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Comment from a reader: Ann, your comments are “classless and offensive”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 29, 2017

This (below) is a comment (in response to Thursday’s post) that I received from a diehard Trump supporter, not the first to send a comment like this.

So let me be clear.  I have been writing about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for ten years come this July. I was also a Trump supporter from day one.  I even had an opportunity to tell him briefly what was wrong with the US Refugee Program in May of 2015.

Nancy took offense at my mention of Ivanka’s position on Syrian refugees. See what Ivanka (the expert) said about refugees:

But, someone has to be willing to NOT PULL PUNCHES and tell the public where he is going wrong on this subject which I happen to know a lot about. (Just a tad more than Ivanka knows!)

For the umpteenth time, Trump did not have to include the US RAP in an Executive Order that was stopped by the judges. It is a separate issue from the ‘travel ban.’

The Trump team has the legal power to stop the flow of refugees altogether IF THEY WANTED TO!  (Now they have this handy excuse which Nancy has bought, hook, line and sinker—it is all about the judges!)

Using the liberal judges as as excuse, the Trump Administration is admitting an average number of refugees to the US at great expense to taxpayers and risking our security by including large numbers of unscreened Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Rohingya and Somalis. Nevermind that he said many times while campaigning for office that he wouldn’t do that!

I don’t want to hear anything about all the bigger issues Trump is dealing with!

There is nothing bigger than changing the demographic, cultural and religious makeup of America.  That is irreversible. 

We can fix Obamacare and our tax system AFTER immigration is controlled!

The most benign explanation for what, at the moment, appears to be a flip-flop by the Trump team is that they haven’t hired anyone tough enough to rein-in the bureaucrats at the Department of State (which doesn’t look good for Trump, the great manager, either!).

That is not to say, they won’t get their act together eventually, but right now someone has to tell them they are screwing up! 

Although I am not in her class, at least Ann Coulter is willing to tell Trump he is screwing up on immigration, in her case the wall with her new daily report on how many miles of the wall are being built each day—so far zero!

(See my report in the right hand sidebar of how many refugees Trump is admitting.)

Here is what Nancy and others (some more diplomatically) are telling me:

Shut up Ann, our man Trump can do no wrong!

Hi Ann,

While I enjoy your site, I do take exception to the Trump refugees article you posted. I think the same article should have been directed to the Ninth Circuit court, not Trump. It would appear to me that he has been trying …. and trying … to prevent this only to be thwarted again and again by a court that get’s literally 80% of it’s judgments overturned. Dare I say I’d get fired if only 20% of my work was accurate.

Also – the dig to Ivanka wasn’t fair either. Stop with the daddy comments – it’s classless and offensive. It should be beneath you to make such asinine comments. What she SAID was that it should be part of the discussion, not part of the solution. To me, a very diplomatic statement and perhaps way of getting a long-stalemated conversation going for real resolution. Perhaps you’re the dumb-dumb here.

My guidance is to stick to the issues and not the nonsense if you truly want resolution on this paramount matter. Thank you for listening

Regards Nancy

Thanks for listening Nancy!

One more thing, it is a wonderful thing to write a blog with no boss and for no financial gain to myself, because it doesn’t matter one bit to me whether I lose readers who don’t like what I say!

This post is filed in ‘Comments worth noting.’  Click here to see what other readers have said over the years.

72 Responses to “Comment from a reader: Ann, your comments are “classless and offensive””

  1. JH Raichyk said

    Another ‘loophole’ though its existence is whistleblower territory….


  2. tlarremore said

    I’d say, beware of the trolls, they are not just under the bridge anymore.


  3. I am deeply disappointed in President Trump’s inability to stop immigration from the Middle East, much less across our southern border. When the courts told Obama he didn’t have the power to stop drilling for oil in the oceans, he gave them the middle finger and stopped it anyway. What makes Trump now bow down to the 9th Circuit Court which we all know is crooked? He needs to enforce HIS immigration bans and let the Supreme court take it up. In the meantime, thousands are arriving. We may already be too far gone to return to any semblance of sanity on this subject. I voted for Trump. I supported him. I am deeply disappointed that his signature issue, immigration from the Middle East, has not been stopped. Is he just another non-politician politician??

