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Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee sentenced to 3 years for attempted sexual assault of a mentally challenged woman

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 28, 2017

When we first reported this case, it was learned through an apparent miscommunication by lawyers for the defendant that he had only arrived in the country the week before the incident occurred in July of last year. Now we learn he was a wandering Somali who had first been resettled in Idaho three years ago and had drifted from state to state ever since.

Before this case hit the news we had heard about the mayor there supporting the proposed opening of a direct resettlement site in Aberdeen and that citizens were upset. Click here for our first story on Aberdeen.  I then visited the city during my travels throughout the Midwest and West last summer where I was mostly interested in seeing meatpacking towns that were being changed with the influx of refugee laborers.

Mayor Levsen gave a state of the city address last month. Note “immigrants” adding to Aberdeen population.


Here is what happened in an Aberdeen court yesterday, from Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily:

Liban Mohamed, a 39-year-old Somali refugee living in Aberdeen, South Dakota, was sentenced Monday to three years for attempting to sexually assault a severely mentally handicapped woman at a group home.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mohamed said he didn’t know English. Yet, he was seen communicating with his lawyer in English.

Judge Richard Summers sentenced Mohamed to five years, with two years suspended for a total of three years and gave him credit for time served of 228 days. Mohamed is not a U.S. citizen, but he has been living in the United States on a green card.  [I assume there was no order for deportation after he finishes his sentence, will he be wandering to your state in three short years?—ed]

The incident happened July 30, 2016, just three days after Mohamed had arrived in Aberdeen to work at the Demkota Ranch beef-processing plant. He’d been in the country for about three years at that point, having been first resettled in Idaho. He then moved to Missouri, Kansas and on to South Dakota.

It’s not the only case recently of a Somali refugee running afoul of the law. Another man from Somalia, 24-year-old Abdirhman Noor, was charged with the attempted murder of two men on July 8, 2016, outside the Foxridge Apartments in Aberdeen. Noor jumped bail, failing to show up for a pretrial hearing in February. He has been missing ever since.

Still, the mayor of the small city, Mike Levsen, supports the continued arrival of refugees, many of whom are put to work in the local meatpacking plant and at a molded fiberglass plant.

The Liban Mohamed case was also notable for the way it was handled by the local media in and around Aberdeen.

Despite the facts – that a helpless woman was preyed upon by a refugee who had arrived in town just days earlier – coverage by the local newspaper, the Aberdeen News American, and local TV was non-existent until WND brought it to light.

When it did finally report the story, the News American refused to tell its readers that the perpetrator, Mohamed, was a refugee and buried the story on page 3.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office refused to give WND a mugshot of Mohamed.

There are many more details.  Continue reading here.

I wonder what his arrest, his legal counsel, his interpreters and his incarceration is costing the taxpayers of South Dakota? So much for refugees adding to local economies!

Aberdeen citizens might wish to review the ‘Rutland model’ regarding mayors.

5 Responses to “Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee sentenced to 3 years for attempted sexual assault of a mentally challenged woman”

  1. ljarvik said

    Ann, why can’t they be deported? Seems a waste of money to keep them in prison… Maybe you could get laws or regulations changed so refugees convicted of a crime automatically deported, a good conduct requirement of some kind?

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Ann Corcoran said

      I wish I had that power. BTW, we rarely deport to a country as destabilized as Somalia (the migrant might suffer!). Also, Somalia is on that list of countries circulating the other day that refuses to take back its people!


  2. nafbpo7 said

    Even if South Dakota doesn’t participate in voluntarily supplying data to ICE on alien criminals, ICE probably monitors the jail/prison intakes in some fashion. Once ICE identifies him in the system, they will initiate the removal process (deportation). Once the prison sentence is completed, he would be transferred to ICE custody.

    The biggest headache with getting rid of criminal aliens, is not obtaining, or they don’t have a passport from their native country. Coiuntries like China, Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras and others, are slow/reluctant to issue a travel authorization, unless the U.S. can prove they are their citizens. Without a travel authorization document issued by the receiving country, ICE can’t put them on commercial air carriers.

    This is one of the reasons we hear about criminal aliens being released from custody and not removed. There is a legal limitation on how long a person can be detained for removal purposes.

    I’m hoping the political climate will change under the Trump administration, and some arm twisting will take place with non-cooperating countries. There are numerous ways to penalize these countries, if diplomacy fails. Stopping the issuance of student visas, cancelling visitor visas for families of high ranking government officials etc…


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thanks for that info. I bet this guy was not living in Somalia, but perhaps Kenya and doesn’t have any citizenship in Somalia. We are stuck with this one I’m afraid.


  3. Whoever brought him IN is a active and willing accomplice and must serve the same sentence, in the same cell …….
    And pay full reparations from their PERSONA:L funds.


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