Trump Department of State supports the Muslim Brotherhood, White House caves

Not only on the Refugee Admissions front (see my previous post), but obviously fearing powerful Islamists, the US State Department has convinced the wobbling White House to not name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

From Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily  yesterday:

President Trump has decided not to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization, at least for now, according to published reports citing pressure from the U.S. State Department and the King of Jordan.

If Trump was going to drain the swamp, why hasn’t he hired people like Michele Bachmann, Phil Haney, Kris Kobach or any number of other extremely tough, knowledgeable and qualified people to head up key positions on immigration and on Islamic terrorism in his government?

Anonymous sources told the Washington Times that the administration “backed down from a plan to designate the Brotherhood” after an internal State Department memo advised against it.

The State Department’s argument – put forth in a memo to the White House – comes down to a belief that there is actually more than one Brotherhood and that one side is not as bad as the other because it works through democratic processes in the Middle East, the Washington Times reports.

Yet, it’s always been known that the Brotherhood operates on multiple levels.

According to scholar Martin Kramer, the Muslim Brotherhood from its early days had “a double identity.”


Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., one of the earliest advocates of banning the Brotherhood in the U.S., describes it as “the mother lode of global terrorism.” She told WND President Trump is unlikely to be successful in defeating Islamic terror without confronting the head of the snake.

“It is the umbrella organization from which all terrorism flows because the Brotherhood’s goal is global Islamic rule,” Bachmann told WND. “It’s no coincidence that every terrorist act stems from the same Muslim Brotherhood motivation: Global governance under Islamic Shariah law.”

Phil Haney, former Homeland Security officer and co-author of the whistleblower book “See Something Say Nothing,” said it’s no coincidence that the State Department is heading up the opposition to declaring the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

“It’s the same shallow argument we’ve been hearing for years,” Haney said. “We refuse to take them at face value and ask what do they, themselves, say they intend to do? This is willful blindness if you can’t take the Muslim Brotherhood at face value. This is part of the swamp that needs to be drained.”

Indeed, two months in to the new Administration and we see little effort being made to drain the swamp as we told you here earlier this morning.

Continue reading here for the 13 reasons why the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous for America and the world.

Surely not lost on readers here at RRW is the fact that in order to advance the caliphate the MB needs people—migrants/Muslim refugees—placed in communities large and small throughout America.

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  1. I believe we are going to see #45’s mindset and actions to slowly come around and match those that control Capitol Hill. His recent signing of the bill that will allow internet providers to do as they wish with the information they’ve collected for decades from their users does not bode well in my mind. Now allowing the Department of State to continue funding private organizations, using our tax dollars, that are bringing in refugees to replace American citizen in the workforce and live off our social welfare system is another slap in our faces. To not see the dangers the Muslim Brotherhood poses to our country can only be chalked up to blindness because of the possible loss of revenue to the one percenters that have controlled interest in that movement. The Muslim Brotherhood in staging a Social Jihad movement against this Nation. Obama was their spearhead. If 45 wants to “Make America Great Again” he had better start by getting the Muslim sleeper cells out of our government.


  2. I agree with Kathleenmary514

    Give Trump a chance to try to have passed some of the changes that he kept telling the 20,000 followers at his rallies in every state. There may have been a good reason why Trump backed off of going after the Muslim Brotherhood at this time. Remember the Saudi’s have air bases that the U.S. military has to use for its fighters to be able to carry on the support of the Iraq forces fighting ISS along with our forces helping to direct and train the Iraq forces also the Saudi’s follow the Muslim Brotherhood ideology of how women and girls are treated. We still buy oil from the Middle East so we are stuck with this set up until the U.S. can produce most if not all of the oil we use. So everyone on this blog stop beating up on Trump he has already done more for jobs the short time he’s been in office than any president before him. Ford is building its new assembly plant in the U.S. and not Mexico!

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    1. Strange that this info comes out after what the President did this week in Syria. He CANNOT solve ALL the world’s problems at once! Yes,how about giving him a break for all he has already done in such a short time. Obama never did this about the Brotherhood. There’s a lot involved in taking care of that matter. He has already done remarkable things…you give him NO credit for what he has done. No use in reading your one-sided blog again.President Trump has his plate full from all Obama failed to do…all the muslims working in the WH during Obama’s tenure.He is mutitasking as fast as he can go now. All the Obama left-overs especially in the State Dept. have to be gotten rid of. Just hold your horses,how about it?


