Reader: Why isn’t Trump sending them all to Hawaii?

That made me laugh and I said I would have a look at the numbers!

If you are new to the issue, the joke is that when Hawaiian judge, and Obama pal, Derrick Watson put a halt to Trump’s last Executive Order one month ago, we pointed out rightly that Hawaii has only taken a handful of refugees for decades, see here and here.

Judge Derrick Watson wants diversity—send him some!

I checked Wrapsnet just now.  As of today Trump is at 40,671 refugees for this fiscal year which is way ahead of either George W. Bush or Barack Obama for this point in the fiscal year (see chart below).

2,565 refugees have been admitted to the US in the past 4 weeks when there was supposed to be a ‘moratorium’ on resettlement.

Hawaii?  (Drum roll!)

Hawaii has taken ZERO refugees in those 4 weeks and only 3 Burmese in the whole of this fiscal year (out of the 40,671).

We should launch a campaign and call it ‘Send them all to Hawaii!’

Trump presiding over largest number of refugees admitted by mid-April in last ten years!



Check my math, have we admitted a number over 40,000 refugees by mid-April in the last ten years? I don’t think so!


Endnote: Remember it is Hawaii that was sending its homeless people to the mainland! So much for loving diversity!

7 thoughts on “Reader: Why isn’t Trump sending them all to Hawaii?

  1. This is fantastic idea. After all Hawaii is far away from here. Of course the Al Hijra will complete its agenda and Sharia law will openly operate then. Is in Hawai where the Facebook CEO lives? Maybe the wall he already build there has to be taller!😱


    1. I realize you must be new to RRW. All the 2017 numbers are at Wrapsnet. If you go there and click on “interactive reporting” you will see options for putting in parameters for what you are looking for. Try it.


  2. Launching a campaign to send refugees to HI because of a stupid judge? Corrupt judge and AG does not equal inundating a state with refugees nor homeless who are sent here on a one- way ticket from the mainland. We have the highest rate of homeless in the nation as a result of our open arms . “Endnote: Remember it is Hawaii that was sending its homeless people to the mainland! So much for loving diversity!” What a dumb comment. DIVERSITY has absolutely nothing to do with refugees and homeless druggies using public places as their toilet, stealing, taking over the beaches with their trash/needles and tent cities or draining our resources to support their habits. Few have the inclination to take advantage of the system that offers help as the system comes with rules. Those who want to improve their lives, get help and appreciate the help usually remain and grow…the others can go back to where they came from on a one-way ticket.


  3. Remove the Bailiffs and all security and door locks from that judge’s courtroom and home. If the Citizens are not permitted Property RIGHTS of choosing who will enter their HOMEland, the judge is certainly not permitted any choice of who will enter his courtroom OR HOME.

    Thank You judge jerk of Hawaii, under the precedent upon which your rejection of PRESIDENT Trump’s E.O. is based, Ruth Ginsberg is disqualified from sitting in on any appeal or case by the President. Ginsberg ran her wrinkled old trap during the campaign and established her BIAS and PREJUDICE against anything Trump. Either words SHE as an established justice said during the campaign weigh as much as Trumps as a candidate , or your whole “ruling” is the CRAP you and it smells like. The court is thus not locked 4 to 4, and I have to wonder how many other judges ran their traps.


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