Pence in Australia: Sure! We will be taking over 1,000 illegal aliens now held in Australian detention

Donald Trump called it a “dumb deal,” but your American town may soon see some of the 1,250 illegal aliens, who attempted to get to Australia by boat and have been housed in detention centers, flown in and given apartments and homes where you live.  They won’t be living next door to Vice President Pence for sure!


Some of these men will be coming to your town!


Here is what AP is reporting at the Japan Times (emphasis is mine) about a deal the Obama State Department left for Trump:

SYDNEY – Vice President Mike Pence and Australia’s prime minister brushed off any lingering hostility over a contentious refugee deal and joined forces on Saturday to urge China to take a greater role in pressuring North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons program.

Pence and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull repeatedly praised the decades-long American-Australian alliance following a meeting in Sydney, with the vice president thanking Turnbull for calling on Beijing to play a more active part in the international effort to de-escalate Pyongyang’s nuclear threat.

Pence kissing up to Turnbull!

The two leaders appeared at pains to present a united front following an unusual period of tension between the longtime allies that was sparked by a spat between Turnbull and President Donald Trump over a refugee resettlement deal struck by the Obama administration.

Pence said Saturday that the U.S. would honor the agreement even if it didn’t agree with it. Under the deal, the U.S. would take up to 1,250 refugees that Australia houses in detention camps on the Pacific island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Trump’s anger over the agreement led to a tense phone call with Turnbull in January and an angry tweet in which the president called the deal “dumb.”

“President Trump has made it clear that we’ll honor the agreement — that doesn’t mean we admire the agreement,” Pence said during a joint news conference with Turnbull.

So some small American towns and cities are going to get illegal aliens (mostly Muslim men) who failed to be approved for asylum in Australia! Disgusting!

Here is a portion of a letter from the chairmen of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees sent to the Obama Administration in November identifying which countries the illegal aliens are from (the “stateless” are most likely Rohingya from Bangladesh or Burma).



All of our posts on the Australian “dumb deal” are here.

And, by the way, beginning in 2012, I testified at US Dept. of State hearings that there were ten reasons a moratorium on refugee admissions should be put in place.  One thing I said must be done is to stop using the refugee program to move people around the world just to address some other foreign policy objective.

Only people who are truly refugees, in need of humanitarian assistance, should be considered for resettlement.  This Australia deal is exactly what I had in mind when I presented my testimony.  This deal is only to help the Turnbull government out of a sticky situation. Here is my #7:

7)   Congress needs to specifically disallow the use of the refugee program for other purposes of the US Government,especially using certain refugee populations to address unrelated foreign policy objectives—Uzbeks, Kosovars, Meshketians and Bhutanese (Nepalese) people come to mind.

Let the White House know how you feel by clicking here (do it even if you have done it before!). 

And, Chairmen Grassley and Goodlatte are not off the hook either, they could pressure this White House (they were all too happy to pressure the Obama White House) on the subject!

All of my posts about Trump’s refugee policies are archived in Trump Watch!

37 thoughts on “Pence in Australia: Sure! We will be taking over 1,000 illegal aliens now held in Australian detention

  1. Dear American friends, sorry about the ‘deal’. Oh, by the way the “Muzzies” from Nauru burnt down their detention centre in 2012 – cost $60 million – so have been forced to live in tents ever since! Also luv to go on hunger strikes, mutilate themselves and sew their mouths shut. All on the advice of Aussie HR Leftist lawyers. Why? If they get ‘sick’ enough they get flown to “the Mainland” (Australia) and maybe not return. How? Leftist doctors get many declared ‘insane due to stress’. The Nauru Muzzies made a mass breakout in 2015 but the Nauru Prime Minister ordered over local radio: “every able bodied man! Arm yourselves with machetes and help police recapture the escapees!”(Nauru is too poor for an Army) and they did. Nauruan and PNG Christians LOATH the Muzzies as they demand 1st World food, accommodation, etc in what are Third World countries. Treat locals who work at the Detention Centres like s**t. You’re welcome to them! Steve Godfrey


    1. Trump, and Pence, had at first reneged on Obama’s deal with Australia. The tune has changed. Reason, U.S. would not want the 75 year old liason with Australia to cease. They must have this country for their many bases, listening posts, and troops now arriving. Most Aussies would not be happy about this. We did not want a war with China or worse, nuclear from Nth. Korea and what occurs around it, to arrive here. Right now, she Nth.Korea threatened us also because Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister, spoke ill against that country. After all, our trading partner is China and we do not want to fall foul of her, as well. As for the refugees, we turn back their boats, do the best we can to stop the inflow. Decidedly do not want them or the trouble they bring. They come from impoverished countries and demand western way of life. They do somewhat receive it but enough is enough. Anyway, if Moslems had a more major impact on our Australian way of life, bang would go possible support for U.S. So it is a wise decision on Trump’s. part.


