Congress seeks to fund US Refugee Admissions Program as if Trump didn’t exist

The so-called budget deal being ironed-out to fund the government to the end of the fiscal year commits billions to the refugee program.  You might think that Obama was  back in the White House and that Donald Trump never campaigned on slowing the flow of refugees from countries that produce terrorists.

President who? This budget “deal” makes me wonder if Obama is still in the Oval Office!

I can’t make heads or tails out of the budget bill language, but here Alex Pfeiffer at the Daily Caller tells us it is full steam ahead with refugees because if they have your money, you can bet it will be spent.

It isn’t too late….

Trump could flex his muscles this week and say to Congress, go back to the drawing boards.

He could say: we will do another continuing resolution for a couple of weeks until you get it right.  (After all, it isn’t just with the refugee program that Congress is dissing the Prez).

You may have seen the Dems gloating about their apparent budget victory yesterday.

And, the RINOs are pretty slick too! 

Look at it this way, the Dems and the RINOs join forces to make sure almost none of Trump’s campaign promises are fulfilled, voters blame it on Trump and Trump becomes a one-term President.  The only question is, does Trump get that and will he show some muscle and fight back right now!

Here is what the Daily Caller says about refugees:

The budget deal to keep the government funded through September agreed upon by congressional leaders would continue funding the refugee resettlement program.

An agreement on the omnibus budget was reached by leaders from both parties Sunday, as a government shutdown looms on Friday. The proposed spending agreement includes no money to construct the president’s border wall, and continues funding Planned Parenthood.


The bill would include a total of $3 billion towards migration and refugee assistance, which is roughly the same that was spent in Fiscal Year 2016. It would also include $50 million towards the emergency refugee and migration assistance fund, which is also the same amount spent in the previous fiscal year.

With President Trump’s executive orders temporarily blocking refugee resettlement held up in court, 12,397 refugees have been resettled during his presidency.***

Pay close attention to the last line here, and below.

This is why I have been saying that Trump did not have to include changing the ceiling or language about a moratorium in the Executive Order.  He has the power to stay anywhere under the ceiling! The Refugee Act of 1980 tells the President to set the ceiling in advance of the fiscal year, before October 1, and if he wants to raise the ceiling during the year he must inform Congress, but he does not have to reach the ceiling—few Presidents in recent times have reached the ceiling—or even inform Congress that he will be coming in under it!

The Obama administration set a goal in September of 110,000 refugees admitted in Fiscal Year 2017. A State Department official told The Daily Caller in early April that “this language represents a ceiling on refugee admissions – it is not a mandatory target.”

It isn’t too late for Trump to quietly institute the 120-day moratorium, as he originally planned, to assess whether our security screening is adequate. It gets much harder if the agencies are awash in money that they want to send out to government contractors!

***See my post here from a couple of days ago about Trump’s refugee admissions.

11 thoughts on “Congress seeks to fund US Refugee Admissions Program as if Trump didn’t exist

  1. Well the NYT confirms that Ivanka approves the executive orders. So my guess is she must also approve spending bills as well.


  2. Congress is inept. McCain, Obama, Flake, and many others are on the take.
    We have proof here in Tucson,Az of deals and names. Redo the budget & let government shut down. Bob


  3. Did ANYONE SEE TODAY ‘s NEWS COMMENT!!??? Raise gas taxes on US Americans but keep using “our money” to fund illegals, dreamers, immigrants, sanctuary cities that keep sucking money from us?! Big business,the rich just love this, we pay to make them richer everyday?! We can’t put gas in our cars food on our tables?? Illegals have kids get our money to have more NO REASON TO WORK!!!? Your ma ma not a legal citizen YOU NOT LEGAL and NO MONEY! GO back Mexico South America where the – – – – you snicked from!! No money no reason to come to America? RIGHT !!!Why isn’t every person in America say GET OUT! Those who work and can’t pay the bills, WAKE UP? We could have free everything if we weren’t paying everyone else s way!!?? Stop the money(YOURS AND MINE) They won’t come here for free everything!


  4. This is getting more unsettling…I don’t what is MORE UNSETTLING, though…that the President is giving FREE REIN to HIS RINO Republican Party or THE RINO REPUBLICAN PARTY ?

    IF he doesn’t get them under control, THIS COUNTRY LOSES ! BORDERS, LANGUAGE, CULTURE.

    We might as well be Europe if this doesn’t stop.

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    1. Center for Immigration Studies ONLINE, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney was I havent read him lately…kind of dry even his podcasts, Mark Levin and David Horowitz of Conservative Review are a few of the MOST informative of the overall Government picture.

      In particular Mark Levin and Daniel Horowitz don’t talk about meatball recipies and such mundane analysis, like some of these other TALK personalities. VERY informative, if you can stand to learn anything.

      Start by NOT viewing what is on Tv and Radio that passes for ‘news’. You won’t find any there.


  5. Ann,

    Imho the problem is that Congress abandoned regular order, appropriations hearings and bills, and the 13 Cardinals…everything is now done in these massive take it or leave it CR and emergency bills…so they can sneak in anything and by the time you find out it is too late…McConnell said he wanted to go back to regular order but never did anything about it, lip service or too weak…

    When it comes to refugees the money could be reprogrammed through regulations if someone like you were in charge…but my guess is Trump can’t fight too many battles and is concentrating on the economic side and letting the rest slide…he needs some big league backup to pursue social issues…he did read The Snake again in Harrisburg, a personal marker…correlation of forces is the issue…

    He needs to hire you for a start…


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