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  4. Nothing different here from administrations past. Border sieve for the NAU, the SB1 visa fraud, and now the Refugees of Islam and a global governance based on Sharia. This was the methods proposed by the communist manifesto. Destroy Patriotism, Sovereignty, Family, Private Property, Inheritance and Religion. My view is Trump and brainwashed Ivanka are pushing the same program. It IMO stems from the Jesuit, Vatican, Israel and UN and Trump is another in a series of CFR puppets but with more acting experience. Ivanka, the expert, please….what a cult.


  5. mortimerzilch said

    Ann, which liberal Catholic religious community of sisters are you in, or were you in? And most of those Somali refugees are Christian now…Donald reversed the ratio of Christian vs Muslim refugees admitted. And furthermore, where do your get your statistics from? From the government itself? We do have an undeniable moral duty to admit Syrian refugees…having blown up their country. So what are you crying about…you want immigrants…you’re getting them!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I have no idea what you are talking about. However, I can answer one small bit of your comment. I use the US State Department data kept at the Refugee Processing Center and if you were a regular reader you would know that. The Somalis are all Christian??? What have you been smoking?

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  6. TheAmericanIndependent said

    It is time to purge the sycophants from your friends lists. I am in the process of doing it now. These are Trump zombies who defend without the knowledge that you have. This site is a great resource. I have based several of my latest YouTube videos on the facts found here. Please keep telling the truth.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I will be honest with you. If Trump doesn’t seriously reduce the refugee numbers when he makes his first “determination” of numbers and nationalities in September, we are done. I’m 66 years old and have been writing about this subject for 10 years. If it is not seriously reformed or completely abolished in the next 12 months it will never be. Trump is the only one who could persuade Congress that this must be done. If he chickens out, we will eventually be a Muslim Shariah-adherant nation. I won’t be here to see it, but our kids may and our grandkids surely will.

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      • TheAmericanIndependent said

        Yes and wait for it there will be no-go zones in the United States. I have been using your information on Twitter and in VLOGS. I got ripped a new one when I posted about the 12 thousand refugees we’ve let in thus far. I was told it was better than Obama last year – but I retorted that it’s on par with Bush and Obama prior to that and may exceed them. Not sure if people understand the facts. We need to stop meddling in the middle east. We are causing our own demise.

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  7. Ann, what is your best guess as to why Trump is flip flopping on the refugees? I’ve been a huge Trump supporter mainly bc of his stance on refugees. I cannot understand what is going on with him. I won’t abandon Trump bc he is doing a lot of good, but I am extremely disappointed with this reversal. I wish there was something I could do so that he could hear my voice. I have written to the WH, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Do you have any other suggestions for our voices to be heard?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I only have guesses about the flip-flop. First, he has been slow to appoint anyone in the State Department Refugee Program so it is being run by long-time bureaucrats who want more refugees and have close links to the contractors (the so-called Volags) who are paid to place refugees in your towns. Those bureaucrats are still running the show.

      And, secondly, I think business bigwigs got to him (or to his family!) and told Trump they need the cheap LEGAL refugee laborers. Chobani needs them to make yogurt, Marriott needs them to clean hotel rooms, and JBS needs them to slaughter and cut meat and poultry. The Chamber of Commerce wants refugees so they can sell them used cars…etc…

      Now, I have no problem with that debate—the labor debate—-my problem is that this is all couched in the big lie that this is all about humanitarianism when it isn’t! Try to have the labor debate and you are called a racist.

      There is also the frightening possibility that he has caved to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, fearing being called bad names. Try to have the demography debate and you are called an Islamophobe.

      Then there is also the possibility that he personally doesn’t know what his staff and political appointees are doing. So, keep writing. You might try writing a letter to your local paper, so liberal it usually wouldn’t post something from the likes of us, but heck, this time you are criticizing Trump and they might publish it!

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  8. In general, I agree- however, I am not sure I would credit Ivanka as being the real problem.

    Jared Kushner is a recipient of a lot of George Soros’s ill gotten gains. His continued presence within the administration will prevent anything good being done.


  9. Is there anyone who is so gullible that they really believed someone like Trump would put our interests above those of big business? globalism is like hydra in the greek myths. It can take on many different shapes and forms, and if you succeed in getting rid of one part it replaces the loss with something worse.


  10. simple….Ann is right on the munny. Trump merely calls the UN High Commissioner on Refugees and tells him..NO MORE>>>end of discussion…

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  11. Give ’em hell, Ann!

    And thank you for everything you do.

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  12. petzlx said

    try to learn from history not “our” goebellian media!

