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Muslims and non-Muslims given guidance on how to fight Trump’s refugee slowdown

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 11, 2017

From a publication called Truthout comes words of advice for open borders activists on how to think, organize and push back against the Trump Administration’s refugee admissions and travel pause Executive Order.

Entitled ‘A guide to resisting Muslim ban 2.0’

(Here are just a few snips of advice from author Hoda Katebi, emphasis is mine)

Two big no-nos here according to author Katebi. Don’t pretend you are a Muslim, and for Muslims, don’t wrap yourselves in American flags! Reuters photo here:

….if national security is actually the problem — if the US government actually cares about ending the killing of American citizens — why does it not start with dismantling its own police forces? These forces comprise an armed, emboldened and deadly organization that receives training from a foreign apartheid state (Israel), and kills almost 1,000 people annually (including already over 200 people this year). United States law enforcement officers are a larger threat to the safety and security of individuals living in this country (particularly Black and Indigenous people) than “radical Islam” — whatever that means — ever will be.  [Any sane person could see immediately the anarchy, looting and lawlessness that would engulf US cities in minutes if law enforcement officers stood down or were non-existent!—ed]

In fact, it is important to recognize that “national security” is only a code word for anti-Muslim policies domestically, as well as the justification for US military violence against Muslim communities internationally, which is often erased from public view.


Wherever you see it, challenge the normalization of bans on immigration and refugee resettlement. Do not ignore the rhetoric of the people around you. Do not think that this is OK. Do not think that this can go unchallenged. Here are some things to remember and steps to take as we move forward:


4. Do not make compromises. Do not compromise your values for the sake of having an extra white person join your protest.


6. As always, be intersectional. Half of the officially banned countries are Black-majority countries. Black, Muslim immigrants and refugees are oftentimes left out from both Black and Muslim spaces, so be intentional about centering those who are on the margins of the margins. Beyond making sure not to exclude your own people, keep in mind that Customs and Border Patrol, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security, municipal law enforcement and other violent institutions that target people of color are just different enforcement mechanisms with the same goal: upholding white supremacy. You cannot succeed by ignoring those relationships.

And for our non-Muslim allies:

1. Show up. Support the ongoing efforts of Muslim-led organizing in resisting the ban. If you’re an immigration lawyer, volunteer. If you’re a teacher, connect your Muslim students to resources, and talk to your class about what is happening. If you’re a journalist, document the movement. Share the work of Muslim artists, writers, creators, organizers and scholars. Hold your racist friends and family accountable.

2. Do not claim an identity that is not yours. No, you are not #Muslimtoo — and claiming such only covers the voices of actual Muslims trying to share their real experiences. Rather, listen to the leadership, direction and experiences of Muslims who are speaking out and up. [Non-Muslim activists must listen to Muslims! Do what you are told!—ed]

3. Be careful not to perpetuate anti-Muslim undertones in your conversations. When talking about the Muslim ban, do not challenge it by saying there have been “no fatal attacks by immigrants from countries listed in the Muslim ban.” While that is true, this not only provides a justification for banning immigration from countries that have had someone commit violence, but also legitimizes collective punishment. Also, we are not all immigrants — that concept erases the histories of Indigenous people native to this land and Black people who were forcibly enslaved and brought here. Moreover, a Muslim refugee from a country the United States destabilized is not the same as an immigrant from the UK who is here getting a PhD. See Number. Another thing: Stop draping American flags over our hijabs.

I recommend that you read the whole thing, here.

5 Responses to “Muslims and non-Muslims given guidance on how to fight Trump’s refugee slowdown”

  1. Nancy Glass said

    I don’t want them here!


  2. She sees ICE as “emboldened” because under Trump they are finally able to enforce some of the laws, then goes on to ask America “why does it not start with dismantling its own police forces?” I think that even for a subversive, Hoda is as stupid as it gets. Obviously, people here and in Europe are not comfortable with waves of Islamic immigration, and we will do anything to stop it. If Hoda is so smart, why not realize that and just encourage Muslims to stay home if practicing Islam is so important to them? instead, they look for any excuse to justify this invasion, then try and blame us for it.


  3. 7delta said

    Do not compromise your values for the sake of having an extra white person join your protest.

    Okay. Never have compromised my values based on anyone’s skin color. Won’t start now. I’ve always leaned toward content of character and view all as equal under the law. What someone does with their rights and privileges is up to them…as are the consequences, just like it is for everyone.

    Hold your racist friends and family accountable.

    Please do. In fact, I’ll invite you over for tea, so you (the holder of accountability) can explain all my character flaws to me. I have plenty. It’ll be fun. We’ll examine yours, too. Equal opportunity and all, ya know.

    Oh! Be sure to bring your Qur’an, Hadith and Sira, so we can study them together. They’re quite enlightening when discussing “national security.” We’ll do a comparison of white (or any other “color”) supremacy v. Islamic supremacy. If time permits, we’ll also discuss U.S. Constitutional jurisdiction v. infringing on aliens’ and foreign countries’ rights by attempting to globally enforce its protections outside U.S. jurisdiction, as well as chatting about factual reasoning and how to recognize it v. emotional decision making and its recognizable behaviors.

    I’ll have a box of those tissues with lotion available should it be required. It’s the polite thing to do. Unfortunately, I don’t have any safe spaces, but we do jokingly refer to the “tea room” as the “shooting range.”

    Oh yes, please…let’s have an Accountability Tea.


  4. Interesting article Ann. Always good to know what the other side is thinking and advocating.


  5. nafbpo7 said

    Most Americans never think about it, but having worked both the desert and northern land border, I often thought about it. What I’m getting at is the child endangerment aspects of human smuggling. Any American entrusted with the care of a child would be arrested, and rightfully so, if we left the child unattended in a hot car. Yet we never apply this very serious felony law violation when dealing with smugglers and adult relatives smuggling children across all kinds of potentially dangerous terrain, often in the Summer months.

    I have witnessed children being smuggled across the desert, through the mountains, on inner tubes across canals with swift currents. Adults that do this should be held accountable for this criminal behavior.


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