  3. This organization is similar to Sein Fein in that it is the public face of a terrorist organization. By not being directly involved in operations, they can raise funds and spread propaganda, plus provide a means of contact, often using public and private funding from America sources. For example, the Muslim Students Association, an arm of the Brotherhood, uses public resources to cover its expenses. My guess is that the American public is at least partially contributing to the Brotherhood as well.

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    1. I’m starting to see that Trump could be the ultimate NWO shill and Alex Jones is, too. In fact, I’ve stopped listening to infowars entirely and I’m going over to Jeff to get the insight on what Jones is covering up about Trump’s activities. The public has been played again. I’m afraid the only way we’ll get this monstrosity off our backs is to realize primates (humans are primates and behave EXACTLY like chimps do) always seek to follow a pack leader. Get it through your heads: NOBODY can represent YOUR interests but YOU. Representative government is the ultimate scam. Government itself is the problem, not finding the “right” leader to save us all. There is no leader. The government is the instrument of our oppression. Somehow, we must become extreme SELF-leaders and abolish the cult of the leader and government or we’re not going to make it to the stars. The only way left now to get this organized crime syndicate called government off our backs is the destroy it entirely and never rebuild it again.


  4. Who knows what evil interests have conspired to cause Trump to change his course on immigration, make decisions on appointments that strangely seem to go against our grain,
    change his positions on several key elements to his platform campaign statements, etc.
    The wall, there are several ways to finance it, and now he claims that there is no money available to fund it! They negatives that surround unobstructed access to our country, illegal and legal, are so humongous that it defies logic to explain why they weren’t the first success story of his rookie year. And, the obvious huge expense servicing them with welfare goodies, it would go without saying that repeal of Obamacare could be a simultaneous 2nd major achievement with the savings resulting from hundreds of thousands fewer gimme-grants to care for.


  5. KEEP UP your hope, please, that Mr. Trump will proceed to ban the Muslim Brotherhood. This mafia-like organization is doing the maximum of propaganda trough their media and by the enormous financial resources (including IRAN-backed funds) to defy the presidential will, meanwhile we see the true results of the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere they put their poliitcal (tyrannical and fanatical) hand: from Tunisia to Syria, from Libya to Gaza and the Sinai threathning Egypt… Everywhere TERROR and MAYHEM. I just sent a mail from Tunisia to White House Presidential Service, trying to alert the President on the danger: Tunisian people, in their large majority feel completely frustrated and depressed by the mafia-like tyranny of the Ennahdha party, a scrren-party of the local Muslim Brotherhood branch, on the sociopolitical life blackmailing the public safety and economical structure of the country which first entered in the turmoil of the Arab Spring. Things must be seen clearly: we need to get rid of this terror-network!

    N.G.M. -Human Rights activist.


  6. Trump – you MUST declare them a terrorist organization! Where is the determination that you started with? Don’t you dare turn into a politician. Quit listening to them and follow God!!! Delcare them a terrorist organization, and if there is a good side to it, that side needs to branch out and separate itself. They are not good if they are hiding the bad in their closet. Man up!


  7. The fact that the Moslem Brotherhood has a “double identity” is all the more reason to ban it.


  8. Trump said it. Carson said it. Others have said it. America and Americans don’t have time for political correctness.

    The current firestorm, stoked by the media and inhaled by the gullible – has to do with hypothetically supporting or not supporting a Muslim for public office.
    Carson would not support a Muslim in the White House. He said Islam is antithetical to our Constitution. Those who push back against common sense cite the Constitution’s guarantee that religion (or lack thereof) shall not be a qualifier for public office seekers. I’d like to add the following to this discussion:
    It’s ultimately the People’s decision. They make it by voting for freedom, or voting to surrender their liberties. It’s up to the various campaigns to show the People by citing the numerous examples (in this country) where Muslims, the radical and the not radical, have condoned/participated in acts which violated our laws but were condoned/mandated by their religion and culture.

    From ‘honor killings’ in families(murder), to treatment of women(war on women), to retribution for blaspheming Islam or the prophet Mohammed (Freedom of Speech) – the tenets and culture of Islam are inconsistent with our Constitutional rights. After witnessing seven years of the White House and its Justice Department’s casual approach to Muslim-inspired acts in America, who would expect a Muslim administration to enforce U.S. laws above its theocracy? The first Muslim would likely declare Shariah Law the law of the land.

