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We are deporting Somalis—4,000 are in the pipeline!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 11, 2017

Although, much to my dismay, the Trump Administration is continuing to admit refugees (including hundreds of Somalis), I’m happy to see news like this about illegal alien Somalis being found and deported to Somalia.

For years we didn’t send Somalis back even when they committed one crime after another, but at least this portion of the Trump agenda is being carried out.

(BTW, the theory about not sending illegal migrants, even criminals, back to hellhole countries has been that it is too cruel for them and they will be in danger there.)

From the Voice of America:

Somalia’s U.S. ambassador says his embassy has learned that U.S. immigration agents are planning to deport about 4,000 Somali nationals now living in the United States.

Obama welcomes Somali Ambassador to US. See here in June 2016, Obama was beginning deportation of Somalis, or so he said.

“We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Ahmed Isse Awad told VOA’s Somali service Saturday. “Most of them are not in detention centers.”  [Good luck finding them! They are probably on the way to Canada!—ed]

Since Somalia’s embassy in Washington reopened in November 2015, the ambassador said, about 170 Somali immigrants who either ran afoul of U.S. law or had their asylum applications rejected have been deported to Mogadishu, the Somali capital.

Most of those previously deported had applied for but been denied political asylum in the U.S., he added. Another group of Somali applicants whose requests for asylum have been denied are now in detention centers or prisons, awaiting deportation.

Is Virginia a magnet for criminal aliens?

ICE agents recently arrested 82 people from 26 nations during a five-day operation in and around the U.S. capital.

According to a statement from ICE, 68 of those detained March 26-30 had previous criminal convictions, for crimes including armed robbery, larceny and drug offenses. All but three were arrested in the state of Virginia.

Be sure to see the whole story.  VOA reports on one Somali deported in the past who simply returned with a new name.  He has been here for decades.  How many more like him are out there?

12 Responses to “We are deporting Somalis—4,000 are in the pipeline!”

  1. tomasrose said

    also, it is definitely the case that U.S. embassies abroad are no longer wildly giving out visas as was the case under Obama.


  2. Deport the Somali Ambassador while you are at it.


  3. tvfmontana said

    Welcome back, Ann.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      LOL! Only when I find something that is really really interesting… still playing nurse and doing all the farm chores! Don’t miss my tweets!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you dear lady for using your freedom of speech, your time and energy to keep us informed of this sneaky invasion. If main stream media did its job more responsibly there would be even more supporters of your work. Hope you get some fun and relaxation to keep your spirits up. Thanks again.


  5. Its possible that Trump is first going to do what is indisputably morally good for the USA, that is, deport illegals/criminals, and then later do the more morally disputable and unpopular work of enforcing restrictive immigration policies.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Hope you are right, however, I fear with the refugee program the big business/Chamber of Commerce types have gotten his ear wailing for their cheap (captive in the case of refugees) laborers.


  6. yea, I wonder why Trump is allowing refugees also….????? not good….hope he aint going soft!


  7. Janice Hunt said

    Missed you! Hope you were able to rest! I read your posts every morning! Keep up the good work.

    Sent from my iPhone Best Regards Jan Hunt



    • Ann Corcoran said

      Hi Janice, I’ll post this week when something really pressing needs to get out, otherwise still overloaded with other duties.


  8. BYE, BYE !


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