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Trump Admin comes in at just short of 900 refugees in past week; Syrian numbers way down

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 22, 2017

206 Refugees from DR Congo came in this past week. In 2013, Obama told the UN that we would take 50,000 from the DR Congo over 5 years. We are up to 38,490 right now.

We were shocked to learn here that, although Donald Trump said he wanted a 120-day moratorium on refugee resettlement so as to evaluate whether we are doing “extreme vetting,” the US State Department would be admitting 900 refugees a week.

I just checked the numbers at Wrapsnet and from last Friday (4/14) to yesterday, we admitted 882. So, they are sticking with that goal which we believe will put them on target for an average number of refugees for the fiscal year—somewhere just over 60,000.

Trump also had said he was lowering the ceiling for FY17 to 50,000.

Yesterday it was at 41,553. 

We will be watching to see if he continues to bring them in when that number is reached, at this rate, in about 10 weeks. (The fiscal year ends on September 30th.)

The big winners this past week were refugees from the DR Congo (206), Iraq (149) and Burma (114). Syrians were way down at 27 and 66 Somalis came in over those seven days.

13 Responses to “Trump Admin comes in at just short of 900 refugees in past week; Syrian numbers way down”

  1. These numbers are quite a set-back and a huge disappointment. I guess I’m as bewildered as everyone else here regarding Prez Donald’s 180 degree turn on his promises. Very sad indeed.


  2. yea, I can tell you where the Congolese refs are coming…Lexington, KY aka Little Congo….bad


  3. icthelite said

    SNIP: “Trump also had said he was lowering the ceiling for FY17 to 50,000.”
    I thought he had already signed an EO to cap it at 50K for the 2017 fiscal year? What? Did he back peddle on this also?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, but that is an EO stopped by the courts. Problem is that Trump didn’t need an EO to lower the ceiling, a simple letter to notify Congress was all he needed. He has the power as Prez to do it alone!


      • Because the EO was stopped by the courts, why aren’t these “refugees” admitted in the name of the Judiciary and not Trump? If Trump had sent a letter to congress rather than take the EO route, could he not have also been stopped from implementing that sort of plan as well?


        • Ann Corcoran said

          Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Could you explain further. My point is: Trump has power to stop the flow without approval from Congress and never did need an EO on the refugee program itself.


  4. It needs to be ZERO.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ship ALL “refugees” to Hawaii.


  6. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement. There seems to be no real change in refugee admissions as you have documented. Maybe they are getting a little tougher with the border patrols, but the current admissions levels from these Third World hell holes is simply not acceptable.

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  7. FatherJon said

    And, you have another 1,200 coming from Australia’s offshore detention centres. Vice-President Pence, in Sydney, just announced the President’s reluctant willingness to honour Obama’s promise to Prime MInister Turnbull. Good luck with that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • icthelite said

      Trumps emphatic “NO” to #44’s “BAD DEAL” was overridden by someone that has #45 in their pocket. I fear we are going to see our present POTUS leaning more and more to the left on issues like this. He hasn’t yet done anything to stop our Department of State’s division of Refugee Resettlement from continuing their quest to overrun us with deadbeats from the middle east. Nonconforming deadbeats. Mostly all young, so called, men that are to cowardly to remain in their country and fight for their freedom there.


      • OH WELL, we aint Europe and do not believe we will take a knee unless these cowards go to sanctuary cities and start their crap there, like the Somalis in Minnesota…but let these cowards try something in a real American city, then there will be blood…I just know patriots and how they feel..classic comment, icthelite, well said…I totally agree


        • Bob, most of the public don’t know how heavily armed most citizens are here in the U.S. There are thousands that belong to NRA armed to the teeth unlike Europe that are lucky to be able to own a shotgun for hunting as well as having their free speech rights taken away from them. Not only do we have ISIS in every state that either come across the Mexican border with the drug cartels or were with the refugees that Obama allowed to come here, What needs to be done is change the rules regarding the refugee program so as to not allow the UN to pick out what country the refugees come from. I prefer the safe zones that have been set up in different countries and keep all of them out of the U.S and off of the taxpayers backs.


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