Dems put Nebraska voter registration forms in refugee welcome baskets

Remember dear readers that refugee resettlement in America is not first and foremost about humanitarianism. It is for the Democrat Party a place to recruit Left leaning voters (see my previous post on NC!) while for many on the political Right (and the Chamber of Commerce) a source of captive cheap labor.

Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska and head of the Nebraska Democrat Party wears many hats. Transplanted from Florida via Washington DC to Nebraska. See here:

Thanks to all who sent me this shocking news over the last few days about the Nebraska Democrat Party putting voter registration forms in to new refugee welcome baskets when new refugees won’t be able to vote for at least 5 years!

Chris Pandolfo writing at Conservative Review has penned a really good report on the outrage:

The Nebraska Democratic Party is welcoming refugees with open arms, welcome baskets … and voter registration forms.

A donation drive organized by the NDP collected some 50 gift baskets for refugees. Each contained items like diapers and kitchen utensils, a welcome letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party signed by its chairwoman Jane Kleeb, and a voter registration form, according to a video posted to Facebook by the Nebraska Democratic Party.

The video, posted Saturday March 18, discusses the details of the “Refugee Welcome Basket” project and was recorded at the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Spring Meeting.


“When [President Trump] put in his racist travel ban we put out a call to action to Democrats across the state saying ‘help us create welcome baskets for refugee and immigrant families who are making Nebraska their home,’” she [Kleeb] says.


It also includes a voter registration form,” Kleeb states on camera. The baskets were given to two refugee resettlement agencies in Nebraska, the Refugee Empowerment Center and Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. [These two federal contractors should not be active in partisan political activities. If there isn’t a law there should be!—ed]

Kleeb explains that one of the goals of the NDP is to identify politically active immigrants and make them feel welcome by the Nebraska Democratic Party.

This is so laughable!  A refugee coming from a third world hell hole is going to need to become familiar with voter registration forms on first arrival when they must wait for a minimum of five years before they are eligible to vote:

Reached for comment, NDP Chairwoman Kleeb categorically denied any wrongdoing, stressing that “it is not illegal to be handing out voter registration forms so folks start to get familiar with the forms.”

There is much more in Chris Pandolfo’s story, continue reading here and watch them all twist like pretzels trying to explain what they are doing!  Also, go there to see a link for the video. Do not miss the video! You need to know the opposition!

Go here for our Nebraska archive.  Nebraska is one of the states I toured during my 6,200 mile trek around the country. I was most interested in the meatpacking plants in Nebraska that use the cheap refugee labor.

8 thoughts on “Dems put Nebraska voter registration forms in refugee welcome baskets

  1. Recruiting Illegals to vote is as grotesque as the Muslim Imans in prisons beating the bushes recruiting inmates into their terror groups. Both groups are very successful and have a more than willing audience.


  2. This IS a law against this. The VOLAGS are registered under the IRS designation 501(c)3. Such organizations are forbidden by federal law from taking part in political activities. REPORT THEM.

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  3. WHY isnt the GOP doing the same thing ?

    Too impolitic for them ? THIS IS A CULTURAL WAR, NOT A TAG ‘EM YOUR IT !

    This where the GOP cuts off it’s BIG NOSE, to spite it’s RINO FACE !

    THEY are the vanguards of preserving our Society and Culture WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT…AND THEY DONT LIKE IT !


  4. Refugees, “they must wait for a minimum of five years before they are eligible to vote”. You’re joking right? In NYC which has no Voter ID Law, Illegals that came in through the Back Door, never mind Refugees that came in through the Front Door, not only can vote they can be bussed from District to District and vote multiple times as we learned from the Project Veritas video last year..
    Do you remember Obama telling Illegals right before the 2016 Election that if they vote no one will come after them?


      1. thanks for the update info, tom. i wonder if the DemocRATS will try to block this Voter ID initiative. “Hey you, Dead Person, let me see your Voter ID then you can vote”.
        actually, just showing ID is not good enough since many have fake IDs. Obama gave out SS#s and Passports to “Refugees” instantly. We need to use a system similar to what Credit card companies use where everyone has their own Voter ID # and Personal Pin #. This would even allow voting from ATM type Machines or over the Internet since the Voter ID # can only be used once. Still would have to work onDigital Election Fraud where votes are changed fraudulently.
        Refugee Resettlement Whistleblower: Unvetted Diseased Refugees Flown Into US At Night Given SSN & Passport Upon Arrival


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