      1. So you are saying that Australia would sever ties with the US if we don’t take 1,000 illegal aliens who attempted to break in to Australia. Would be rather dumb of the Australian govt. wouldn’t it?

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        1. Hardly! The Australian relationship with the US is going to end up destroying the country. US troops are located there as well as US super secret surveillance bases, any of which could attract reprisal attacks from nations that have felt the pain of American displeasure in the past.


  2. As President, Mr.Trump could have stopped the flood into our country, day one. He has that right. Instead it flows unabated and DACA children can ” rest easy”. Not what I voted for . What must the angel Moms and Dads feel?


    1. The way to stop the flood is to stop destroying these Muslims homes, cities and countries. They will stay put at home if they are not forced out by American bombs.


      1. And, so explain what we did in Syria to create the crisis initially? And, did we start the civil war in Somalia?


      2. I agree. The neocon wars over there and the refugee flooding over here are connected , deliberate and intended to wreak the West…as well as the Muslims countries. Trump seemed to want to stop that cycle of war there and mass immigration here …but opps…nope. He engaged in fraudulent campaign imo .


  3. People are missing the point. Neither the US or Australia are under any obligation to take them in, and if neither country wants them then send them home. Period. We have got to start setting a precedent that just because they try to sneak in illegally and get caught, we are not automatically responsible for them just because they set foot on our soil. They are foreign nationals who should be repatriated immediately, no matter what their circumstances are in the country they came from.


  4. You do of course realize that in return Australia is taking over 1000 of your illegal Mexican immigrants in exchange? No feckin mention of that! So in effect you lie by omission!

    Perhaps if the USA didn’t bomb the phuk out of every country in the Middle East trying to steal their oil – Australia wouldn’t be inundated with feckin Moose limb refugees trying to come here illegally by boat/. To be honest Australia’s just about had it up to the Gills with you Americans and your p!ssant President Trump – the lunatic.

    Phuk America and everything you stand for you assholes!..


    1. Normally I don’t post comments with foul language—always makes me think the author has no good intellectual arguments. However, you have made a huge misstatement of fact that must be corrected. In fact the “deal” involves Australia taking a couple of thousand Central American phony refugees who ARE IN COSTA RICA now. They are not our problem either. They are not in America! They have no right to go to America!

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      1. Ann has a good point – essentially we’re not against refugees or migrants per se in Australia. It’s the Muslim invasion that we fear. They already only number 2% of our population but they make the headlines daily for all the wrong reasons. They’re either involved in jihad planning at some level of indoctrination or they’re into biker gangs with all the horrors that conjures up. Our leftist media presents them as being much maligned and misunderstood, but people are gradually thinking for themselves. They openly boast about replicating ‘jihad through hijra’ referring to Mohammed’s rapid Islamisation of southern and central Europe and north Africa in the 7th century onwards. Latinos from Central America and Mexico are definitely seen as far preferable, sharing a common religion and culture with no designs on changing Australia to resemble some pre-medieval hell hole.


  5. Start sending the sand fleas to Mr. O’s mansion. He’s got plenty of room. Maybe Jarrett can double with one of them in her room? I warned people Trump was not what he seemed. Oh well, another puppet for the kenites to lead around…


  6. I predict that none of them will “pass” the vetting process to be cleared to coming here and that the vetting process will continue at a snail’s pace until the supreme court hears the case for Trump’s refugee ban and overturns the Hawaiian judge’s order, executive order goes into effect and refugees halted.


  7. All of these people have been assessed by the Australian authorities as ineligible for a humanitarian visa, that is to say they are not refugees, but “irregular maritime arrivals”, as the Department calls them. It is highly unlikely the USA will judge them any differently.

    Furthermore, as most of them have family already in Australia, and social welfare benefits are more generous, they may not find America particularly attractive.

    I suppose given the situation with North Korea and given the fact that the US has a critical defence interest in northern Australia, there may be a bit of quid pro quo going on.

