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Tennessee Senator Corker wants refugee program back to ‘normal’ ASAP

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 1, 2017

The Republican Senator from Tennessee might be called out-of-step with his constituents in his home state where the Tennessee legislature voted to sue the federal government over refugee resettlement and filed suit in March. (Waiting now for the Trump administration response to the lawsuit.)

Besides “normalizing” the refugee admissions process, Senator Corker wants the US to send more foreign aid to Africa.

Over the Easter recess Corker went to Africa and declared that he wants Trump to “normalize” refugee resettlement which means he has zero interest in taking on the contentious issue of reforming the over 35-year-old flawed system where nine non-profit groups, funded by the federal government, determine how many refugees and from where are seeded in to a state (including his!).

BTW, we were relieved that Trump did not pick Corker for the top job at the US State Department, but we didn’t do any better (at least so far) with Rex Tillerson who is obviously continuing to rely on entrenched bureaucrats to make refugee resettlement decisions. (See Trump admits over 12,000 refugees, including Syrians and Somalis, since Inauguration Day, here)

Here is what Pajama’s Media told us last week about the Corker/Coons trip to Africa (hat tip: ‘Seneca the Elder’):

WASHINGTON – Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said he hopes the Trump administration begins to “move back to a regular process” and “normalize” the admission of refugees into the United States.

Over the Easter recess, Corker and Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) visited the Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Uganda, which houses about 270,000 people who fled the civil war in South Sudan. Corker was asked if he has recommendations for the Trump administration on refugees after his experience on the trip.

“It’s my hope that what they’re going to do is go through a process of, as they’ve already stated, of understanding how people are being vetted, do the things they feel are necessary to ensure that when people are coming here they are coming in a way that continues to make sure our whole nation is safe – and then we’ll move on and move back to the regular process that we’ve been in for some time, or hopefully an improved process if there are issues that need to be dealt with,” Corker said on a Monday conference call.

Corker praised the Trump administration decision to remove Iraq from its list of countries covered by the revised executive order that restricted travel and the admission of refugees from some Muslim-majority nations. A federal court blocked the executive order.

“I was thankful they decided Iraq would not be a part of that. I hope they are actually, right now, going through a process of looking at this whole issue of travel. Hopefully, they are stiffening their resolve to make sure it’s done in an appropriate way, and then, hopefully, when that is done we can move on and more normalize what we have been doing in this regard for many years,” Corker said.

Coons said he respected and appreciated Corker’s comments about refugees.

More here.

Sure looks like no hope in Corker’s case for reform by Congress of the whole UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

And, if the US Refugee Admissions Program (as designed by the 1980 Act), is not reformed now, in the coming months (with leadership from Trump), it never will be.  By early 2018, members of Congress and many Senators will be focused on only one thing—getting re-elected!

Just a reminder, in September the Trump Administration will send its ‘determination’ (the ceiling!) to Congress for how many refugees (and from which regions of the world) could be admitted to the US in FY18.  What they send to the Hill for “consultation” (Congress does not have to approve, just consult) will tell us everything we need to know about whether Trump will have the guts to stick with campaign promises and get the program under control, or not!

14 Responses to “Tennessee Senator Corker wants refugee program back to ‘normal’ ASAP”

  1. Larry Crim said

    Thanks #Preston #Cody​ for sharing this report on a #Swamper out of step and your support for bringing a new U.S. Senator in partnership with President #Trump and in #Touch with #Tennesseans. Larry Crim​ #United #States #Senate (R-TN) 2018 E-Mail: Friends of Larry Crim P.O. Box 293312 Nashville, TN 37229


  2. paper doll said

    The plan is to replace you and I with 3rd world people…..The extra salt in the wound is we are expected to pay for the resettlement


  3. chasrose50 said

    This Idiot should Look in the Mirror to see what is different about himself and everyone else in Africa.The Problem is that If they Keep on Running away from their own countries and not stopping to do something about the Mess ,Then Nothing is going to Happen to Bring Peace to the World.


  4. Not only are we expected to increase our national debt by bailing out Africa as usual, but on top of that, they think we should let them live here? these “refugees” don’t speak our language, are usually destitute, unskilled, and part of large extended clans, so if they are handed citizenship under our current immigration system is it likely we will have to take in their families also. Many of them are criminals, mentally ill, or Muslim, and all of them are often carriers of contagious diseases like Ebola, AIDS, and whatever new plague that remains to be discovered. Any politician that would expose our children to this dangerous population or recklessly squander our tax money when so many of our own need help should be removed from office by any means possible. I hope that this politician serves as an example to people that when it comes to being realistic about who and how many can come here, you really cannot trust either party. Too bad we can’t just leave him there.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. This was one of the more disturbing articles in the news this past week. It illustrates the total corruption of 99% of Congress including the disgusting GOP members who care nothing about the oath of office they took or the people they are supposed to represent. As a local conservative activist (they call us Wacktivists by the way) I can tell you that our government is severely broken from our towns, to our counties to our states and of course, right on up to the Fed.

