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Somali refugees resettled in Arizona headed to Minnesota in large numbers

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 26, 2017

Why would they leave a climate more like home to move to the frigid north in droves?  All sorts of reasons are given in this article from the Phoenix New Times —-supposedly for jobs, to be with family members, Somali “community,” better welfare, but not mentioned is to build political power through numbers.  Minnesota will be the first state to push for aspects of Shariah Law to be put in place, in my opinion.

Here is how the report begins (there is always a sad individual or family that is the star of the story! J-school 101!):

Bilad Yusuf and her seven kids were on their way to Minnesota, less than two months after they arrived in Phoenix.

“We didn’t know how to get jobs here, and even if we did, we didn’t know how we’d get to them,” she explained through an interpreter who translated from Somali to English.

We learned in this article that Amazon warehouses in Minnesota and Kentucky are looking for Somali refugee laborers.

After waiting for six years in a refugee camp, Yusuf and her family arrived in the United States this winter amidst the chaos surrounding the Trump administration’s attempt to block Somali immigrants like them from entering the country.

Following a brief stop in Houston, they were transferred to Phoenix. There, stranded in the urban sprawl without a car, they found themselves lost: Where were they supposed to get groceries? How did they go about setting up long-overdue doctor’s appointments? How would they pay rent after their initial stipend from the U.S. government ran out?

My first question is, where is their resettlement agency that we (taxpayers) pay to get them set up in the first three months? But, my next, and more important question is this:


You need to read the whole article, it is chock-full of very informative bits of information.

And, folks in Minnesota need to be reading it especially carefully.  LOL! There is even a mention of your Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services as the spearheads of the original Somali migration to the state.  It is all about your generous welfare we learned here in 2011!

And, don’t miss the news on BIG CHICKEN hiring them (not news to us), or Amazon warehouses in Minnesota and Kentucky! That is new news! (I’m convinced that the reason Senator Mitch McConnell is mum on refugees is because he is backed by big businesses in the state that want cheap legal immigrant laborers.)

The article implies that the feds do not track “secondary migrants” like this family, but they do to some degree because we reported here in 2014 that Minnesota gets (by far) the most as they move there to be WITH THEIR KIND OF PEOPLE (why isn’t that called racist and xenophobic?).

Roving Somalis!

And, while on the subject of roving Somalis, don’t miss Leo Hohmann’s update (from Monday) of a story almost a year old where a Somali woman entered the yard of an Atlanta area family, ripped down their flag pole and attempted to beat the mother and daughter with it.

She was supposed to be in court this week, but wasn’t.

20 Responses to “Somali refugees resettled in Arizona headed to Minnesota in large numbers”

  1. I also dare you to post on your Facebook page, “Home is the Mouth of a Shark” but you won’t because your opinions (and therefore you) are too fragile psychologically to air opposing opinions – you could not bear the diverse dialogue that would ensue.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      What are you talking about?


      • I would not even post this kind of idiocy. It only encourages the trolls.


        • Ann Corcoran said

          I debated that very point, but the more I thought about it, I decided Nancy represents others of my readers and it was a way of answering them all. There is one other factor, Nancy may very well be in one of the new Trump NGOs that are being set up to tamp down opposition on the right. Or, opposition from anyone pointing out the flip-flopping and the Ivanka influence on policy.


  2. Don’t forget, they move for the entitlements. MN is generous with freebies.

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  3. 3mama2nana said

    Anne, does it look like Obama was sending most of these refugees to states where he needed more democrat votes? Trying to turn red states blue or keeping blue states blue?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I have written about this many times. There is no question they targeted red states! I have many posts over the years about turning red states blue with migrants of all sorts.


