Trump has admitted 12,218 refugees since Inauguration Day: 1,472 Syrians, 1,359 Somalis

Since we are coming up on 100 days I was anxious to see how Trump was doing with his campaign promise to (at least) put a moratorium on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days to review how refugees are vetted and look to assure “extreme vetting” was put in place.

My guess about the flip-flop: His friends in the hotel and food production industries told him they needed this steady supply of low wage refugee laborers whose wages you supplement with welfare payments. Great business model!

Ho hum! Isn’t happening! And, I don’t want to hear of one defender who says he was stymied by judges. He never had to place a refugee slowdown in an Executive Order!  The Refugee Act of 1980 gives the President enormous powers.

Here (below) is a screenshot map of where the 12,218 were placed since Inauguration Day up until this morning’s data at Wrapsnet.

This puts the number for the fiscal year, as of today, at 42,235.

Trump also said he was capping the number for the year at 50,000, but at the present rate of admission, he will surpass 60,000 (an average number since 9/11).

Top resettlement countries included:

Burma (1,497) 401 of these are Rohingya Muslims who, like Syrians, cannot be vetted.

DR Congo (1,866) We are well on our way to reach 50,000 we promised the UN we would scatter across America.

Iraq (1,503) Over 122,000 have been admitted since 2009.

Somalia (1,359) We have admitted well over 100,000 over past 20 years, will it ever end?

Syria (1,472) Remember Trump said he would stop them completely, even said he would send some back, ha! ha!

How many Trump refugees did you get?



Alaska got 23 while the diversity-lovers in Hawaii got a big fat zero (again!). LOL! Of course, DC got none. And, for new readers wondering about Wyoming, it is the only state in the nation to have never joined the program.

Biggest tests for Trump come in September. 

If he throws billions of taxpayer dollars to the refugee industry in the 2018 budget and doesn’t drastically cut refugee admissions for the upcoming year, then we will know for sure that the United Nations/US Refugee Admissions Program will never be reformed.

Endnote:  I was just reminded of the story from yesterday about Ivanka Trump’s views on Syrians, here.  Sure hope Daddy isn’t listening to Ivanka (again!).

35 thoughts on “Trump has admitted 12,218 refugees since Inauguration Day: 1,472 Syrians, 1,359 Somalis

    1. The Suit’s on “Capital Hill” know Earth has survived nuclear war before and it will survive it again, probably, will have to if the Suit’s and their Banker King have their way about it. Want all this nuclear war talk to go away? All we the people, and aren’t there billions of us, all we have to do is destroy their DUMB(s), all of them, the ones here in the US, the ones in China, Russia and anywhere else. Don’t give the rats a place to run to and they won’t be so eager to kill us. Oh, but, then we will miss all the suspense, right?


  1. It doesn’t help to have idiots like this Bob Corker advising Trump to “normalize” the invasion which he now equates to the Holocaust. Corker was in Africa observing the Third world hell holes first hand. Now he wants to bring millions of these savages to the USA for the taxpayers to take care of.

    I have some questions for anyone in the Trump administration who will answer them: How many refugees are enough? is there any limit as to how many you will let in? Or is our country doomed to be overrun with barbarians that we have been fighting for thousands of years?


    1. …one correction if I may. Corker doesn’t see the refugees as “..savages …for the taxpayers to take care of”….no, no. They are “millions of voters who are dependent on the government, which means re-election for me!! “

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  2. We will no longer surrender this country or
    its people to the false song of globalism.

    Donald Trump 2016

    We was had.


  3. One very small bright note: One of the agencies in NC near Wilmington is shutting down their office and staff. Very small office but will probably be administered from another one in another town that is connected to Episcopal Migration Ministries. We have to take our small victories and make them bigger. I, like the rest of you, am very very discouraged with the promises Trump made and is failing to keep. Remember his words from the trail? “On day one I will…. blah blah blah. Just another politician using his words to get elected.
    We always vote in someone that gives us hope and change and it never seems to pan out. The wall, the refugees etc

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    1. What an excellent story about Ann! And I love the video- first time I’ve seen my heroine and heard her speak up close and personal. I had no idea about all this background but none of it surprises me. We are so lucky to have this brilliant, dedicated and committed Patriot on our side. There are few like her left in this Republic.

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    1. The only thing I can see to do is to continue to make political noise about the UN/US RAP wherever you live and at what ever level of government you want to pressure. Of course, the only level that will ultimately reform the program (if it ever is reformed!) is Congress with the President. But, whatever you are doing at a local/state level could cause political pressure to rise up the chain so to speak. The other thing to do is to not completely throw up your hands and walk away. Easier said then done because frankly every day now that thought crosses my mind. Find balance in your life so that you can continue the political war and stay sane and hopeful.