    The real elite One Percenters are those who work for government. Look around you, even in your own town. How many of the people that work there, elected and un-elected, could do as well in the private sector where merit and ability count for something? Not many that’s for sure. Here in NY a good many of our state elected officials including some of the top members of the Legislature end up in prison. It doesn’t matter. The corruption never changes.

    And it’s much worse in Congress. It is just about impossible to get rid of those bastards once they’re elected because there are NO TERM LIMITS. This is the biggest problem of all, the one that has been destroying our country even before the Muslim invasion. A guy like Corker has power, prestige and money all out of proportion to what he would have in the real world. If we scratch the surface we will see who really owns him, who is paying him off, who donated to all his campaigns. No doubt there will be some links to powerful people who support the Invasion and destruction of our country by “refugee” savages. Think Hillary and Bill.

    I understand that there are certain things that Pres. Trump can do on his own but he is after all is said and done, one man who is surrounded by jackals and hyenas. I do believe he is a good man and wants what’s best for our country but he is still up against it. He has been under severe personal attack since the moment he declared for office. The MS Media and their lackeys, the Dems and RINOs, do not stop for one minute. Everything he says or does is scrutinized, criticized, disparaged day and night. It must be really hard. And how many people can he really trust out of those around him? Trump is brilliant but he is still the new kid on the block in the cesspool of Washington DC. Even he has a lot to learn about the corrupt system and people like this creep Corker.

    I am not a sycophant who agrees with everything that Trump does or doesn’t do. I will complain loudly and often about what I consider to be fatal mistakes. I will also pray for our President, that he is shown the way out of this mess. Man proposes, God disposes.

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  6. Senator Tom Corker has the ignominious ‘honor’…IF you want to call it that…who sold out this Country to IRAN, and committed Treason by nullifying the Constitution power of Congress to approve the treaty powers of Congress to the Executive branch, setting this unlawful transfer of Congressional power, for future generations.

    This is what this Guy is.

    GET IT ?

    Why Is Bob Corker Refusing To List The Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization?
    Posted at 4:30 pm on June 24, 2016 by streiff

    Liked by 2 people

  7. TheAmericanIndependent said

    These contractors are mostly left wing religious outfits. Whatever happened to the so-called separation of church and state?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Good question, but there isn’t such a thing when the Religious Left is sucking from the government teat!

      Liked by 4 people

      • It’s a Devil’s Bargain…but it is a political reality.

        There has been discussion about the Catholic Church, using ‘refugee resettlement’ monies to create a ‘secret slush fund, to pay for the various ‘Sex Scandals’ that the Church has had to payoff over the years.

        It’s very offputting to imagine ANY religious entity doing something like this, but there has been NO compunctions between the Vatican and it’s Money, as the historical record speaks for itself..

        The Economic Strain on the Church
        Legal liabilities from the sex scandal threaten a U.S. Catholic Church already beset by systemic financial problems
        April 15, 2002, 12:00 AM EDT

        Is The Refugee Racket Helping Pay For The Catholic Church’s Child Abuse Settlements?


        • In particular, the Catholic Church has been an easy TARGET from seemingly Time immemorial, of a well concieved and designed EFFORT, by various totalitarian governments, who seek to use this ‘Religious Left’ term as ‘cover’ for their own nefarious political ends.

          This HARDCORE ‘Religious Left’ is NOT some amalgamation of burned out tie dye, jeans wearing drugged out, God Hating, agnostic Hippies, or well educated, Leftist Ideologues, in white shirts and ties.

          Some of these ‘hippies’ and clean looking operatives, are PROFESSIONAL, well funded, totalitarian Government intelligence agency operatives WHO HAVE A PLAN.

          These types just didn’t just spring up out of a drug induced stupor, as the term ‘Religious Left’ may indicate.


  8. John Falvey said

    Corker must be on the Saudi payroll, because in Washington no one does anything for nothing. As King Lear said to his daughter: “Nothing comes from nothing.”


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  9. Send Corker and all of HIS assets to Africa since he is SO concerned ….. Charity and “good works” are done with YOUR money and time. Taking MY money and giving it to someone else is THEFT. We bring puppies into our house, poisonous vipers and skunks are banned. Do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, You go to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland on Your dime after all, they will feel more comfortable at home.

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