  4. At least they are concentrated in one area. No one asked for them to be here, so when and if the time comes to remove them, we want to be able to find them easily. I had to laugh reading this article. It constantly blamed us for these poor wretches not being able to find work because they don’t speak English, don’t have a vehicle, and don’t have the faintest idea what our cultural norms are. The unwritten assumption is that we should fork over even more tax dollars to pay for job training, language lessons, and a vehicle, and be more pacifist and condescending until they figure out how to work the system for themselves, but for the vast majority of us this article is just more proof that we shouldn’t let them come here in the first place. At least the wife might be able to get a job at the circus telling fortunes wearing that ridiculous costume, but of course that would mean she would have to learn our language first.

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  5. Cathy said

    The writer supposedly lives in Arizona, but she seems to know little about the state. Probably she lives in sterile Phoenix. If she were to travel around the state and its streets, possibly she’d find out that Arizona already has a vast immigrant population, both legal and illegal. Due to the border shared with Mexico, many Mexicans and others come into Arizona and take the jobs that might be available for non-English speaking migrants. The state is bilingual in many respects, but that is Spanish and English. People like the author would like to add another population to the mix, uneducated non-English, non-Spanish speaking Somalis. Arizona is a beautiful state, a conservative state, where many of the Spanish descendants have made Catholicism a prominent religious group. The state has an Arab population, but nothing like the mix of Spanish and English. To expect a state which is challenged with Mexican immigrants to also take in African Muslim immigrants is really asking for problems. Organizations trying to resettle these immigrants need to use some common sense and at least match them a little bit with like cultures. It’s not racist for people to want to live among those of similar culture and language, it is the most sociologically intelligent solution. To put them amongst Mexican illegals also scrambling for low-level jobs is a conflict in the making. And to expect them to swim after throwing them in the water and walking away is cruelty. Such immigrants need a support system, preferably among those like them who have already settled in successfully. The system operating in the US today appears to be broken before it even began. Think people, think.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      This sentence jumped out at me: It’s not racist for people to want to live among those of similar culture and language, it is the most sociologically intelligent solution.

      Then why are whites of European heritage called racists and worse if they want to live among people of similar culture?

      I enjoyed your comment, just that you hit on one of the most galling aspects of all of this. We recognize their need to live among their own kind of people, so why is it wrong for white Europeans to want to live with their kind of people?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. HAWAII —- ship them to HAWAII


  7. Don’t put the blame on President Trump! As I recall, the Liberals filed lawsuits to “sabotage” Trumps Refugee Ban! And the libs will continue to do so until the SCOTUS get this from the 9th District Court of Appeals!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      How many times do I have to say it! Trump has the power to stop the refugee flow without any Executive order! The travel ban is a separate issue and it was stupid of Trump’s people to link the two. Face it! They want to keep some refugee flow coming to America.

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  8. I usually read Ann’s blog first thing in the morning before work. Big mistake with an article like this one. I am now so enraged that I can barely think straight! When is this travesty going to end or at least put to a temporary moratorium? How much longer must decent, American taxpayers be forced to pay to feed, clothe and house these barbarian savages who want nothing more than to kill us and destroy our way of life?

    And what will it take for the Trump administration to take a strong, unequivocal stand that Americans come first- not Somalis or Syrians or any of the other invaders who are raping our country?

    I don’t care about Obamacare or taxes or anything else- if we don’t stop this invasion SOON, we won’t have a country. Period. End of story.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      My sentiments exactly. Obamacare and taxes are fixable eventually, changing our demographic make-up will never be fixed. But, hey, just read RRW for your morning jolt and give up coffee. (Just kidding!)

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  9. rlfried1 said

    The send email function on this page does not work


  10. rlfried1 said

    Just what we needed some more low IQ, inbred Islamic scum

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  11. budfundi said

    Their migration to Minnesota serves only one purpose: To create the first Moslem/Shari’ah-run U.S. State. They are planting their flags and bringing in their troops. This country’s troubles have only just begun.
    A word of caution to all readers: DO NOT stop preparing and keep your mouth shut doing so! Your lives WILL depend on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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