    Islam is still the same today as it was when it started 622 AD in the
    Jewish city of Yathrib (now Medina) which welcomed Mohammad and his
    fellow marauders in as refuges from Mecca. In five years every Jew in
    that city was robbed, slaughtered or enslaved!

    For around 1,400 years Islam has produced the major majority of the worlds “refugees”!
    Always fleeing from what they created!
    Still the same today!

    Time to address the fact the problem is Islam.

    Always Moslems blame their murder sprees on everyone but themselves!
    Like Schizophrenics, they need therapy. Not confirmation of their delusions and as refugees made leave their delusions where they created them.

    Islam is not a religion, it is a vile, violent political process.

    Moslems and Islam are of course synonymous with terror!

    It was and is a CRIME to allow Moslems in. Every politician is obligated to know the history of foreign people they bring in. If they had done even a little bit of study they would have found a bloodthirsty people, full of hate and terrorism.?

    Mohammad invented this sort of invasion by stealth, Centuries old still used today.

    Still the Trojan Horse invasion continues
    Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West extremism

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  13. Thank GOD for Ann Corcoran! Keep your chin up! We need you.

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  14. sturandot13 said

    Dear President Trump:

    Please STOP b!tching and moaning about what “they” – the f@#&* up Leftist federal judiciary – did and just tell them to go f@#&* themselves, and do what you were planning anyway. You let this go TWICE with these scum when you were at least TRYING to protect the American people from the muzscum “hijra”. Shame on you!!!

    These tyrants in black robes have NO say over immigration and national security – and they already ruled on this YEARS AGO!!! Just do what you promised and stop allowing the United States, its people and our security to be held ransom by these Leftist scum!

    You, as a businessman of ALL people, should understand that the American people want to see the RESULTS of acting on what you promised, NOT some boo-hoo whining about what the out-of-control federal judiciary are doing to block you. During your hard-fought campaign, you acted like you actually had a pair of ba!!s. THAT is why we – all 63 MILLION of us – voted for you. What happened to them?

    And remember this: if you don’t STOP the demographic destruction of the United States, NOTHING else you try to do – on taxes, on “healthcare”, or anything else – will matter one d___ed bit! Stick with your priorities Mr. President!

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  15. JH Raichyk said

    It was only power-hungry Alex Jones who ADDED CREDIBILITY TO THE MAINSTREAM’S GLIMMER OF HOPE IN FINDING DISSENSION IN THE TRUMP FAMILY…….. Ivanka was EXTREMELY careful in her comments and has a lot of irons in the fire herself…….. stuff Jones…….!!

    On Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 7:20 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “This (below) is a comment (in response to Thursday’s > post) that I received from a diehard Trump supporter, not the first to send > a comment like this. So let me be clear. I have been writing about the > UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for ten years come” >


  16. Cathi Humphreys said


    You are doing a great job of keeping us informed. Keep doing what you are doing and keep saying and printing the truth. Nancy, if that is her real name, should get her facts straight before she opens her mouth and makes a fool of herself. She is another uniformed (ignorant) American.

    Cathi Humphreys St. Clair Shores, MI

    On Apr 29, 2017 7:24 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “This (below) is a comment (in response to Thursday’s > post) that I received from a diehard Trump supporter, not the first to send > a comment like this. So let me be clear. I have been writing about the > UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for ten years come” >

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  17. paleodrone said

    Thank you Ann so much for all you do. I voted for Trump (even worked for him once in NYc), but am shocked by this turn around in my eyes. We cannot let him waver on the issues he ran on. No one is above criticism in this matter, including Ivanka if she is alowing her husband to stick his unelected nose in.

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  18. futuret said


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  19. SCHLOEMER3275 said

    100 Thumbs up. !   100% support for you.   I greatly appreciate your efforts.   Would be great if our supposed political leadership would pay attention to the impact of their folly.   However, I just believe key policymakers do actually know, and are perpetrating this ruse on us intentionally.   Glen

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  20. JOE PAVONE said

    Ann you are 100% right on-keep up the fight-we need you !

    Joe Pavone



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  21. tvfmontana said

    Maybe Trump and his daughter will pay more attention thanks to the Alex Jones,Chobani law suit. Now, Jones does have national attention and hopefully the case will shine more light on these roaches!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I do hope Jones sees this as a great opportunity to use discovery and get out more about the govt. supplying Chobani (and other globalists) with laborers.

