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Why are we taking any ‘refugees’ from Israel?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 13, 2017

This is another in my series of inquiries about why it is our responsibility to take ‘refugees’ off the hands of governments where those asylum seekers (supposed refugees) are that country’s problem.

(Is Israel taking any of our illegal aliens/asylum seekers?)

See my recent post on Russia, here.  Or, see the dumb deal with Australia, here.  And, I have been writing about this issue for years as it relates to Malta, here.

This morning I want to know why we took 38 ‘refugees’ from Israel in the first 5 months of FY17.  Whoever they are, they are not our problem?

(For background on the problems Israel has with illegal aliens, especially from Africa over the years, go to our category ‘Israel and refugees’ by clicking here).

This is the Refugee Processing Center data from Wrapsnet:

There are a lot of countries on this list that beg the question, why are we taking refugees from these countries where refugees would be perfectly safe!


One more thing President Trump’s State Department could do, is to stop using refugees in deals with other countries, something I testified about several times here (see #7).

11 Responses to “Why are we taking any ‘refugees’ from Israel?”

  1. FatherJon said

    It’s weird taking refugees from Israel. Who are they? What are they escaping from? Jewish women angry at being forced to sit at the back of buses apart from Orthodox males, young boys who don’t want to be circumcised, Catholic nuns whose pig farms arwe being shut down? All these questions and more. Inquiriing minds need to know.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Ha! Ha! I’m guessing they are the African asylum seekers who got to Israel by crashing the border before they built their wall. However, those illegal aliens are Israel’s problem not ours! Imagine if we said to Israel we have excess Central Americans coming across our southern border, how many will you take to Israel (in exchange for your excess Muslim Africans)? It would be very funny.

      However, as you and I know, such a ridiculous scenario might just be playing out between Australia and the US. US will take Australia’s unwanted Muslim economic migrants, and Australia takes a bunch of Central Americans—pure insanity!


  2. It is absolutely despicable that our politicians would grant citizenship to some other countries undesirables as part of a deal. Do they carefully evaluate why they were denied entry to the first country in the first place? in many cases, they are a security risk or worse, so how does sending them to live among us serve the greater good?

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  3. Its weird that Israel, with its close connection to ultra-liberal American Jews, especially via the “right of return” policy, would act in such an exclusionary manner. American Jews are in the fore-front of immigrant rights in the U.S. I guess “humanitarian” values aren’t the standards for Israeli Jews, only for American Jews.

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  4. tomasrose said

    Actually, there is a long story about refugees from Israel. When we stopped taking Soviet Jews because Israel wanted them, many of the new arrivals left Israel in search of asylum in the West. This was particularly the case with mixed-marriage families. The influx got so serious into Canada that the Israelis sent Nathan Sharansky to testify in court against the asylum seekers and for the Canadian government , which was trying to stem the tide. To this day the Canadian government pulls out his testimony to prove that Israel does not persecute.


  5. Most likely Israeli ARABS.


  6. Cathy said

    I don’t see an answer to your question. I clicked all the links and there is no answer. So who were the refugees from Israel and why did they come to the US? Are you looking for answers? is it because Israel is a small country which is made up of refugees and immigrants, both of Jewish and non-Jewish groups, plus the Arabs who came to Israel for other reasons? Is it because Israel has thousands of Somali “refugees” living in Tel Aviv and causing havoc by criminal activity such as rape? If the 38 refugees are from this Somali group, I hardly think removing 38 out of thousands is going to help much. Israel would like to deport these illegals back to Africa, but as I understand it, no one will take them, and Somalia is problematic. Or they might be Eritreans, but Israel does not have diplomatic relations with Eritrea. So where so they get deported to? You allude to deals made with the US – are you saying these 38 came to the US as a part of some deal between the US and Israel? Your link does not clarify your comment. leaving me very confused as to what your article is supposed to convey. I personally know of a Sudanese Christian living in Israel – a real refugee because he deserted the Sudanese army and says he’ll be killed if he returns. He found a Jewish sponsor in Israel and works, sending money home to his family in Sudan. Were the refugees sent from Israel to the US Christian Sudanese? Please don’t open up a can of worms in your blog by mentioning something you take issue with without finding out the answer. Israel already has a hard time with public opinion and we don’t need someone I thought was tolerant appearing to be negatively commenting on Israel. I’m already hardly ever opening your blog posts but this one is very poorly handled. Please answer your question and post it so everyone knows just what the issue is without leaving it so open-ended.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I don’t know the answer and I want one. Anyone who gets to Israel should be taken care of or be deported back to their home country. It is not the role of the US to take their excess ‘refugees’… and, by the way, I am a supporter of Israel and take a lot of c*** for it, but I call it like I see it and taking any refugees from Israel to America is wrong. They are a country capable of caring for people who get there until they can be deported or accepted.


      If you don’t want to read any more posts at RRW, don’t. It doesn’t matter one bit to me.

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      • I agree Ann. It was my understanding refugees are supposed to stay in the nearest country they can make it in which they will be safe. We need answers.

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        • Ann Corcoran said

          Yes, legitimate refugees are supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country they reach! But, the whole system has been perverted and migrants literally shop for the best deal they can get. For instance a Somali who travels half way around the world, stopping in many safe countries in S. America before hitting the US southern border should never be granted asylum in America! Likewise anyone who gets to Israel should seek safety there and they become Israel’s problem, not ours!


        • FatherJon said

          That’s always been our issue in Australia too. We have illegals jumping several borders from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangla Desh, Iran and parts of Africa, all aiming to get to Australia. Many of them don’t come from regions of warfare, they ‘re either economically dissatisfied with their own countries or have other personal problems, nothing to do with escaping bullets or persecution. The entire concept of political asylum has been trashed by these people and their wrist-wringing leftist supporters in the target countries.


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