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Trump crosses 40,000 refugees mark! Over 900 in past week! Syrians lead the pack in last 4 weeks

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 13, 2017

It has been 4 weeks since President Trump announced his 120-day “moratorium” on refugee resettlement as part of the court-halted Executive Order.  And, for the umpteenth time, I repeat that the President did not have to even announce any “moratorium” or put it in an Executive Order!  He has the power to simply stop the processing!

GW Bush loved refugees, yet at this rate Trump will bring in more refugees than Bush. Bush’s average is about 58,000. At the rate of admission for this past week, Trump will surpass that number. Trump has already passed Bush’s lowest year (2003) of 39,554.

Then on March 30th we were stunned to learn that they were aiming to bring in 900 refugees a week through the remainder of the fiscal year that ends on September 30th.

If he and Tillerson keep that pace they will admit around 60,000 this year which is near the average number we have admitted since 9/11.

Do they think we are not watching?

George Bush loved refugees and he averaged under 60,000!

Sure enough, according to Wrapsnet in the last week, from April 6th to today (April 13th) they have admitted 977 refugees in ONE WEEK!

It was yesterday that I noticed Trump had passed the 40,000 mark (it was 40,180 this time yesterday morning).  Today it is 40,602 (you might get slightly different numbers depending on the time of day you check the data, I try to check around the same time every day.)

That is an increase just since this time yesterday of 402!  (See my right hand sidebar where I am tracking the numbers every few days).

Going back to the date that the “moratorium” was supposed to begin on March 16th the Trump State Department has admitted 2,496 refugees.

100 Burmese Muslims admitted to US in last 4 weeks.

Of the 2,496, topping the list are 335 Syrians! 327 of those are Muslims. Other countries, where Trump’s campaign promise of “extreme vetting” was supposed to be put in place (Somalia and Iraq), come in at 283 each, and we admitted 116 Iranians in the last 4 weeks.

Most interesting to me is that we admitted 333 Burmese (that part is no a surprise because we have been admitting Burmese minorities for years and years).

The big surprise is that in just the last 4 weeks we admitted 100 Burmese Rohingya Muslims.  When I first started writing RRW in 2007, we were steering clear of bringing the devout Rohingya to America.

VOLAGs not making so much noise now!

Have you noticed that there are fewer news stories about the Refugee contractors*** screaming bloody murder about Trump (and their loss of federal bucks) in the last week or so? I have.  Has the word gone out to shut up for awhile?

The ultimate test for me will come in September when the Trump Department of State will send its “determination” to the Hill with the proposed numbers for FY2018.  Will Trump simply cave and continue the trend he has begun to bring in the average number of refugees that we have seen in the last 15 years?


We will also be watching to see if the Tillerson Dept. of State will go back to holding public hearings on the size and scope of the US Refugee Admissions Program.  The Obama DOS abandoned the public hearing format in 2015 after several years of hearings that had gotten contentious. See my comments last year here.

The ‘hearing’ is usually in May or possibly early June. We will be watching!

If the Trump team were smart they would hold some field hearings so that citizens impacted by the program could voice their concerns to the Administration—but, don’t hold your breath!

*** For new readers, these are the nine major contractors (VOLAGs), paid by you, to resettle refugees in your towns and cities:

11 Responses to “Trump crosses 40,000 refugees mark! Over 900 in past week! Syrians lead the pack in last 4 weeks”

  1. michellefromsandiego said

    The IRC has sent out a request for donations “to care for babies.”
    Suggested items include: packs of diapers, baby wipes, small toys, pacifiers (new), bibs, cleaning kit items (trash bags, paper towels, sponges, mops and brooms, all-purpose cleaner, trash can, laundry soap, dish soap). Please do not donate clothing or blankets, as IRC already has a surplus of them.

    I am pausing to consider the expense when a family moves from one country to another and has to gather anew simple items such as a broom. Are contributors enabling a type of co-dependency when we foot the bill, which allows the IRC to neglect revealing the cost of re-location? a broom for 6.9 Jordanian dollars (10 US$) $5.99 in US


  2. sodiumpen said

    ***Update on all those “refugees” Australia continues to refuse to take and Obama had previously agreed to transport onto the backs of USA taxpayers:

    “They are not coming to Australia,” Dutton told Sky News on Sunday. “The advocates can bleat all they want, they can protest all they want. We have been very clear those people are not going to settle in our country because that would restart the people trade.”

    He said the threat from people smugglers and boat arrivals would “never go away” and he did not want to see people drowning at sea trying to get to Australia. Because of that, he said there would be an enduring need to keep the Nauru detention centre open.

    Dutton said the government was working with the PNG government, the US Homeland Security and other state departments who are looking at each individual case in their decision who would be settled in the US.

    . . . But the US president, Donald Trump, was infuriated by the deal, dubbing it “dumb” and throwing the entire plan into doubt. Trump eventually agreed to honour the deal but has said the refugees will be subjected to “extreme vetting” before they are accepted. There are few details on what that would entail.”

    *****Soooo – looks like most, if not all, will still be coming to your town or city. USA is now responsible or Australia’s (economic) “refugees’ rejects. Why would these boat people stop traveling to Australia if they know the USA, etc. will eventually take them?
    Very disappointing.

    Liked by 1 person



  4. What is Trump’s problem?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I think the big business/Chamber of Commerce people got to him wailing for cheap captive immigrant laborers!


  5. Yes, Mr. Trump has the legal authority to stop processing refugees with or without a formal moratorium. But, more to the point, he has the constitutional authority and DUTY–that’s DUTY– to ignore the renegade judges who lawlessly “ruled” against his congressionally-sanctioned Executive Order.

    The judiciary is populated by faithless, black-robed, arrogant, agenda-driven and unaccountable oligarchs. And that’s the awfully painful truth of the matter. We have invested far more power in the judiciary than our Founders ever intended, so I’m not surprised we find ourselves in this lawless quagmire. Ignoring the judges’ vile, lawless rulings would have ended this invasion and would have restored at least a semblance of constitutional order. But, when not even Mr. Trump’s advisors understand the Constitution, much less read it, I’m not surprised that Mr. Trump has been reduced to constitutional irrelevance. The pervasive ignorance of the Constitution which plagues this once venerable republic is its death knell. Frankly, for a politcal leader to exercise his constitutional authority these days requires an incredible level of courage, spine and principle, all of which are in dangerously short supply these days. And so goes this once great constitutional republic…


  6. I am also disappointed that Trump has not been aggressive enough in stopping this more subtle form of mass immigration, but at least we are in a political and social environment where we won’t be jailed for our attempts to stop this insanity, yet. We should keep reminding Trump that what got him elected was his tough stance on immigration, as most surveys clearly show.


  7. Seems the State Dept. is doing all this and Trump is forced to go along. I probably won’t vote again in any election seeing the corruption is inevitable and relentless in this country and elsewhere and governments push for “multiculturalism to the max” and destruction of the economy.

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