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New refugee ban announced: Yikes! Big news is that the FBI is watching 300 refugees!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 6, 2017

300 refugees living in the US suspected of having Islamic terror connections!

For me, that is the biggest news that came out of the press conference this morning.

Here is the brief story at Breitbart:

Washington (AFP) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating around 300 refugees admitted into the United States for suspected terror-linked activities, US officials said Monday.

Too bad that the Justice Dept (before Sessions got there) dropped the ball and couldn’t answer judge’s questions about refugee terrorist numbers after the first EO.

The officials gave the figure as justification for a just-announced 120-day halt on admitting refugees from any country to review security vetting procedures.

“Today more than 300 people, according to the FBI, who came here as refugees are under an FBI investigation today for potential terrorism-related activities,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

Unnamed spokesman at DHS:

“The salient fact here is that there are 300 individuals admitted and welcomed to the United States in the refugee admissions program who either infiltrated with hostile intent or who radicalized after admission to the United States,” he said.

Full text of the order is here.  I don’t have time to look at it now.

We need to figure out if the 120 days starts when this EO goes in to effect on March 16th, or are they counting the 120 days back to the earlier January date.  If it is the January date, then that stinks because there has been no halt for over a month now.  If you find out let me know!

7 Responses to “New refugee ban announced: Yikes! Big news is that the FBI is watching 300 refugees!”

  1. Ann, I have read the executive order and the 120 days starts when this EO goes into effect on March 16th.




  3. Obama and his ruthless cadre have no intention on letting up on their desire to allow more Muslim “troops”, (and that is exactly what they are, any other characterization is false) into the country by any means necessary, and you can bet that the newest path of least resistance is through Canada. Trudeau is almost as irresponsible as Obama, they are like brothers separated at birth, and has the typical Canadian attitude built into their character by the need to coexist with two languages and two cultures.
    Language is a powerful influence and Trudeau would love to have everybody speak French exclusively, (remember the obtusiveness of Charles De Gaulle), certainly he has no regard for America.
    Coincidentally, recall George Soros’ training in and promoting of Esperanza hoping that globalist, open borders, one world hopes would be furthered by everyone speaking one artificially created language.
    So, in addition to the illegal immigrant, visa overstayer flow into the USA from Mexico, Trudeau’s giddiness at letting whomever into his country, and eventually more Muslims into the USA, results in more upheaval, expense and “Troops” to aid in Obama’s well-financed plan to retake the USA.


  4. dotsword said

    Only 300??? ….just kidding… GREAT Heads Up artcl Ann!


  5. petzlx said

    “300 refugees living in the US suspected of having Islamic terror connections!”
    This trojan horse invasion by Moslems was invented by Mohammad when he and his followers fled Mecca in 622 AD to Yathrib now called Medina. Claiming “refugee status” Medina welcomed them as “our” government does today!

    ISIS is doing nothing that the Moslem’s “Prophet” Mohammad wouldn’t do!

    Mohammad himself was once a (claimed) refugee taken in by the Jewish city of Medina (fleeing Mecca 622).
    Within five years, Mohammad (joining with other invading “refugees”) had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jew living in Medina before the rise of Islam, Medina Was Originally A Jewish City..
    Medina is more Jewish than Islamic. Talented Jews built Medina [then called Yathrib] and made it one of the most prosperous areas in the Arabian peninsula. Two polytheist Arab tribes settled alongside with the Jews, who maintained a strong presence there until Muhammad and some of his followers killed, enslaved, robbed and/or expelled Jews.
    Medina then fell under Islamic backwardness and the Saudi regime is in the forefront in promoting the Jihad against infidels

    For around 1,400 years Islam has produced the major majority of the worlds “refugees”! Always fleeing from what they created!
    Still the same today!

    Time to address the fact the problem is Islam.

    Always Moslems blame their murder sprees on everyone but themselves!
    Like Schizophrenics, they need therapy. Not confirmation of their delusions and as refugees made leave their delusions where they created them.

    Islam is not a religion, it is a vile, violent political process.

    It was and is a CRIME to allow Moslems in. Every politician is obligated to know the history of foreign people they bring in. If they had done even a little bit of study they would have found a bloodthirsty people, full of hate and terrorism.?

    Mohammad invented this sort of invasion by stealth, Centuries old still used today.
    A good book about this attack by stealth is


  6. Bone Fish said should collect $20K per refugee from their families or nation state of origin (before landing in America) to subsidize US intelligence services expenses of their bad apple brethren.


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