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Somalis arrested in Clarkston, Georgia a long-time haven for refugee diversity

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 14, 2017

President Trump may be admitting new Somalis to the US every day, but at least the Administration is arresting those here illegally.

No time to say much about it, but want readers to see this story from Georgia (hat tip: Joanne):

Federal immigration authorities have started arresting Somali nationals in parts of DeKalb and Gwinnett counties that have long been havens for newcomers, including in Clarkston, according to African advocacy groups.

Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry welcoming new mosque!

The arrests came after Somalia’s U.S. ambassador recently told Voice of America his embassy has learned that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning to deport about 4,000 of his countrymen. ICE confirmed that, as of last week, there were 4,801 Somalis in the U.S. who have been ordered removed. The vast majority of them are not being detained.

Until about a year ago, according to ICE, U.S. authorities could not get travel documents to deport people to Somalia, which has endured persistent deprivation and violence. Since Oct. 1, ICE has deported 237 Somalis, according to federal figures through April 1.


Omar Shekhey, the executive director for the Somali American Community Center in Clarkston, said as many as 10 Somalis have been arrested in Clarkston, Stone Mountain and in Gwinnett this week alone. He worries they could be deported to Somalia, which is now in the grips of a deadly drought. Those who have been arrested have been in the U.S. for many years, Shekhey said.


Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry said he is looking into ICE’s activities in his city, adding he is worried how the arrests could impact the relationships between immigrants and refugees and local police.

See my previous post on Somali deportations, here.

4 Responses to “Somalis arrested in Clarkston, Georgia a long-time haven for refugee diversity”

  1. An interesting connection is the guy in Minneapolis recently who has a uniformed squad of sharia law enforcers who roam the streets. He is a convert to islam from Georgia who married a Somali.


  2. futuret said



  3. Gary Vogt said

    I will bet every one of these people is on the GA dole.

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  4. Sharon Dee said

    We have Somali’s here in Minnesota who routinely travel back and forth to Somalia. Where they get the money to do this is anyone’s guess. One woman told me that she goes to Somalia for cosmetic dental work which is cheaper there…she has all gold crowns etc. They are refugees who drive $50,000. cars and live in Section 8 housing. Recently we have seen that they practice female genital mutilation. I think that they all need to go home. They cannot assimilate in America, don’t want to assimilate….they are very skilled in ripping off the tax payers of this country. And who is paying for the $50,000. automobiles and for all of the trips back and forth to Somalia?


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