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Why are we permanently resettling refugees who say their real wish is to go HOME?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 2, 2017


Is this Muslim family really in any danger? “Syrian refugee Firas al Ahmad, 30, looks out of the window at his father’s house in Irbid, Jordan, the day before he left for the United States.” © UNHCR/Houssam Hariri

That is one of the key questions you should all be asking the Trump Administration as they sort through the millions of refugees to find those they will admit to America. (Trump says his Admin. will admit a whopping 50,000 this year!)

Nayla Rush, writing at the Center for Immigration Studies asks, how is the UNHCR picking the “lucky few?”

98.6% of the Syrians entering the US now are Muslims

In the case of the Syrians, in FY15, FY16, and 5 months in to FY17 we admitted a total of 19,826 Syrians to the US. 19,562 are Muslims, mostly Sunnis.  That means that 98.6% were Syrian Muslims (via Wrapsnet). Why so few Christians?

Here is Rush at CIS:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recently shared on its website the story of a Syrian refugee family who was resettled from Jordan to Dallas. The 30-year-old mechanic, Firas al Ahmad, his wife Samira and their three children fled to Jordan at the end of 2013 when the fighting intensified near their home. The family struggled there for over three years due to the “lack of legal work opportunities” and welcomed UNHCR’s offer to resettle in the United States. Once their application approved, they sold their furniture and moved out from their apartment to stay with Firas’ dad in the Jordanian city of Irbid.


The family is filmed there the day before departure. Firas explained on camera: “I’m leaving because of my kids, for their future. I hope they can get a good education, and have a better life than the one we had … The hardest thing is leaving family members behind. All of them but especially my father.” (Firas’s brothers, aunt, and father left Syria with them.)

Samira too was emotional: “Syria is everything. They say, a nation is like a mother. What’s our worth without our mother?” She then burst in tears. Firas reiterated: “Syria is everything, it is everything to me. The minute the war is over I will go back. Even now I wish it would end today, before we leave, so that we could go home.”

In the text, UNHCR underlined the following: “Resettlement programmes in the United States and other developed countries are designed to offer a lifeline to the most vulnerable refugees, including children at risk, survivors of torture and those with medical needs.”(Emphasis added)

How does this apply to Al-Ahmad’s family? As far as we can tell they do not seem to suffer from any specific vulnerability. By their own admission, they fled Syria because the fighting was getting closer; and they accepted the resettlement offer to give a better life to their children, not because they could not stay in Jordan.

As a reminder, the refugee resettlement program was set up to provide “resettlement to a third country in situations where it is impossible for a person to go back home or remain in the host country.” (Emphasis added.) Also, resettlement is one of UNHCR’s “durable solutions” – resettled refugees in the U.S. are required by law to apply for a green card (permanent residence) in the United States one year after arrival. They can apply for U.S. citizenship five years from entry.

But does the Al-Ahmad family want to stay in the U.S.? Do they wish to become American citizens, or is their loyalty first and foremost to Syria? If their true will is to go back home “the minute the war is over,” why resettle them in the U.S. to begin with?

Rush provides more cases, continue reading here.

It is not about humanitarianism!

I can answer the question about why we are permanently placing Syrian refugees (who would prefer to go home) in to your towns and cities—three reasons (have sympathy for these Syrians being used as pawns!):

~The resettlement contractors are paid by the head to drop off refugees who are essentially paying clients and they want to keep their little federally-funded fiefdoms going.

~The Libs want reliable Democrat voters (especially in red states!).

~The UNHCR is working day and night to erase borders and dilute Christian nations with Muslim migrants.

I don’t think the Syrians are going to make good meatpacking workers (cheap laborers), so I won’t list that as a reason in this case (for Somalis, Burmese yes, for Syrians probably not).

If the Trump Administration is at all serious about reforming the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program they would get the UN out of our immigration decisions and stop funding the so-called ‘religious’  (politically liberal) charities doing the resettling.

Of course, this story makes the argument for the Trump “safe zones” concept!

5 Responses to “Why are we permanently resettling refugees who say their real wish is to go HOME?”

  1. Sam Nelson said

    How can Christians think “Jesus” would tolerate this kind of crime against innocent children? I can tell you this: if anyone of you offend one of these (children) of mine, it would be better that a millstone were tied around your neck, the stone thrown into the deepest sea. It would be better, meaning, the penalty will be worse, probably, much worse. How much, how long, how many. Christians, you can never enter the Kingdom of God after allowing your children, God’s children, to suffer such abuse as they suffer today at the hand’s of these disease ridden, scum of the Earth, i.e., Muslim and other, trash, being imported to a house close to you..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. michellefromsandiego said

    don’t attribute malice when incompetence can explain

    Ask why refugees come here!
    The Fate of Refugees: A Look at the Role of American Jewry and the Impact of the Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies Tuesday, March 14, 2017


  3. Sam Nelson said

    Maybe, it is to build an army to fight the army already here in the country. Not the US Military, the other army, BLM, army. Talk about racism, white people are incapable of racism, white people don’t want anything the other species of humans have. Racism is the desire to have what another species of human has, like their women, like their children, like their wealth. People sitting on the bus do not want a better seat, they want the power to demand any seat they want. That is racism, as we know, white people don’t do that. Arab men demand seats where they want them, and, by whom they want to be close to. Blacks demand the front seat as they think their feelings are all that is important. Should be interesting to watch these two fight it out.


  4. magdears said

    Because,sometimes is not what they want,is what globalists want in order to implement their agenda. They were dreaming about that since the creation of infamous Trilateral Commission in 1973 with David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski as founders. After that a lot of money was represented there,Bush,Clinton,Allan Greenspan and others. To much power together and a lot of naive nations.

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  5. It is the essence of evil, the aroma of lightly concealed arrogance, and with the still corrupting smell of the most prolifically evil President of the USA, ever, Barack Hussein Obama, still wafting down the corridors of the newly occupied and thoroughly cleaned White House.

    With degenerate saboteurs from his cartel still remaining in their musty, squalid trenches, sniping with twisted, covert accuracy as President Trump tries to implement his fresh agenda that promises a great new diagram that we hope will cure the turmoil created by the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Caucasian, pro-Muslim, pro-caliphate, pro-open borders, pro-globalism Grim Reaper Obama and his hate-filled bevy of perpetrators of his hoax.

    It is still a stench, his willingness to drown America in the financial, physical and idealogical nightmare created by his personal Obamaphate, and the lapdog willingness as he works in concert with the most evil man in the history of the world, George Soros. And some of the wealthiest Americans in tow, anxious to keep their power status by whatever means necessary.

    When will we be rid of him? They still come, Muslims from the cesspool countries of the world, nearly 100% of the illegals, refugees, with the imbedded at birth mentors of Sharia violence, sexual depravity and Doctrine of Hijra advocates, but keeping the infidel Christians and others at home for the amusement, raping, brutality and slaughter-training the home guard of Islamic “keepers of the faith”.

    We are guilty of abject cowardice, our churches, our schools, our courts, our once-solid institutions yield daily to infiltration of ‘schooled’ outreach scams that are solely intended to provide temporary friendship while their leaders prepare for our decimation.

    Sound paranoid? Critical and Judgmental? The record is clear, there is no longer any need for pretense, deception. Judge for yourself.

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