Call the White House to support President Trump’s plan to keep us safe!

Not surprisingly, here is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) out with its action alert e-mail minutes after today’s Trump Administration press conference asking the Leftwing open borders gang to call the White House to oppose more vetting and to do more for refugees (HIAS’s paying clients).

See my post earlier today about how HIAS supports a religious test for refugees—the ones they want admitted to the US!

See the phone numbers HIAS has kindly supplied for us. Call the White House and thank the President for keeping us safe and for slowing the flow of expensive refugees to your towns and cities.


And, send us a donation! We have a lot of big salaries to pay!

More later………….

7 thoughts on “Call the White House to support President Trump’s plan to keep us safe!

  1. this guy gives a new definition to Chutzpah. His organization sued the feds because of a ‘religious test’ in the previous E.O.. In fact a ‘religious test’ is exactly what his organization has always supported.

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  2. All these reactions agains President Trump particularly in Immigration issues is because all organizations and religious institutions are receiving a list of money from the Federal Grant,information that is no release to the public. So these pro illegal immigration, and pro refugees invasion people, are talking about compassion,charity, and love. Once the government stop the mess of Federal Grant, eans no more money and big salaries,I’m pretty sure we will no hear anymore about their compassion.

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  3. Ann, Don’t you think it would be better to barrage the Democrat congressmen and senators who most oppose Trump to instead call THEM ???? Why add to the burden of the White House switch board ?? That makes NO SENSE !


    1. Because it is important to let Trump know he has support when the other side is bombarding him and telling him he is wrong. And, besides people can do both and call their Washington reps too. It is not an either/or issue. You must be new to RRW because I am always nagging readers to call Congress.

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