    The framers of our Constitution required no religious litmus test to run for office, but relied on the People’s common sense and to defend their own best interests with their vote. The Founders could not have envisioned political correctness trumping common sense. The Founders could not have envisioned a People so ignorant, apathetic, uncaring, or easily manipulated into giving away the Founders’ grand gift of freedom, by their vote.
    When U.S. Representative Keith Ellison campaigned in Minnesota, he proclaimed “Islam works for me.” The voters of that state, presumably half of them women, then elected him.

    God help us all.


  9. I am praying that he will pull a rabbit out of the hat on this refugee issue. IF he can get Gorsuch in then possibly this can get changed. But I am still saying it is Congress’ fault, they should have defunded Refugee Program or at least put a pause on it thru the money. Brian Babin’s bill. We need to push congress to do this. Can the liberal courts sue all of Congress????

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  10. SAD news. Posted to my shared FB page with my added sad comments:

    Keep it up Donald, just keep it up. You are slowly loosing your BASE of 120% backers… I may go next if you keep reneging on your promises, like this. Keep it up and you do no less than destroy my country by forcing hillory to replace you in 2020. Don’t give me “but it has only been xx days.” WE NEED BALLS IN THAT SEAT MR. AND YOU SURE APPEAR TO HAVE A SHRINKING SET!

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  11. Good morning, Ann!I started reading your blog a couple of years ago and I’ve since encouraged many people who were in the dark (as was I) to read your blog, and spread the word on how we citizens have been getting screwed over by our government all in the name of humanitarianism.  I wake up every morning to read your blog and I always forward them to anyone who I think isn’t aware of the ways in which our government is betraying us daily.After reading your first post this morning about the ceiling being lifted on the admission of refugees and how, in essence, there has been no progress made as far as the admission of Muslim refugees, I felt deflated. I am addicted to your blog, and although I take issue with about 5 percent of what you write, I look forward to reading it every morning. However, it dawned on me this morning that I end up frustrated, angry, and in a horrible mood on my way to work when I read how our government, no matter who’s elected, puts the screw on us at every single turn.  The accuracy of your posts and the knowledge that I’ve gained from reading them is actually turning out to be bad for my health.  For these reasons,  Ann, I have to stop reading your blog, bury my head in the sand, and just be ignorant about what our government is doing to us.  I commend you and thank your for all the work you do.  You’re a hard worker and a smart lady! Thank you for the knowledge. Yours truly, V.AllenTexas P.S. Your following is broader than what you may think.  I’m a single black woman, no children, professional, gainfully employed, educated, 48-year-old Air Force veteran. #mythbuster

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  12. I was not a Trump supporter but I did end of voting for him. I am so disappointed but I hope there is more to this. I do not understand why he has to abide by what some liberal circuit judges in Hawaii( laugh) and Washington say. It is his decision as commander and chief, not theirs. Why make all the fuss about the wall and sanctuary cities if you are just letting them roll in on our dime anyway. Now, he will not even label the MB a terrorist organization. He should listen to Michelle Bachmann and you, Anne.

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  13. In your story you write ‘not yet’. I think this is waiting game and you will see results. We’ve got great numbers at the border and my hunch is in two years you’ll have all the designations you want. Also, this is more about semantics. Trump knows the courts are against him and that the negative press about his so called Muslim ban can’t be the banner headline every day. Trump is trying to pass healthcare, tax reform and build a wall. We have never seen a president this busy in anyone’s lifetime.

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    1. Well, maybe not that! But, I am not going to pull any punches because he was my guy. If he does better, I’ll praise him then.

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  14. How disappointing Trump has been. Thought there would be a change. Seems like he is adding to the “swamp”.

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    1. Reading frustration in every one. Please get a grip! Rome wasn’t built in a day, but by persistence and patience. Donald Trump has done a phenomenal amount working with a deeply flawed Republican Party. It’s up to “we the people” to continue reaching out to him, prayerfully, which will gain the success we want, namely returning to our God given rights of Life , Liberty and the Persuit of Virtue ((as Jefferson equated the classical Happiness). Let’s use our contact via Tweets etc to reach him with our realization that MB is an insidious cancer which will effectively reach their goal over America if we too easily melt at the thought of defeat. Admire the enemy’s persistence and thwart them by doubling our resolve to pray and support our new President, while continuing to tell him of our concerns about this Ideological Death Trap called Islam.


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