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    1. The attraction of Australia’s social welfare system has been a major factor in bringing these people to try their luck getting into the country in the first place. The US system is far less generous and will probably disincentivise some of the 1250 from choosing the US even if offered a place. That has yet to be determined of course. As someone who has travelled extensively in the countries most of these people come from I have probably been guilty of over-selling our good fortune when discussing and comparing countries with inhabitants. It must seem like a dream to someone less fortunate to be told that Australia has free education, medical and hospital services, family subsidies, and provides a never-ending unemployment benefit for those incapable or unwilling to work. We Australians have contributed through our taxes to this largesse but it’s impossible to explain to outsiders that they are not included in this distribution without having contributed.
      Good luck to America!


  8. The Australian People don’t Trust Malcolm Turnbull,He even Sits down to have High Profile Dinners with the Islamic Crowd at Kirribilli House the Government Mansion on Sydney Harbour.They even Had the Dinnerware Changed for The Islamics because Pork had been served upon it in the Past,So How can the People Trust him.How can the American People Trust Him.He Doesn’t even Like Pres., Trump..

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    1. Mal ‘Turncoat’ Turnbull (he stabbed Prime Minister Abbott, a Christian, in the back two years into his first term and seized power) has powerful ‘friends’ in Melbourne, our version of New York. Was Goldman Sachs (Australia) CEO. Is worth $200 million. Was a Leftist till 1999. Then quit ALP to join Liberals and bought a safe seat in Parliament. Was Opposition leader but was sacked for dullness. Waited till T., Abbott won office then his Melbourne Master ordered a putsch. No one here likes or trusts him but the alternatives aren’t much better. Steve Godfrey


  9. …NO to DACA and NO to the rioting muslim australian 1200 dirtbags!…
    James B🥛‏ @jbro_1776 11h11 hours ago [DACA]…

    Apparently they are Americans because they say so. Apparently they are more important then the ones who are still waiting LEGALLY.


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  10. Ann- As always, thanks for your diligence, persistence and vigilance. I know from my own experience that the kind of work you do, AS A VOLUNTEER no less, is never easy and is always under appreciated by the many people you are trying to help. I also know from my own experience that once your eyes have been opened to the corruption and devastation that is being wreaked on our County by the refugee establishment, you cannot close them and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

    Like most of us Trump supporters, we had hoped for a dramatic reversal once he took office. However, it does not seem to be the case and I truly wonder what is going wrong. Why he is honoring this commitment that he once criticized in the harshest terms. I can only hope that the man whom we elected President will not fail us on this important issue. We cannot afford another 4 years of virtually unrestricted importation of these so called “refugees” who despise our Judeo Christian culture, our values and our way of life. Not refugees, but Invaders who want nothing more than to destroy America and everything that is good about us.

    If Trump does not deliver on the most important issue of his campaign, he will lose a great deal of support from his base and he will never get re-elected. We know that Trump is not stupid and I personally have doubted him in the past but he always came through for us and did the right thing. Let’s hope that there is something else going on that we are not aware of. Maybe someday we will be pleasantly surprised to wake up and see that the tide has turned for our country.

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  11. Our lefties and greenies are hopping mad here in Australia. They’re about to be deprived of their most iconic issue once these 1250 illegals head for America.
    Actually some of the illegals don’t want to go, they’re still hanging out for a new life in Australia. Others are bound to be knocked back by the US investigators as security risks, so we’re not entirely free of the problem. Our Immigration Minister is adamant that none of them will ever set foot in Australia, so they’d best go back to Iran which is at peace. Disliking your country alone is hardly a legitimate reason for seeking political refuge.


  12. I wrote to the WH and told them to send all these illegal migrants to Hawaii since they seem so thrilled with the migrants flooding in but have had almost zero.

    So I told the President to “share the joy with the Hawaiians”.

    On Apr 23, 2017 11:42, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Donald Trump called it a “dumb deal,” but your > American town may soon see some of the 1,250 illegal aliens, who attempted > to get to Australia by boat and have been housed in detention centers, > flown in and given apartments and homes where you live. They ” >


    1. It does no good to “send them all to Hawaii”, as the muzscum, once here as “refugees”, can pick up and move wherever they want.


      1. You are exactly right, but it is fun to think about! And, it would cause a bit of initial chaos in Hawaii! By the way, this applies everywhere, so for those of you working to shut down the program in your state, remember they can simply be placed for initial few months of resettlement in a neighboring ‘welcoming’ state, then pick up and move to your town!


  13. I am not sure why I am bothering anymore. I am not sure why Ann is bothering anymore. Shared to my public FB page with my added useless comment:




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