Sam Nelson said

    It is obvious the authority demanding the immigrants be allowed in our nation(s) is not a Government Official, except they are being off under the table. I would suggest the authority demanding of us our own extinction is the Banker King, the eldest son of the Rothschild Family. Never forget, is wearing us out and thinning us down. So, what do the citizens do, well, they watch the ball games and drink their beer, they smoke their cigarettes and send their children to schools that indoctrinate them to be good little sheep, they live like scavengers, going from week to week with their hand’s out, lazy and fat, they have betrayed themselves, their children and their people. President Trump, knows which side his butter is breaded on, he isn’t going to go so far the King has to do something with him. Don’t blame him, white people just aren’t worth it anymore. The Indians sold out to the Banker King of their day, by now the King and his family know exactly what buttons to push, which ones to eliminate.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. mjazzguitar said

    That was a good point that you made about the Sunnis and the Shiites.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. FatherJon said

    Who’s got into Trump’s ear? Why is he still allowing Muslims into the country at all? Not only will they be at each other’s throats but there will be a substantial number who grow to hate America, the culture of which is totally different to that from where they originate.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. 7delta said

    So, let me get this straight! From Iraq we must have Sunnis saying they are persecuted by Shiites and Shittes saying they are persecuted by Sunnis, and we bring them both to be resettled in your cities. How long before they go after each other on American soil?

    This is the money quote. I would only add that the two sects may go after each other and have since they split over who was to be Mohammed’s successor, they use the same three texts as their holy guides. With only a few differences that are insignificant to us and our safety, they believe the same thing, and they have and will combine against a common enemy. That would be all of us nonbelievers, the infidels. How long until there is a big enough combined Islamic population for them to go “Medina” and wage an active war to violently force Shariah law onto us? Then, of course, they’ll go back to fighting each other.

    Sadly, the average volag worker and their bleeding-heart accomplices knows absolutely nothing about Islam, except the…let’s call it “misrepresentations”…offered by Islamic and infidel talking heads. There’s the litmus test. If they don’t why and by whose authority the talking heads are misrepresenting Islam, they don’t know anything about Islam.

    Worse still, they don’t want to know. Finding out your virtue signaling is like volunteering to be the airport signal guy on the tarmac, guiding in a plane load of heavily-armed enemy combatants who are ideologically obligated to run you over, kill your family and friends, then take over your country, is such a buzz killer.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Ann,

    Have you considered putting a link on your homepage to the USCIS “TPS” program? Not many Americans are aware of yet another way for people from third world countries to gain a foothold in America. The TPS applicants are not vetted, and no medical screening. Each applicant receives, almost immediately a social security account and an employment authorization card. They can provide any name, date and place of birth/nationality. There is no practical way for USCIS tto verify their bios.

    I seriously doubt any TPS person ever returns, if and when the protection expires.

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  10. said

    one is too many

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