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  22. 1. Ms. Ivanka Trump is no fool and is entitled to her opinion – even if that opinion differs from her POTUS Father – and
    2) Ms. Ivanka opens herself up to criticism whenever she speaks; it goes with the job of being a POTUS daughter, and
    3) perhaps the most important, Ann Corcoran is spot-on about immigration and the effect of the changing demographics in the U.S.

    Head-in-the-sand Americans are mostly clueless about the important things that affect us – unless you’re talking about – let’s say – the NFL draft [sad face] – and we have preferred to keep it that way in spite of the warning signs, the clanging bells, the screams of the jihad warriors trying to do us in.

    If only the borders had filters on them, filters that would allow in only people who respect American values and laws and couldn’t wait to learn to speak English! [that’s just silly, I know.]

    But this “willful blindness” will come back to bite us if we don’t get on the “No Sharia – EVER!” bandwagon. I’ve even written President Trump that he has no more important agenda item than to address the threat of political Islam, and it starts at our borders. (Thank you, Ann Corcoran, et al)

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  23. tmasierrahills said

    “I don’t want to hear anything about all the bigger issues Trump is dealing with! There is nothing bigger than changing the demographic, cultural and religious makeup of America. That is irreversible.”

    I am a die-hard Trump supporter and completely agree with Ann Corcoran. If we fail to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, all pressure on him will come from the other side. We are still very lucky Trump won. Trying to persuade a President Hillary to stop the migration tsunami would have been completely futile. Our opposition to her would have been proof, in her demented and corrupt mind, that she was doing exactly the right thing by gleefully dissolving the Historic American Nation.

    I very much support Trump on things like bringing jobs back to America and bringing fairness back to bilateral trade. However Ann is 100 percent correct. At least when the Soviet Union imploded the Russian people were able to come back in and pick up the pieces, whereas the Globalists of the West are making sure that, through open-borders and high-birthrates, their ever escalating demographic changes will become irreversible–because there will be so few of us, in percentage terms, left standing to continue this fight.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      This is a great point that so many forget: “If we fail to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, all pressure on him will come from the other side.” It is basic political activism 101. Thanks for making it!

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      • Does Congress ‘skate’ on this like they ALWAYS do, for blame of not helping the President enact his policies ?

        The Republicans in Congress have been NOT fulfilling their promises, going on decades here, especially on this subject.


  24. lindakg43 said

    Dear Ann, I think Nancy is like so many others. They want desperately to believe that “Trump can do no wrong”. I had great hope for him too, but no man can do it all. I also hold out hope that he will listen and go in a different direction.  Just keep up the good work you do. Some of us do want to stay informed about this issue. Only a return to God & the constitution He gave us can save America. Thanks for all you do, I’m sure it takes up most of your life and I for one appreciate it. Linda Gooden

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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  25. The goal of electing Trump was to have an ally in the White House not so we could all retire and take vacations on the beach. We all got ourselves into a mess when we decided to disengage in the political process. My guy was Cruise but saw the bigger picture and believe Trump to be human like the rest of us. If we don’t keep reminding Trump of problems that face the US, progressives and Islamists will take the opportunity. Keeping our vigil is still important. Actually, I was a bit concerned about you at first, Ann, that you would be a Trump cheerleader. I am happy to hear that you are sticking to the issues. Thanks.


  26. Bob Enos said

    To Nancy: Consider the possibility that the way President Trump handled the refugee resettlement moratorium, through an Executive Order, may have been quite deliberate. Sometimes, politicians find it expedient to put forth an action on an issue just to appease supporters, knowing full well that the approach is flawed and likely to be shot down. That way, one gets to say, “hey, I tried to do what you wanted me to do, but someone else stopped me!” It happens in Congress all the time.


  27. How an environmental lobbyist became an influential anti-refugee blogger

    April 01, 2016 · 4:45 PM EDT

    By Jared Goyette


  28. Joseph Moran said

    Nancy needs to get some thick skin she’s a delicate snowflake she needs more rugged individualism or rugged idealism get with the program nobody’s exempt from constructive criticism. And you’re absolutely right he should use the refugee Act of 1980, revise it or reform it, and stop completely the flow of all and any refugees​ from Muslim countries and also revise and reform the Immigration Act of 1965. Now that Ivanka Trump is in the presidential kitchen if she can’t take the heat let it get out. Ivanka and Jared are democratic globalist. Keep up fine work. We have to be all on board when it comes to the demographic shift and change to our country.