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      1. What about having Congress pass legislation repealing the refugee resettlement act completely, wouldn’t that nip the whole problem in the bud?


        1. That of course is the answer, but who is going to make them do it. Only one person could and that is Trump, but so far it appears he has no stomach for taking on this issue!


  4. I read somewhere last week of possibly deporting 3000 to 4000 Somali refugees who have been here for a while? If we’re going to accept ANY refugees, I think it most appropriate that they are settled in Hawaii, DC, California and New York…especially Hawaii, since the judges ruling cites Hawaii as a critical vacation destination for folks from Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.


    1. I posted on those deportations. Yes, they are ones who have a deportation order because they snuck in illegally and/or committed other crimes. We will see if they all are successfully deported because last I heard Somalia didn’t want the back (no surprise!).

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    2. Dumping the rapefugees into Hawaii, DC and New York does absolutely no good. First of all, WE still have to pay for them. Second, as Ann pointed out in an earlier article, regardless of where the rapefugees are taken in, there is nothing whatsoever stopping them from moving elsewhere once they are here.

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  5. I wanted to let you know I am using your research in my YouTube videos. There seems to be a blind allegiance to this president that rivals that of our last president.


  6. On the breakdown especially from Syria what was the ethnic cultural background. We pushed hard for a reversal of the almost purely muslims only rule under Obama and for preference to go to those being genocided. Christians, Bahai’s Jews, and other religions some of them from the 80 or so minor breakaways from the two biggies etc and as a political move the Kurds. A;though I’d rather see Kurdistan established with enough of Syria to give them a port on the Mediterranean.


  7. Why don’t you get your facts straight, trump isn’t the one letting them in it’s the damn liberal left. You jerks just can’t help but blame Trump for crap the liberal loons caused. MORONS!


    1. So are you saying that the Left still controls Trump’s State Department? It is the US State Department headed by Rex Tillerson that admits refugees to the US.

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      1. Ann, I’m sure the Left – well represented by CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members – STILL control the U.S. State Dept.


        1. Agree. It will take Sec. of State Tillerson a little time to clean out 8 years of the Obama/Hillary/Kerry people within
          the department. I saw an interview about this very thing this morning. Obama moved some appointees to more permanent positions right before he left office so that will present some problems–and Obama knew it would. Government workers are unionized.

          This article points out what many Christian leaders in the US said when President Trump talked about giving preference to Christian immigrants since they are being
          targeted and killed by ISIS and other Muslims.

          The Catholic Bishops are included within these groups. We do know that these resettlement groups were being
          paid by the Obama administration. They seem to be asking for that policy to continue and no preference to be given.

          I have called my Senators and Congressman about this and will do so again. They need to hear from us (their voters) –not just from these religious ‘leaders”. Needless to say, they do not represent my thoughts on the matter.
          The Muslims did not want any Christian preference of course and said it would be unconstitutional.


      2. How can anyone Trust the Orations of Anyone in Charge of Their Countries,All you hear is a Lot of Blab Blab Blab about one thing, While They are doing another, and All the While are Absolutely Disregarding the Wants of Their Constituents.


    2. Ray, you can’t have such blind allegiance that you cannot criticize any president if you see that they are not doing the right thing. Conservatives always criticized Obama zombies for following him in the face of such corruption, don’t allow yourself to become the same thing but working the other side of the street. Never put all your eggs in one basket or all of your faith in one man because you will be disappointed in the end. Hey, I voted for Trump but I’m not going to look at the world through rose colored glasses, in all fairness you should be given time to find his feet but know that we are watching!

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  8. It looks like we are being played! Trump has NOT stopped the flow of cheap mooslim dirtbags into the US [threatening national security], has not stopped his “honorable” honoring of the dishonorable usurper forger obama’s deal with australia for 1200 dirtbags, and is on mooslim pace for 60K at Sept 30 ! Because of this Trump crap, I would not cross the street to attend anymore Trump rallies. Trump has made progress in other ways, but this influx of thousands more dirtbags angers me YUGE .

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  9. I just don’t get it. How could this happen? It all feels so hopeless, just more of the same. Looks like the invasion never stopped. If you go to any of the airports here near NYC, like JFK and LaGuardia, it looks like the staff is all Third World. Announcements are made in some kind of pidgin English, barely understandable. You watch and wonder how many of the baggage people or other workers are unvetted terrorists in waiting. All over America ticking time bombs are hidden in clear sight. What will it take for Trump to keep his promises?

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