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Why do we take any ‘refugees’ from Russia? Are they even legitimate refugees?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 11, 2017

Who are the 47 non-Russians (processed through Russia) that were brought to America in the first 5 months of this fiscal year?

I hope to write more posts on the issue of Processing Country asking why we process refugees in from places where clearly the definition of a refugee is being stretched to something unrecognizable!

(LOL! Since Russia is in the news every day, I’m starting with Russia***).

Legitimate refugees are supposed to have left the country from which they have been persecuted and ask for asylum in the first safe country they arrive in, so what is this business of taking Russian nationals from within Russia? Or, others who got there looking for asylum?

Longtime readers know I have been asking about the Malta scam for years (yes, I will call it a scam) where we take illegal aliens off the hands of the Maltese government for no apparent good reason. (Malta archive here). And, then, not to be overlooked, there is the South Africa ‘refugee’ express to America! And, why are we processing refugees to the US from Israel???

I’ve told you about the Processing Country data at Wrapsnet previously, here.

Each month (of the present fiscal year) the Refugee Processing Center updates the information on those pages for the previous months of the fiscal year.  Therefore, available now is the data from October 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017 (5 months of FY17).  Click here.




Today I was interested in the fact that we processed in to the US 273 ‘refugees’ from Russia in those 5 months.

Of course for years we took tens of thousands from the Communist Soviet Union, but why now?

When one uses other data at Wrapsnet for those same 5 months we see that of the 273, 226 were Russian nationals. 

Who are the other 47 ‘refugees’ we took off Russia’s hands in the last 5 months and why are they our problem?  (Why are any of the 273 our problem for that matter?)

Of the 226 Russian nationals, we clearly had a ‘religious’ test! The top religions of the 226 included 95 Baptists, 68 Pentecostals, and 30 Jews. (We have been perverting the refugee definition for decades with the Lautenberg Amendment).

More troubling to me is: Who are the 47 individuals who got to Russia and are then processed in to the US? Are they from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere? Were they thoroughly vetted? And, again, why are they our responsibility???

Holy moly!  I just looked up Afghanistan and see that we admitted 988 Afghan refugees in those 5 months! Only 18 were processed in from Afghanistan.  Where in the world were the other 970? Were a few in Russia? Think about it! How thoroughly vetted is an Afghan ‘refugee’ who has wandered to another country!

Russia only takes a tiny number of refugees, see here.  But, I repeat, why is anyone from Russia our problem today?

I sure hope the Trump people in charge of the US Department of State know about all of the perversion of the definition of refugees going on around the world!

***People trying to escape poverty (poor economic conditions) or violence from criminal activity are not legitimate refugees!  A refugee must be able to claim they would be persecuted for their political views, race, religion etc. When you look at the Processing Country map link, here, ask yourselves why on earth are we processing ‘refugees’ from countries with stable governments (in addition to Russia) like Austria, El Salvador, Cuba, Malaysia, South Africa, and ISRAEL (among others!)?

9 Responses to “Why do we take any ‘refugees’ from Russia? Are they even legitimate refugees?”

  1. Recently Russia has returned to suppressing religion (except for the Russian Orthodox church). It is now a crime to invite people to church or have any activity designed to attract new people to church. Often ministers are accused of being “foreign agents” and legal actions have been taken against religious organizations. However, I think it makes more sense to finance helping these people resettle in another Eastern European country, such as Poland, where the language is similar and is friendly with the U.S. It would be cheaper to negotiate some sort of aid to a third country to take these people than to bring them to the U.S.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I think the potential for fraud is enormous. And, you are right. It shouldn’t be American taxpayers worry about one group of Christians being suppressed by another group anywhere in the world!


  2. magdears said

    This article mentions Cuba as stabled country. Is true that Cuba was taken out of the terrorist countries list, and I am agreed it was justified,but,l Idon’t think is an stable country..There are still repression for those who dissent from the government policies.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Not our problem!


      • magdears said

        the comment was only to clarify conditions of the island, and nothing compare middle eastern so called refugees with political refugees because their activity against the goverment.all these (again) so called refugees from islamic countries from Middle East or Africa,was well planned by globalists and specifically by Obama,who distorted the concept of asylum and political refugee. knowing that the intentions of Muslims with the intervention of Muslim Brotherhood in America,that he supports was execute Al-Hijra (Immigration Jihad) Never before America faced immigration crisis like this one,before he created. In the past the political refugees in America,assimilated this society,its culture,its value, the same in Italy,England,Germany. This immigration jihad was well planned. The clarification had that intention,because is not the same a refugee from the western hemisphere with western culture and values than one the opposite values,and that doesn’t include illegal immigrants because as the qualification described them,they already violated the law.
        the correction has more historical and political intention.


  3. mjazzguitar said

    These people are impressionable and the Leftists probably think it will be easier to indoctrinate them according to their purposes, or, at the very least, their children. They don’t know their rights either, and will be easier to manipulate. It also introduces more division to the nation- united we stand, divided we fall.


  4. futuret said

    WHY, WHY, AND WHY???!!!:::


  5. Thanks once again for your relentless defense of the truth when it comes to the Refugee situation. Your work becomes more and more important (and urgent) every day because of the media war against the Trump administration and anyone who supports them. Just when you think the lies and distortions of the MSM can’t get any worse, they up the ante. Here in ultra liberal/progressive/communist/socialist/Democrat New York, there is a virtual civil war going on as many small towns (and even villages!) are posting signs declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.” Stores around here are now being encouraged to post signs that say “Everyone Welcome here”. Most often these signs and other pro-immigrant literature is provided by the local Dem politicians and I can tell you that merchants are being pressured to post the signs in their business establishments or else face the consequences.

    The point you make today about the Russians is just another nail in the coffin of the whole immigration debacle. It is hard to know what Pres. Trump and his people are really doing because the media is more concerned with conspiracy theories about how their gal Hillary lost the election because of Russian hackers. Maybe that’s who some of those unknown Russians that you discovered are- the tech people who helped Trump win. #MAGA 17


  6. ljarvik said

    My guess is Chechens and other anti-Putin types but I really don’t know…

    Sent from my iPhone



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