    On Apr 29, 2017 7:23 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “This (below) is a comment (in response to Thursday’s > post) that I received from a diehard Trump supporter, not the first to send > a comment like this. So let me be clear. I have been writing about the > UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for ten years come” >

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  29. Thank GOD for Ann Corcoran! Still hoping Trump reads her articles and finally wakes up and listens to her before it is too late! There is no excuse for Trump’s inaction on shutting the 900 plus per week flow of mooslim culture changers into our country, nor cancelling the forger usurper obama’s deal with australia for 1250 mooslim rioters.

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  30. eyeswideoopen said

    Thank you for writing this article. I’m with you. There is nobody I would support unconditionally. I voted for Donald Trump because of what he said during the campaign. Since he’s taken office, he’s done an about face on several major ones. The final straw was when he recently said he was a globalist. I take the man at his word and I no longer support him.

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    • royfisher65 said

      Problem is, if Hillary were there, it would be worse. I’m with you on stopping Islamic immigration and other promises he made, but he does have to work through Congress on many issues and the RINO’s are still in control.

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    • petzlx said

      It seems to me the “Republicans” have a fair share of Rats the the Donald is having to deal cooperate with!


      • eyeswideoopen said

        You’re right about that. In fact, I believe there is only one political party in Washington DC. The two party construct is an illusion.


  31. Offensive? I can tell you what is offensive, how those who claim to be Repub/Conservative have closed their eyes in defense of Trump. It’s wicked scary sitting on the outside watching this. Trump has the power to fix what ills our nation. The question is will he? We have the House, Senate and Presidency, why are we settling?? WHY?? We should be in the streets marching locally to show our numbers but instead we have fallen back into sleep bc we think DT will solve all our woes.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Exactly, they must think that because he is “our guy” we shouldn’t nail him when he wanders off track. Unfortunately our side doesn’t have the kind of people that have nothing else to do but march in the streets.

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      • There is a man on Twitter, @mitchellvii, who has a huge following and is a big Trump supporter. But he is just another Trump synchophant & thinks Trump can do no wrong. He won’t hold Trump’s feet to the fire and I fear ppl like him are hurting our cause. Mitchell could be telling his 200,000 followers to write letters or make phone calls to the WH, but instead he bashes ppl like us who have genuine concerns and he calls us Fake Base. What a shame.

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        • Ann Corcoran said

          LOL! I will have to look for him and follow him. I’m told that Trump set up a whole bunch of people and networks like that to beat down complaints from the base. It is smart of Trump to do that (and they all do it!).


        • Ann Corcoran said

          I just checked and I do follow him and he follows me…hmmmm! Guess I never paid attention to what he says!


  32. My dear Ann, stay the course and don’t be dissuaded from making your rounds with the class you have always exhibited. I personally wish that Ivanka and her hubby would quit trying to be a voice of conscience for Donald and just go out in the world on their own and not be a negative voice in direct opposition to the mission we need to continue this battle for the good of America and the world. We need all hands on board, here, If we fail, all is lost, but you will still have good standing with the classless victors.

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  33. Thank you, Ann Corcoran, for keeping us informed. I am surprised and disappointed to hear that Trump has caved on his promise to halt the refugee resettlement entry for 120 days. I agree with you that this should be a top priority that he keep his word and stick to that policy. I hope you can get your message to Congress and the powers that be in the Trump administration. Keep up the good work! We need people like you who will take the time to find out what is really happening.

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  34. I have to weigh in here. I am a STRONG Trump supporter. With my mouth, my keyboard, my wallet [many times!], and my vote, I supported Donald from June 2015 forward. But I am disheartened by both Ivanka’s words and her actions I’ve become aware of over the last few weeks. She & her husband have brought globalist Democrats like Gary Cohn and Dina Habib Powell straight into the White House. Along with these dubious and now powerful people, Ivanka backs a vision of the world I voted AGAINST Nov 8. Watch Twitter and you will discover there are many Trump supporters like me who are bitterly disappointed right now. So, please, keep up your excellent reporting on the immigration issue, one that either we win or we see our nation totally destroyed.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, and right now is the only window of opportunity we may ever have to save America and in fact all of western civilization. Like it or not, Trump is it. If nothing is stopped/reformed with refugee program in 2017, it will never be because by 2018 the chickens in Congress will be in full run-and-hide mode!

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  35. I think readers may make comments or points of view but they may not accuse the writer of being classless and offensive or make any other kinds of personal attacks…it is not necessary to do so. And it is not your blog; you may comment any way you wish on YOUR blog only.

