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World Relief building a “new community” in Durham, NC, was there anything wrong with the old one?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 26, 2017

Changing America by changing the people!

This story at is meant to be one of those warm and fuzzy stories about ‘welcoming’ refugees (and diversity) to a southern city and how mean old Donald Trump has slowed their progress in changing Durham.

The last line of the story by reporter Tess Allen is the most instructive:

A new community is being built in Durham, one that is constantly evolving, one with a mix of faces, languages and cultures. And World Relief Durham and its volunteers plan to be there every step of the way.


Turning red states blue by seeding diversity. Map showing where all of North Carolina’s refugees came from in 2016. Story here:



Here are a few bits worth highlighting:

World Relief depends on federal funding for the majority of their financing. They receive a per capita grant dependent on the number of refugees coming into their area. That money helps support the agencies’ offices, staff and, mostly, the refugees themselves.

With the dramatic decrease in refugee arrivals that would accompany the reinstatement of this order, World Relief’s funding will drop equally dramatically. The Durham office, for example, will lose one-fourth of its federal funding, or about $250,000 a year. Nationwide, five World Relief offices will close and 140 staff members will be laid off.


Soerens [Matthew Soerens, World Relief’s U.S. director of church mobilization] also said that the loss of funding is why it’s increasingly important for their Good Neighbor teams to help refugees find jobs. World Relief can no longer afford to cover rent for families for more than a couple of months.

Wasn’t finding refugees a job a top priority all along? Or, it didn’t matter so much when they were flush with federal dollars.

Is Soerens saying that, because they (at World Relief) need to pay their staffs and keep offices open, they are going to be stingy about refugee rent going forward? Sounds like it to me.

If you feel like reading all the good news about good neighbors, continue reading here.

For our complete archive on changing North Carolina, go here.  See especially my post on the 2016 Presidential election.

For more on World Relief’s finances, go here.

5 Responses to “World Relief building a “new community” in Durham, NC, was there anything wrong with the old one?”

  1. domstudent11 said

    The Unitarian Universalist Association (suppposedly a church) sponsors a project called “Defying the Nazis — UU Action Project” which aims to counter “hatred, bigotry and fear of Muslims and refugees.” The UU president wrote in the 2016 annual report: “Many of us were disappointed by the election results, and concerned for our country’s future.” Some recent actions include “expressing solidarity with Muslims, advocating legislative reform to reduce gun violence and affirming support for transgender people.” I’m beginning to wonder if there are ANY churches left that have not fallen to political correctness.


  2. magdears said

    There is a good campaign running among Northcarolinans,some churches. And charities organizations. They try to convince good people with good heart that helping refugees is the Christian thing to do,and some of them,which are not well informed are falling for it. The lack of information about the real means Al-Hijra (the immigration Jihad), the contents of the Koran where Jews,Christians,atheists agnostics we all are infidels,and we have to be punished.The overthrow of America is in their agenda,and if the authorities,the real Americans,no the Globalists American traitors,do something and make public the truth about this abrupt affluence of immigrants from Muslim Countries the Western nations will disappear.!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tvfmontana said

    Here’s another done “Honeymoon” that only lasted 13 months. Isn’t that what usually happens when the heart overpowers the head?

    Canadians Adopted Refugee Families for a Year. Then Came ‘Month 13.’

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maybe the “Good Neighbor” group can also help needy Americans to find jobs, move and acclimate to other states, set-up new apartments, get free clothes and food, etc……:-(

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