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Magic March 3rd was yesterday, refugee flow should now be shutting down

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 4, 2017

I checked the numbers at Wrapsnet this morning and see that since I reported last on Wednesday (March 1) we had admitted 296 additional refugees.



The UN asked the US to help clear out their camps for the DR Congolese and as of today we admitted 37,913 in just over 3 years. 50 arrived since Wednesday.


Readers will recall that the US State Department notified its refugee resettlement contractors to expect the flow to stop on about March 3rd.  Clearly it hasn’t stopped yet.

Of the 296 admitted since Wednesday, 105 were from four of the seven countries identified in the so-called “travel ban.”

None came in the last few days from Libya, Syria or Yemen (but readers should know that in the last few years only tiny numbers, if any, came from Libya or Yemen).  But, it was a surprise to see that Syria was down to zero in the last couple of days.

The big winner in the gang of seven countries was Somalia which sent us a whopping 77 refugees since Wednesday.

Other big winners, among the usual sending countries, were Burma (97, 12 of those were Muslims) and 50 came from the DR Congo. 

DR Congo! The UN said take 50,000 and we said yes, master!

Long time readers will remember that we promised the United Nations, here in 2013, to admit 50,000 from the DR Congo over 5 years. Only a small number of those are Muslims, but they represent some very traumatized women (with lots of children) who will require expensive mental health treatment, here. Their contribution to the US economy will surely be a negative one as we are clearly importing extreme poverty in this case.

I see that as of this morning we have admitted 37,913 from DR Congo since FY2013!

This is a prime example of a key reform we expect the Trump Administration to make. If we are going to admit some refugees….

We should decide which ‘refugees’ we take, not simply jump when the United Nations tells us to!

Did your state get Congolese?  Here is a map from Wrapsnet showing where the DR Congolese were distributed since FY13:




If you can’t read Florida, it is 1,329. Alaska is 72 and Hawaii 0. A reminder: Wyoming is the only state that never started a refugee resettlement program.


The top three receiving states are Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Tell President Trump to stop jumping when the UN tells us to help them clean out their refugee camps!

Endnote:  I suspect the delay in the new travel ban announcement is that the State Department is waiting to clear the last refugees through airports world wide.

This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

My DR Congo archive is here.

2 Responses to “Magic March 3rd was yesterday, refugee flow should now be shutting down”

  1. chasrose50 said

    The West needs to Toughen Up.


  2. In the past couple of weeks it has become painfully obvious what the Trump administration and the American people are up against – namely, what is now referred to as the Deep State. The best explanation of what the Deep State is and what it is doing to sabotage the Trump administration was probably given by Rush Limbaugh this past week.

    Here’s a link to the transcript:

    The embedded bureaucrats and political appointees, many of whom can’t be fired, are doing everything they can to continue the Left/Commie/ Dem/Liberal/Islamic/Progressive agenda that was implemented by Obama. Hand in hand with the MSM and what’s left of the extreme Demo-rat party, these nameless traitors and miscreants are hell bent on continuing to destroy our once great country.

    President Trump can have the greatest plans in the world and appoint the best people to his cabinet and other important positions, but until he gets rid of the Deep State remnants that are still running the refugee and immigration programs, we are going to see travesties like the ones you report on every day. The Left NEVER quits. Ever. If anyone thought that just because “we” won the election that the Dems are going to play nice, they are badly mistaken.

    We know how much they fear Jeff Sessions who has been fighting the good fight against illegal immigration, etc. for many years. It broke my heart when Sessions fell into the trap about the completely phony Russian “issue” and recused himself. He just handed our enemies a huge victory whether or not anyone realizes it.

    You yourself have revealed to us many of these lower level insiders who actually keep the refugee agencies running. You have provided enough information in your blog for Trump and his people to completely dismantle the refugee program as it is today. Somebody in DC needs to WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!


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