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7,000 Africans made it to Europe over the Easter weekend as invasion heats up

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 17, 2017

Invasion of Europe news….


This will never end as long as the ‘humanitarians’ keep picking them up off the Libyan coast.


Also heating up is the exchange of words between the so-called rescue ships and the EU’s migration authority. EU agencies accuse NGO migrant rescue boats of creating a “pull factor” which only encourages more people to try to reach Europe in anything that floats.

I will never let you forget! Hillary is directly responsible for the invasion of Europe from Libya! Call it Gadaffi’s revenge.

There are a bunch of news stories today and yesterday about the increase in numbers of African migrants trying to get to Europe from launch-pad-Libya (we should call it Hillary’s invasion of Europe!).

Here is one at CNN:

Calm seas, desperate migrants and ruthless human traffickers all played a role in a record-breaking weekend of maritime rescues in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Libya.

But even as the rescue vessels race against time to save lives, another battle is brewing with accusations from the European Union’s border control agency Frontex against nongovernmental organizations like Doctors Without Borders and the Mobile Offshore Aid Station, or MOAS, that run so-called charity rescue ships. Frontex says the charity rescue vessels create a pull factor for migrants and traffickers; the NGOs say they are out there in the absence of an EU strategy to save lives at sea and a lack of initiative to provide a safe corridor option for migration and asylum.

On Sunday evening in Italy, the Italian Coast Guard estimated the number of those rescued since Friday was approaching 7,000, though that number will surely grow as a steady stream of rubber dinghies and rickety wooden fishing vessels were still being spotted off the coast of Libya.


In a press release, MOAS co-founder and director Regina Catrambone agreed. “Every day people continue to risk their lives while we, as civil society, stand witness. We must continue to call on European governments to act so that people, such as those rescued by us today, do not die, not in Libya nor in the Mediterranean Sea.”

Much more here.

For those who think this doesn’t affect you in America, it does.  We have an extensive archive on the fact that we have been taking some of the illegal migrants who reach the island nation of Malta to your towns as refugees. Here is one recent post.

Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

19 Responses to “7,000 Africans made it to Europe over the Easter weekend as invasion heats up”

  1. futuret said



  2. If illegal immigration can be considered an “act of war” by the sending countries, can’t the navies of the receiving countries, in an act of self defense, torpedo the vessels of the sending countries and their collaborators, i.e. the NGO ships? Invading armies / navies don’t need baby-sisters, they need torpedoes.

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  3. wjrevere said

    I suspect soon that those in the Navy will arrest their Officers and try them for treason with a short trial leading to walking off The Plank

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  4. Why are they all men in the boat?


  5. JAMES LUTES said

    Damn’t europe will never be the same.Mom



  6. magdears said

    Well ,we all know that the avalanche of so called refugees is a well diabolically creation of the Clinton/ Obama. The problem we are facing is how to get out of this mess. Most of these people are coming from countries with extremely different cultures and if they atecoming from Islamic countries they are part of the so called Al Hijra ( immigration jihad) the plan to destroy the Western Culture . President Trump is no shiwing any solid plan to clarify that Sharia law,and Muslim Zone ,which are Country inside another country are not allow. Is time for people to get well documented based on history and fact and demand from European globalists to stop betraying their own country. People have to read the Memorandum about the Brotherhood in America, it applies for Europe too and it unveils the real agenda of the Muslim invasion to our countries.


    • wjrevere said

      This was happening long before Obama. Reagan took in millions after 1965 Hart Celler immigration act.
      And After removing Hitler Europe soon had mass immigration.


  7. The ‘pull’ factor was created by that imbecile Merkel and the EU. The humanitarian groups wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for their lunacy.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. On top of all the other problems these third world invaders bring, is the fact that they are used to smuggle drugs into Europe by “body packing”, meaning they shove it up any available orifice and/or swallow as much as they can to make a few bucks before illegally entering the country without so much as a frisking. Add to this the fact that these parasites come from a part of the world that has some of the worst untreatable contagious diseases, and it becomes obvious that they need to be checked inside and out and quarantined for a period of time before even being considered to be let loose on the poor European population. Of course, the best idea would be to send them home in the first place, but if the government is going to ignore common sense and the will of most of its people, the least they could do is minimize the damage they expose their own citizens to, in the name of diversity.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. A couple of things come to mind. Reporting has to be done on the actual staging of these people. 100 Africans leaving at the same time from Libya has to be coordinated and paid for by someone. Who? Second. If you really want to stop it and I mean really, then you take them back to Libya or where ever. However. This is pure NWO bull.

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  10. said

    they will be sorry


  11. futuret said


  12. Hi Ann- It seems like there’s no end in sight to the invasion. Europe is pretty much on the way to national suicide via refugee invaders. There have been studies done about the true cost of “immigration” in dollars, cents and other currencies. Here is a link to the best video I have seen on the subject by an excellent blogger knows as Black Pigeon Speaks. There is no arguing with the facts that he presents clearly and succinctly. Thanks again for all the work that you do. One of the most frustrating things is that it often seems as if the majority of our fellow citizens don’t seem to care how their very existence is being threatened. There is always just a small minority of people (our neighbors) who are willing to even read the news and information let alone do something about it. I am glad that you don’t get discouraged because I don’t know what we’d do without you.

    Here is the link:


  13. Jail time should be what Hillary is facing.Hillary and Obama create this and it is working just the way they want it. Shame that not enough Americans are looking at the destruction these so called refugees are causing in Germany. Had the Europeans known what destruction these people bring I am sure they would have never er allowed them onto their shores. We need to punish the judges who are over ru,ING our presidents executive orders regarding these dangerous peop,e coming to our country. The next attack we have will be because of the judges who went against our president without the authority to do so.


  14. Cathy Trauernicht said

    I wonder if MOAS is another Soros-funded enterprise?

    Sent from my iPhone



  15. Let them sink. Then they’ll stop coming.




  17. Bob Enos said

    You can be sure the United States is a factor in this “pull” of migrants to Europe, too. We are guilty of contributing to the expectation among migrants that all they have to do is find a way to Europe, and many will wind up in the US – the “land of milk and honey.”

    Liked by 1 person

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