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  36. Ann’s history is as an Environmental ‘Activist’, who she would like to call herself…a ‘lobbyist’, and ocassionally she just can’t hold back the usual ill manners of a Leftie Ideologue.

    It’s in the genes, literally sometimes. But with these ideologues, it’s in the Jeans.

    These Leftie activists don’t consider ‘manners’ and ‘propriety’…what is the word….’normal’ , applicable to…Them.

    To them rules of civility and propriety are bourgoise affectations, and signs of Weakness to their…Cause.

    Philosopher Eric Hoffer called these….’types’….True Believers.

    And so we treat them, like the petulant sounding Children they act like.

    What they don’t realize is, it’s a distinct Turn Off sometimes and it dilutes and destroys their Message, at the time…but they can’t control themselves, even when the write it down.

    There is no control of their True Feelings, even though they make a hard attempt to hide them…in their varous ’causes’ and disguises.

    Like everything else, understanding is the key to tolerating them when they go off on their tangeants, and finding the wheat in the sluggish chaff..


  37. Is this because of some rule set in place by Obama administration that he cannot change or is it outright change of heart? Very disappointing if we are being mislead.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      The Refugee Act of 1980 was created by Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and signed in to law by Jimmy Carter. They gave the President enormous powers to decide how many and from what nationalities our ‘refugees’ come. Frankly, Trump is either being mislead by the bureaucrats in the State Department or he has flip-flopped after he got in office. If it is the later, I’m guessing some sharp globalists like Marriott Hotels, Chobani Yogurt, or JBS (Big Meat) got to him and said, “Wahhhh” we need cheap LEGAL labor (supported by the taxpayer!). So, mislead or flip-flopped either is bad news!

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  38. Thank you Ann for your energy and consistency in pointing out the existential danger of changing the demographic, cultural and religious makeup of America. Anyone that has any knowledge of the 1,400 year history of an evil, totalitarian, supremacist ideology (which is what “fundamental”/not “radical” Islam is), knows that it is only a matter of time before the population supporting this barbaric 6th century ideology (religious, political, military) gains sufficient numbers to begin their pattern of infiltration, agitation and domination. Islam’s objective is 100% world wide adherence to Islam, supported by Sharia Law and those that don’t comply are to be eradicated. As you say, if the number of refugees flowing in from these Sharia compliant countries continues, the damage is irreversible…if this happens, Nancy will finally get the message but it will be too late for her, her friends and family, and (short of civil war) this nation.

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  39. 1776blues said

    Good to see you stand your ground Ann. We, as in people who supported and voted for Trump, must never get complacent just because our guy got elected. We must hold his feet to the fire. If he goes back on his campaign promises, he must be challenged and called out. If he changes direction due to influence from someone around him, such as Jared and or Ivanka we shouldn’t sit by and stay silent.
    The fact that Jared and Ivanka were registered Democrats prior to Donald’s run for President and had to switch parties to cast their vote for him, speaks volumes to their political leanings, should be a cause for concern. I get the the stand by the person you voted for but I disagree that we should allow him to flip or be flipped. I did not like Ivanka’s comments on Syrian refugees and I believe that both Jared and Ivanka should be kept out of any position in this administration.

    I am fully convinced Trump has been turned by the Neocons and Neolibs. That said I will continue to let President Trump know when he veers off course. Donald knows who owns the media and who the power players are and recently he attempted to placate them with his not so Donald speech on holocaust remembrance day. The tweets he received were not thank you tweets. In fact, a petition was started to stop him from speaking.

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  40. John Falvey said

    Dear Ann, You are right, and the truth, however unwelcome by some, is never classless and offensive. Actually you are a very classy lady, and courteous, and genteel as the circumstances permit. May God bless you and keep you on the path of truth. Sincerely, John Falvey


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  41. Ann, You are right, Nancy is wrong. I had an epiphany last night ……. since congress does not want to pay for “the wall” we can just take down the 25′ wall we have been paying to build all around Israel, and bring it back home. Americans, YOU, are paying to build a 25 foot tall WALL all around Israel ……. but if You ask for a wall to protect your Families from ILLEGALS you are told you are a RACIST BIGOT By GUESS WHO —–

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    • Yep, and “GUESS WHO” is also famous for creating a Hegelian Dialectic wherever they go, so no matter what, they win. Americans are forced to choose between either “this” or “that”, with both sides’ success being advantageous to ‘GUESS WHO”.


  42. Nancy, you’re wrong, Ann is right. Contact me if you care to debate.

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